Sew much is happening right now!

We have had a pretty exciting week at Primitive Gathering! Martingale told us yesterday that Lisa’s Tell All-How To Wool book is shipping EARLY!!! EEEEKKKK!  Can you believe it?  It seems like everything the last couple months has been delayed and the book that we all have been waiting for is EARLY!!!  We will start shipping those out as soon as week them!

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We also are getting the books, yes, there are 2 of them; together for our New URBAN Farmhouse Cotton Fabric coming out in October.  This line of fabric is to die for…..all whites, light and dark grays.  A very modern but traditional line for us.

We have our Urban Farmhouse Book that is $28.00, and it has 6 quilts and 7 pillows in it. We have kits available for pre-order as well….make sure that you get your order in, I can feel this line is going to go FAST!!!


Our good friend Val Krueger put together a book that we are publishing that is a collection of 12 quilts all using 12 FQ!  Fun, Friends and Fat Quarter ($20.00) is amazing, it is true talent to but together all these different quilts using just those FQ.  She does use additional fabric for borders, but all quilts can stand alone with just those 12 FQ.  So, if you purchased on of our FQ Towers from the Urban line….which happens to be ON SALE right now for $108.80, you would be able to hypothetically do 2-3 of these quilts in the Book!  We will be kitting these quilts below, they will soon be up on the website to order. But for now you can get the book ordered for our Deal Saver….see below for details.


Now, we have a deal for you! If you order BOTH of these books together, you will receive BOTH of them for only $40.00!  This is the pre-order price, once we get these books in stock and ready to ship they will go back up in price.  Order yours TODAY, October is just around the corner.


Happy Sewing,


Primitive Gatherings


Did you order Templates? Are you doing the SBOWs?? Information here for you!

Summer Block of the Week


If you are doing the Wool SBOWs, we have them all packaged.  They are going over the Shop today to start to roll out.  Yes, all of those bins and cardboard boxes are FULL of your kits, we brought 4 big boxes over to the Shop yesterday as well.  We want to “Thank You” so much for your patience in getting these to you.  Each one of the colors in these kits required a up wards of 12-80 yards of wool!! So you can imagine we have been dying wool constantly for weeks, we can only put 1 yard of wool in our pots to dye at a time!  So once again “Thank YOU” for waiting, being flexible and patient this year with our SBOWs.  We will start to get them out Today and will continue into next week. Your 10, 11 and 12 Freebies are also in the kits.


IF you are missing thread from your SBOW we will try and get them out with the kits is we have them available.  Valdani just got back from there Holiday (a month off) and are just starting to roll out the colors again.

Freebie Finishing Kits will be sent as soon as we have those available for you. If you have not ordered yours yet, please do so soon so that we are able to make enough for everyone.

Sheep Freebie.jpg


Stunning Stitches Book and Templates

Embroidery Stitch Templates-500x500.jpg

You all are amazing in your ordering of these items, and the manufacturers of these items were so overwhelmed by the demand that we have to get more made!  The Books should be here soon, we are hoping next week, BUT the Templates we are being told will be 4-6 weeks for us to receive them in.  We are so sorry for the delay, but this is completely out of our hands at the moment.  As soon as they are in we will be able to get those out to you.  If you have any questions about your order please contact the Shop via email and they will be able to look into it for you.


We are working on our Primitive Christmas Event coming up on November, Market, Wool Boxes, 12 Days of Christmas and so so many more things for you!  It is going to be a busy and fun filled time here at Primitive Gatherings…..stay tuned!

Have a beautiful weekend,


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