Summer Stars BOW

Summer Stars BOW #7,8,9

I am sorry to everyone who is doing the Summer Stars BOW, I thought I had week 4 up on the Blog and I did not.  Unfortunately Carole has already incorporated and is almost finish with setting the Summer Stars into the finish quilt and I will not be able to get a picture of them for you.  I encourage you to put your own spin on the Stars and make your quilt unique to you.  Here are the Stars for up and coming weeks.

week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Flower Penny Garden BOW

Flower Penny Garden BOW….oops!!

Hey Ladies, I wanted to let you know that we found a mistake in the instructions for Block 6.  You are going to have to cut 8-scant 1/4″ for the stems.  The extra 4 are for you to cut to make the stems off of the main stems.  Then you are going to need to cut the small leaves out of there as well.  You are not going to have enough to cut your last set of 6-leaves.  We will send you a 2×2 inch piece out to you in your Block 8, as Block 7 is all set and ready to go.  Sorry for the mistake.  Thank you JLH

Blocks of the Month

Mat of the Month Club

I have decided that I will put up the Mats of the Month on the Blog for a picture reference for those who would like it. Sometimes the colors will change a little and I wanted you all to see how they would look on the mat.  For those of you who are not in the mat of the month, these will also be kits available for you to purchase on our website.  The Mat of the Month is a 12 month-long club that allows you to receive 12 different 8 1/2 inch mats for $12.50/month.  It is a wonderful program especially since I am sure that you will enjoy more than one of the mats and they will retail at $17.00/kit.  We are in the second month so there is more than enough time for you to get in on the program if you haven’t already. jlh

July Mat
June Mat