Creative Grids

Creative Grids have just informed us that after 4 years they are going to be raising the price of their Rulers.  In doing so, that means that we will have to as well.  It looks to on average about $3.00/ruler.  The nice thing about them telling us about their price increase is that it does not go into effect until August 18, which means that ANY Ruler you purchased BEFORE that day will still be at the OLD price! If you are looking to purchase more Rulers, NOW is the time to do so!  If you don’t own any Creative Grids Rulers or even if you do, I have put some interesting facts below that you may or may not know about these Rulers.

We all know how amazing the Creative Grids Rulers are!  They have the Non-Slip grids on the back of all of their Rulers so that we can get an accurate cut on our fabrics, did you you know that they are the ORIGINAL company to use that?  Have you noticed that they have both a Black and a White marking on their Rulers?  This is so that if you are working with either a Light or a Dark Fabric you can still see your fabric clear for accurate cutting.


Do any of you have a Smart Phone?  Have you ever used the QR Code on the Ruler?? If you didn’t know what this is used for, its real simple….scan the QR Code and you will be brought to a Video demonstration on the Ruler you scanned!  Isn’t that awesome?  I know there are some rulers out there that I look at and go….how on gods green earth do I use that thing?  Guess what?  Now I know by just scanning that code!


All of the Square and Rectangle Rulers have a horizontal and vertical line through the center.  This allows for easy square up and trim of a block whether it be appliqué or embroidery.  This is especially great if you have a 6 1/2″ block and a 6 1 /2″ ruler! Talk about EASY PEASY, no more guessing where the center is!


Have you used the Primitive Gatherings Itty Bitty Rulers or the Charming Ruler?  This Ruler features 1/8″ marking on all 3 of the Rulers.  These Rulers help considerably with measuring smaller cuts.  The main feature of this Ruler is the dashed lines, which allows you to accurately see your fabric at all times.  No more questioning if you are a little more to the left or the right of the solid line on most Rulers.  ITTY BITTY + FREE CHARM 1-550x550

All Creative Grids are made right here in the USA!  Not many Companies can say that, and they take great pride in that fact!

Creative Grids offers more than 100 different Rulers, and have hundreds more tutorials, books and templates on how to use these Rulers.  While we do not carry all of their Rulers, we do have a wide variety of them in stock!  Take advantage of the lower price point, and stock up on these awesome rulers TODAY!

Have a beautiful day,


Primitive Gatherings