Cotton Applique Class-Menasha Wisconsin Location

Wanting to create an awesome wallhanging with a great group of Ladies?  We are going to be having a class in which you will be creating the wallhanging from Kim Diehl’s Book, Simple Charm called Gathering Garden.


This will be a 2 part class with Class #1 being September 24, from 6-8pm, and then on October 1, from 6-8pm.

Supplies Needed:

Kim Diehl’s Book “Simple Charms”, Scissors, Needles for appliqué, threads to match your appliqué fabric, freezer paper, pencil, paperboard package (an empty cereal box is the right weight) and multi-size circle template, fabric requirements are listed in the book.


Please come to Class with Steps 1 and 2 of the pattern completed, which is the center dark/light 26 1/2″ block that we will be using for the appliqué.  IF you have your center completed there is no need to bring your sewing machine to the first class.

Please call the Shop to reserve your spot today!  920-722-7233

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Who doesn’t like New Recipes!!??

Everyone likes finding new recipes to try out on their family right?  Sometimes they are complete failures , which I must admit some of mine turn out to be…..and sometimes not even edible to eat.  And sometime they are an amazing success and turn out beautifully that you want to make them over and over again.  Well, we are going to start posting some of our successes, we will leave out the failures, so that you don’t have to suffer thru those like we had to!  Some of these recipes will be ones that are tried and true that have been family staples for years, and some will be new ones that we have found thru magazines, friends and family and Pintrest.

My first recipe that I would like to share with you is actually a Salad Dressing.  My Grandparents ran a Supper Club, outside of Luxemburg, Wisconsin called Rock Falls for over 20 years until my Grandmother passed away.  For those of you who do not know what a Supper Club is, it is generally a Midwestern term founded around the 1930’s for an establishment that serves food on the edge of a rural town.  Now since the build up of cities many Supper Clubs are located in the Towns, and every Friday Night there is a Fish Fry to be had at virtually every restaurant in the city.  Calumet County, Wisconsin, which is where our Shop is located has recently trademarked itself as “The Supper Club Capital of the Midwest.”  Our County is home to over 30 supper clubs and over 70 places that serve fish on Friday nights–a spinoff of the supper club, we love our Fish Fry and our simple but amazing meals that we can find only at our Supper Clubs.

I absolutely LOVE this recipe and every time I put it on my salad it takes me back to my childhood and running around the restaurant and behind the bar….meeting the customers and them playing along with an 8 year old girl serving them their food or their drinks! Most of these customers watched me grow up into adulthood and wait their tables for real when I turned 18.

Here is a list of ingredients and amount of each that you will need to complete the recipe.  I have scaled it down, as at the restaurant we used to make gallons of this at a time.


Into a Large Glass Bowl mix:

1- 16oz Bottle of Ketchup

1-Cup Wesson Oil

1-Large onion, either graded, finely chopped or larger pieces

-it depends on how you like your onions.  I like to chop mine bigger because it just adds a little bite to the dressing.

1-Can of Tomato Soup

1-Cup Sugar (you can add more to taste)

2-Tablespoons Lemon Juice

1-Teaspoon Paprika (regular paprika not the smoked paprika)

and just a pinch of Salt

Mix together so that all ingredients become cohesive.  It should look something like this, as you can tell I have cut my onions as larger pieces in the dressing. I will cover with a piece of Saran Wrap and put it into the fridge until it becomes cold and then taste, sometimes I will add a bit more sugar or paprika, depending on the taste that I am going for.


I then just put them into 2 Large Wide Mouth Quart Jars, give one away or keep for yourself! ENJOY!


If you have any recipes that you think we will enjoy and would not mind us sharing please send us your recipe for us to try!  Who doesn’t love to eat new things???

I hope you all have a wonderful day, I am off to see my beautiful baby niece who was born last night!  She is amazing!

Happy Stitching,


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If you have a recipe that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you!!  Sharing recipes are always so much fun, and who doesn’t like to eat?


Surprise!! Coupon Book Holders!!!


Strawberry Fields

For those of you out there that have a Coupon Book with us from our Primitive Christmas Event last year, August 25 is the SURPRISE COUPON!!! And it is going to be 20% off of ONE Fabric Quilt Kit!!!!  So that includes, kits from the Flannel Gatherings Book, Snowman Gatherings II fabric quilts, and so much more.

This does not include: Trotting Along, Murrietta Stars, any pre-ordered kits or quilt kits that have wool in them. 

Here are some great kits that you might not know about…..and there are so many more than this! Take a peak at our selection online under Quilt Kits AND also under Primitive Gatherings Designs.

As always please put your Book Number and the Coupon Code in the Comment Section in order to receive your 20% discount!

Have fun with this Coupon! It is a great one!

Have a wonderful week, Jessica

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Square KnotIMG_2107

Winter Forest


Flannel Swoon


Getting Down to the End of the Summer Block of the Week


For those of you that are participating in our Summer Block of the Week program, we are getting down to our last 3 weeks!! I hope you all are caught up and ready to finish it! Don’t worry, i am not caught up, so you are not behind, you are just saving some for Fall and Winter is that way that I see it.

In the next 3 weeks you are going to be receiving the following for those of you in Somewhere In Time:

Week 13: 2 Blocks

Week 14: 2 Blocks

Week 15: You will receive the Sashing, Borders and Binding……and if you ordered the Freebie Finishing kit and/or Backing fabric

BACKING FABRIC Somewhere In Time:

For those of you who are Participating in our SBOW program we are offering 20% off of your backing fabric to complete your kit. You will need a total of 4 yards of fabric, and we are offering it to you at $35.20, and will be shipped with your last Block. We are going to be choosing one of the Miniature Gatherings Fabrics that you used in your quilt. If you are doing it in a different color, such as the black please let us know if the comment section and we will be happy to substitute the color of your choosing for you. Please contact us with any questions. Please put in your request as soon as possible so that we have backings ready to go with your last block to save you on some of the shipping costs.


You will need a total of 9 yards of fabric, we are offering it to you at $86.40, and will be shipping it with your last Block. Please choose the option for the backing Fabric and then please let us know if the comment section what color you would like us to choose for the backing fabric and we will happily choose the fabric for you per your request. Please contact us with any questions. Please put in your request as soon as possible so that we have backings ready to go with your last block to save you on some of the shipping costs. Thank you.

To Plant A Flower: Summer Freebie Finishing Kit:

If you have not done so yet and would like to receive a Freebie Finishing Kit, please make sure you place your order soon.  We are starting to make the Finishing Kits and would like to make sure we can send one to every one who would like one week 15.

Hope you all have a great rest of your week!  Happy Sewing, Jessica

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Road Construction Update and some FUN stuff!!!!

The Last 4 months of the year are almost upon us, and with those 4 months comes so many fun and exciting things! We roll out our NEW Blocks of the Months Programs, Primitive Christmas (Christmas Open House) which we will be doing the week BEFORE Thanksgiving this year and will being doing it as a multiday event, and we will also have the 12 Days of Christmas event in that Lisa does each year. We are so excited for the last few months of the year and what it will bring!


Lets get the not so much fun thing out of the way first. For those of you who live in the area or are coming to visit us at the Shop in Menasha, Wisconsin, please be aware that there is going to be road construction near and around us for the next 2 years.  Currently, when you are coming to see us coming Southbound on Hwy 441 you will need to get off on the Midway Exit and turn right till get to Racine Street and then take a left going into Menasha, and you will find our Shop on 9th Street.  When leaving the Shop you will need to go back to Midway Road and then go back onto the Hwy to your destination.  When coming over the bridge on Hwy 441 going Northbound you will still be able to take the Racine Street Exit, that will not be closing as of yet.  However, when leaving the Shop you will need to go down to Midway Road in order to hook back up to the Highway. If you are unsure as to the detour directions, please give us a call at the Shop 920-722-7233 or ask before you leave and we would be happy to help you.


Starting in September we will have the Village Green Block of the Month starting. This is a Blackberry Primitives Design that we have done wool applique on 4 different Black Flannel Backgrounds. It has turned out so amazingly and is filling up fast…..and want to make sure that we have enough spots for everyone who is interested.


We are also going to be starting a Valdani Thread Club in both a Perle Cotton and 3-Strand. I don’t know why we haven’t thought about doing this before!!! This is going to be a great way for you to build up your Valdani Thread Collection.





And we are also continuing our ever popular Wool Bundle of the Month. These bundles are great for building up your stash, and always has some great colors and textures for you to create your wool applique projects!


We are also going to be working on the Farm Girl Quilt in Primitive Colors, Latimer Farms by Paula Barnes, and a couple others that we have in the works….watch our Facebook Page, Blogs, and Emails for further updates.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week, and Happy Stitching!


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After much anticipation over the last 3 months, we have finally received our package of DOVO Scissors from Germany! We have available the 5″ scissors, which Lisa uses for all of her wool appliqué, a perfect size for both the small and large wool appliqué pieces.  And we have the Gift Set available which has the 6″, 5″ and a 3 1/2″ Scissors and comes in the great Taupe colored leather case.  This is my personal favorite, because I have a variety of scissors to choose from depending on the size of my wool appliqué pieces AND I have a case to put them in.


I have a set at home that travels with me everywhere, the leather case ensures that I don’t lose the scissors somewhere in my pile of projects AND I don’t end up poking a hole into something because they are so sharpe….you laugh but i have inadvertently cut a project once because I threw the scissors in with my project and when I was digging for it I some how ended up cutting my project! oops!


For those of you who have been waiting for your DOVOs to arrive, we are sending them out to you TODAY! yay!!

I would not recommend waiting long if you were thinking of purchasing one of these scissors, while we do have several in stock, they tend to go fast!

Have a wonderful Thursday!



Rainy Friday Funday!

Its a rainy Friday here in Wisconsin and as I look outside, I am hoping that it is not raining into my windows that I left open at home! Oh well, whatcha going to do?  My veggie garden and lawn is absolutely loving the rain though! I thought I would sit down today and get you all caught up on some of the new things happening at the Shop this past week. Our Marcus Brother Fabric Rep came to the Shop yesterday and we were able to order a great NEW Block of the Month from Paula Barnes of Red Crinoline Quilts called Latimer Farms.  It is going to be starting up in January of 2016, and will be a 12 month program, you receive over 21 yards of fabric total through out the program!!! Now just because it starts in January does not mean that you can hold off ordering.  We only order fabric for a certain amount of kits, once those are filled, so is the program!  So make sure if you would like to do the BOM you sign up right away…. IMG_2056 IMG_2057

This quilt is going to be absolutely STUNNING! I can’t wait to get the Shop Sample Bag and get working on this quilt!  It should fit perfectly on MY bed.

While Lisa has been gone the last few days I have had the privilege of testing out some of her patterns for the New LITTLE GATHERINGS book that will be out soon.  Testing the patterns are the last step before we are able to send it off to the printers and then ship those books out to all of you who have pre-ordered them, and will get them FIRST before everyone else! Here is just the back of one of the Blocks, it was so much fun to do these little blocks.  I will admit to not thinking i would like it, but OMG once they were all done………i held them up and was like “aren’t these sooooo cute?” IMG_2079

We also received our Bolts of the wonderfully soft and cozy Wool and Needle Flannel III !! Yay we have been waiting for these for so long it seems like, just in time to have a quilt done for Fall in these Flannels.  We have some great kits and patterns available, Murrietta Stars and Trotting Along.


There are so many other things in progress here at the Studio, I can’t wait to be able to share them all with you! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I am going to be busy working the Mile Of Music Festival that we have here in Appleton.  The whole downtown is full of Music Bands all weekend and all day long!

Happy Stitching, Jessica Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


Miniature Gatherings Pre-Order SALE


I absolutely adore this bundle of fabrics! It reminds me so much of Fall, which is my favorite time of year, leaves turning colors, a little brisk wind in the air and of course the sweatshirt and jeans wardrobe that I live in!  Miniature Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings is due out in September 2015 and we are putting ALL of the Pre-Cuts on Sale for 20% off until they arrive at our Warehouse.  Once UPS drops them off at the Warehouse in September they will be going back to their regular price, so make sure that you put your order in before they arrive!

We also have some great NEW patterns and will have kits available for these quilts as well that use these wonderful fabrics:

                                                                                  Safe Travels
Penny Pincher
                                                                                               Penny Pincher

Have a wonderful week!


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