Miniature Gatherings Pre-Order SALE


I absolutely adore this bundle of fabrics! It reminds me so much of Fall, which is my favorite time of year, leaves turning colors, a little brisk wind in the air and of course the sweatshirt and jeans wardrobe that I live in!  Miniature Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings is due out in September 2015 and we are putting ALL of the Pre-Cuts on Sale for 20% off until they arrive at our Warehouse.  Once UPS drops them off at the Warehouse in September they will be going back to their regular price, so make sure that you put your order in before they arrive!

We also have some great NEW patterns and will have kits available for these quilts as well that use these wonderful fabrics:

                                                                                  Safe Travels
Penny Pincher
                                                                                               Penny Pincher

Have a wonderful week!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


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