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June 2012

Rocky Mountian Pieced BOW

Week 2

Back of block for Pressing Guide

Wool Summer Block of the Week…Important notice

This is just an FYI…Joanne called and told me her fabric in her kit was barely 44″.

We need to get 4-11 blocks out of each 11″ strip.  So please cut your 3-11″strips.  Cut off the white selvage, just the white part and then unflold your 11″ strips and cut them.

If you have a little of the holes from the dark selvage in the last block, this is OK as we will be trimming all the blocks to 10 1/2″.

You can also cut them 10 3/4″ and you will just have less to trim after the applique is done.

I measured my flannel fabric that I cut my blocks from and I have 44 1/2″???? Why does this happen??? I don’t know????

So just a heads up to be careful….thanks again for following our shop!!!


Most of the blocks have not shipped yet as we are waiting very impatiently for our background flannel to arrive…it is on the truck coming…so please bare with us…

State Shop Hop Starts Today!!

What a beautiful weekend to start a month long Shop Hop…A large number of shops statewide are participating in a Hop.  Moda has designed us a Wisconsin themed fabric…and we can do what we like with it!  Each shop will have something done up using this fabric.  So Hop along and see what each shop does…along with the prizes this will be a great Hop!!!

Here is our quilt…it is only 27×27…the center square is 11″ just to give you a better idea the size of this quilt…now we only used a limited number of the Hop fabrics and along with our wools made a nice little wallhanging, doing what we do best…wool applique….The kits are $35  and include the pattern….the Pattern only is $8.  Keep in mind we only have a limited amount of kits because this is a one time printing of this hop fabric…so when the kits are gone they are gone!!!  If we have any remaining kits we will put them on our website for you online shoppers to purchase!

Hope to see you this month!!!   Lisa

Rocky Mountian Puzzle….pieced SBOW #1

 Here is the first set of 6″  blocks for our  “pieced” summer block of the week…Carole is doing an amazing job picking out the fabrics.  Keep in mind there might be a few “subs” here and there, but we promise to pick the same colorway and a good one..I f you are doing the whole quilt you will need 2 packages of 1 1/2″ Thangles to complete this  pieced  project.    There are still a few spots left in this one and after seeing a bunch of the blocks, I am going to get them also!

We thank everyone who signed up to take part in our big summer events, it is SOOO crazy right now…

Just a short FYI…we are still waiting for some of the backgrounds to come in from Moda for the WOOL version…they are there but just need to be packaged and shipped to us…we will do everything we can to get these out as soon as we can.  Everything is ready to go, we just need to put in the background into our kits and off they will go to you.

I worked for awhile at the shop yesterday filling internet orders to be shipped…it is not an easy job when you have so much stuff on our site.  Thanks for being patient when we have to wait for something to come in, they try really hard to get your orders to you as fast as we can.  Jessica is on a well deserved VACATION in Europe…so we are all trying to cover and it just so happens to be the busiest time…smart girl, that Jessica is…lol..

Have a fun summer and commit to stitch!!!


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