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Patterns buy one get one half off for coupon book holders

April 1 & 2 coupon book holders have the chance to purchase patterns at a discount. For each in stock regular priced pattern you purchase you will get a second at 50% off, discounted pattern must be equal or less than the full price pattern. There is a purchase limit of 3 full price patterns, which means you can get a total of 6 patterns in your order! This is a great time to get all those patterns you have had your eye on and have been wanting to make. Patterns

We have a great selection of wool and cotton patterns on hand for this sale! Have fun choosing! And as always please make sure that you put your coupon book number and your code word into the comment section in order to receive the discount. Thank you Jessica Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop




Atlanta show

I forgot to mention the most important thing!!!! We are in booth 433!!! We saw a lot a familiar faces and are so happy to catch up with everyone. Thank you for coming out to see us. Here are a few pictures of the booth booth that I promised…




Hope y’all have a great rest of your week!! Jessica and Luke


Show time!!!!! Duluth, Georgia March 13-15

Good morning everyone, I hope you all have had a great week so far! Luke and I are in the Atlanta area for the Original Quilt and Sewing Show at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth. Please make sure you come and see us! I will post pictures later today as when we were setting up it was way too dark for any good pics to be taken!!! Have a great day we hope to see y’all sometime while we are here!! Jessica and Luke

Flash Sales

FLASH SALE March 3-9

We have another great quilt for you and a framed wool project this week. I love the framed wool project, the little mouse hiding behind the milk can is so cute and often missed when just glancing at it. And the quilt project is a great quick afternoon project!

Great Grandpa’s Milk Can regularly $39 is now $27.30 Great Grandpas Milk Can


Lonely Streets was $135 and is now $95 Lonely Streets



Have a wonderful week!! Thank you Jessica
Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

Coupon Book

March 3-31 Coupon


Coupon Book holders from March 3-31, you have the opportunity to receive 25% off any ONE wool kit. The wool kit must have a wool background, mean the project is wool on wool. Here is the time to get that great kit you have had your eye on for a while, or to grab a gift for a friend! Wool Kits

Remember to put your coupon book number and your code word into the comment box in order to receive the discount. Thank you and hope y’all have a great day! Jessica
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My Enchanted Garden BOM and a few other tidbits


Well here are the first 3 blocks laid out for My Enchanted Garden BOM. The stems in these blocks are going to be down with an #8 weight Valdani which I am going to be putting on after I sew since I am not that skilled at it yet, I gotta do a little more practicing before I do the blocks. But I needed to get the wool down so that I would be able to sew them while gone to Atlanta and lakeland in the coming weeks. This BOM will start in April and will go for 10 months and will be $22 per month. Book will be sold separately. My Enchanted Garden BOM Sign Up

Also just a reminder for Coupon Book Holders TODAY (March 1) is the only day to get 25% off the Japanese Fabric that we have finally put online for you to shop! Japanese Fabric

I hope you all have a great weekend! Jessica
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