My Enchanted Garden Thread List

For those of you who are doing this Block of the Month and have the Coupon Book, here are the list of threads that will be used for the WHOLE project. Now I used 7 different greens because I liked the variety…just because I used them does not mean you have to use all the same. There are a couple that could dual, but I choose to use variegated and solids.
Here is the list of #12: 0154, H203, 0510, P9, 0196, 852, 883, 1645, 0578, M91, P6, 031, 086, 078, H204, P10, JP9, 1. Here is the list of greens: 833, 0540, 199, H209, 823, 0575, 190. I am doing ALL my stems in #8 0548.

Hope this helps all of you! We are told the fabric will be shipping this week so it will be all ready for those of you who signed up to start receiving your blocks in May! For those of you who haven’t signed up yet, here is a picture of some of the other blocks in the quilt. We have just a few more spots left!! sign up today! My Enchanted Garden


Have a wonderful weekend!!! Jessica
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Coupon Book

The Valdani Coupon is finally here!!! April 21-28

I know many of you were just waiting for this Coupon to come around!! Here’s your chance to stock up on all of your favorite colors or those you have had your eye on just because they are pretty!


April 21-28 all Coupon Book holders have the opportunity to buy one Valdani, and get another one for 50% off. You can purchase multiples, this doesn’t mean that you can only get 2 Valdanis, it is for every one you will receive another at the discounted price. 6-strand, 3-stand, #8 and #12 are included, the discounted Valdani will be of equal or lesser value. All threads must be In stock. **please place in the comment section not only your coupon book number and code word but this time also please place a couple choices you wouldn’t mind substituting incase we are out of one of the ones you have chosen. Valdani Threads

Thanks so much! Have a beautiful day!! Jessica
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Enchanted Garden Update

For those of you who are signed up for the Block of the Month with us, there has been a delay in the fabric that we choose. It won’t be here until the end of April, which means that we will have to push the BOM back to starting in May 2014.

We still have spots open for those of you who would still like to join. Here are 7 of the blocks that I have done. I am finishing up he other 2 and will shortly have a thread kit available for those of you looking to see what you need.
Enchanted Garden BOM


Have a wonderful day!!!! Jessica
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