After much anticipation over the last 3 months, we have finally received our package of DOVO Scissors from Germany! We have available the 5″ scissors, which Lisa uses for all of her wool appliqué, a perfect size for both the small and large wool appliqué pieces.  And we have the Gift Set available which has the 6″, 5″ and a 3 1/2″ Scissors and comes in the great Taupe colored leather case.  This is my personal favorite, because I have a variety of scissors to choose from depending on the size of my wool appliqué pieces AND I have a case to put them in.


I have a set at home that travels with me everywhere, the leather case ensures that I don’t lose the scissors somewhere in my pile of projects AND I don’t end up poking a hole into something because they are so sharpe….you laugh but i have inadvertently cut a project once because I threw the scissors in with my project and when I was digging for it I some how ended up cutting my project! oops!


For those of you who have been waiting for your DOVOs to arrive, we are sending them out to you TODAY! yay!!

I would not recommend waiting long if you were thinking of purchasing one of these scissors, while we do have several in stock, they tend to go fast!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


2 thoughts on “The DOVO’s Have ARRIVED!!

  1. Dovo’s are the best, I have several pairs including the beautiful kit on your site.Dovo’s like quilting are very addicting hee hee. Last week I went to your store in Murietta, CA and bought a beautiful pair of Dovo scissors.

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