New Samples

Easter Peeps


Eater Peeps (ester peeps) is finally here!!! I thought this would make a wonderful addition to a babies room (which is where this sample will be going in august) or to your couch during the Spring time, hence why I did not put the work ‘Easter’ on the eggs. The pattern is $9, kit is $21, which makes the kit and pattern $30.


It’s T-Time


It’s time again. Join Debbie D. this Saturday for a free demo. It will be at 10:15 and the demo this week will be Instant Antique! Learn how to use this spray product on projects that you want to get that old fashion look, or to tone down a fabric that is a little bright. It is a great product to have on hand. During the demo you will receive 25% off a bottle.
See you Saturday!!!
Debbie D.

Blocks of the Month

Barbra Brackman’s Civil War Sampler-Block 9-Peace and Plenty


Here is Block 9. We are rolling right along. I just want to give you an idea how I will be finishing my quilt. If you look on page 4 of your book, I will be using this layout. Probably a tan for the sashings and maybe scraps for the corner stones. I will let you know more as we get further along and something totally grabs me. Have a great week everybody and Happy Stitching!!!
Deb and Butch

Coupon Book

25% off one wool kit for coupon book holders


For those of you who have a coupon book today and tomorrow February 22 and 23 is 25% off one wool kit that has a wool background. This mean any of our mats will be in this sale, wool appliqué quilts does not apply to this sale as they will have a flannel background.

Please remember to put your coupon code number and your code word in the comment section to receive the 25% off.

Thank you, Jessica


Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Sampler


This is BLOCK #8, Fox and Geese. My people! If you have already decided on how you want to finish this quilt, as I have, (see it on Page 1–it is set on point, has triple sashing strips and cute little nine patches), you can start NOW, working on 9 patches and sashings. As of right now, I have completed Block #20, and I have cut 109 dark strips out of the 116 that I need. You can start now, cutting all scraps into 1-1/2″ strips. The longer ones, 8-1/2″ to 9″ long, can be used for the sashings, and the shorter chunks that are left-over can be used for the nine patches. I have about 27 nine patches already! Each week, make the block, make a nine patch, and cut your longer length strips.

At the end of this program, the finishing kit will then be made up of more light fabrics for sashing strips, and border fabric. It seems like a lot of strips and 9 patches right now, but doing a little every week and one 9 patch for every block you make….just think…. all the blocks and the 9 patches will be done at the same time.

Now, do not be confused! This is ONE of the TWO ways we are finishing this quilt. If you would rather wait and see what Debbie D. decides on, that’s up to you. But MINE (Deborah S.) will be like Becky Brown’s version on page 1. I am loving the way the little 9 patches are turning out. If this IS confusing for you, because we are both Debbies, should I just start signing my name using my nickname? The girls around the shop like “Butch.” Whattayathink??


Quilters T-Time


It’s Quilters T-Time Saturday at the shop. Come join Debbie S. at 10:15. She will be demonstrating hexagon, diamond, square, and triangle templates. Learn the different techniques and different ways to set them. Get 25% off the templates during the T-Time demo. See you Saturday!!

Blocks of the Month

Yoko Saito BOM

For those of you who were looking for the first block from Joanne’s Block of the Month here it is.
This was a popular quilt seen in the Quiltmania magazines in 2012. This quilt will finish 56 1/2 x 57, it will be an every other month program starting in March 2013. We are combining both cotton and wool in this BOM to put our little “spin” on it, this is mostly a needle turn cotton applique block of the month. There is a limited amount of space available, so please sign up as soon as possible. The first month will be $65 if you don’t have the pattern and $38 every other month after that for 6 months. Thank you Jessica
primitive gatherings quilt shop


Coupon Book

In Love with Pre-cut Fat Quarters?

Who can’t use some more fat quarters?? For those of you have the Coupon Book the Coupon for February 11-18 is precut fat quarters for $1.75, regularly $2.75. Admit-tingly this is one of the harder coupons for our online customers. We have a space under the NEW section for you to order the Fat Quarters, you will have to pick the color and how many you would like of each color and add to your basket.  I am sorry but we can not do specific fabrics other than it being a Reproduction Fabric.  We will do what we can to get you everything that you want. This coupon does exclude Japanese fat quarters.

If you do not have a coupon book you can find it on our website at Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop.

Please make sure to put BOTH your coupon book number and your code in order to receive the discount! Thank you and happy quilting, Jessica


Blocks of the Month

Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Sampler Block of the Week


Here is Block #7. I have started making little 9 patches, and cutting sashing strips. If you like the version with the triple sashing and 9 patches, you can start now to make those from the left-over fabrics every week. The instructions? I searched and searched the book for them. O my!! They are all included on the Index page! Down at the bottom, right-hand corner of the page. The 9 patch pieces are 1-1/2″ square… the sashing are 8-1/2″ long by 1-1/2″ wide. All our fabric pieces are 9″ wide… so! If you have the full 9″ left-over, you can easily start cutting those. There are 49 little 9-patches in the version shown inside the front cover page. I love it! Deborah S. & Debbie D.