Just a little reminder that May 31st is the day that you will receive 25% off all wool kits, which means wool on wool, not wool on cotton projects.  These will exclude: Welcome to the Porch, Redware Flower Table Mat and White Flower Table Mat, as they are our 2011 designs.  The 25% off will be on orders placed ONLY on MAY 31st.  Make sure all of you take advantage of our last day of our Anniversary Sale. We also want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has helped us make it to 7 years…….and counting!! Thank you! —-Jessica

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Salt Lake City Market-Adventure of the City

I have finally gotten a little time to breathe and get a few things posted up on the blog!!! phew……It seems like forever since I have written.  Salt Lake was awesome! Let me say that if you have never been there, you need to go!! It was absolutely beautiful, the city was clean, you felt safe any where you went and there was just so much to do. We had one day of free time and I took the day to walk the city.  I went to the Temple, up the the Red Butte Botanical Gardens (up pass campus) and then down to Liberty Park where they had a great place to just sit and read for a while.  The Park also has Tracy’s Aviary, which was under construction, but still had a wide variety of Birds to see.  I never realized how big a Californian Condor was…..HOLY COW that sucker was BIG!!!!!  You know when they say that they can get 5 feet tall and their wing spans can reach 9 feet, you don’t really think that is possible……until you actually see it!!!!  Anyway, I took some  pictures along the way of my 8 hour adventure of the city, by myself I might add, no one wanted to join me! Hope you all enjoy part of the journey with me……..Jessica

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I promise to be on this blog more, letting you know all about the great new books and patterns that we have in the shop……plus all those NEW patterns we brought back for market are going to make great new additions to our Samples and Kits that we offer you!!!!

Summer Stars BOW

Summer Stars Block of the Week is HERE!

Every week you will find the next set of the Summer Stars Block of the Week on here.  This one is a little early, but I thought all of you who signed up might like a sneak peak….they start going out June 1.  Of course you are able to mix and match the colors as you so choose, but if you would like to do them the way that Carole set hers, then take a peak on here and you will find all the pictures! I hope all of you have a wonderful time doing this new Block of the Week! It was such a great idea that I could not pass it up myself.  What have I gotten myself into?  But I am thinking that I can take an hour out of my week each week and make 5 blocks, right?  I certainly hope so 🙂   FYI: if anyone is interested in getting into this BOW we have 5 or 6 spots left as of this morning, so don’t wait long…..Jessica

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Wool Ark Crazy

I know some of you have been waiting to see this project finished, it took a little while but all good things come to those who wait!!! And this project was well worth the wait!!! Joanne did a beautiful job as usual on the Crazy Quilt.  It takes a while to get all those wool pieces together, and dyed just so, and Joanne picked out some great colors.  The project finish size is 25”x26” and is wool on wool.  The kit and pattern are $111.00 and the kit only is $95.00.  In the kit is all the wool that you would need to do the backgrounds and the appliques along with the binding and backing homespun. This kit will not be available until June 1, 2011.  You can Place an order for this Kit on the website and we will ship them out on June 1.

Wool Ark Crazy

Make sure you order this project if you would like it as we are only going to be making this kit once as there are so many pieces to it and want to be able to give all of you the original colors and pieces of wool that Joanne used.   This project might seem intimidating to some of you, but if you take it one “block” at a time it is no different from making a wool mat or one of our wool applique wall hangings. If you are looking for some help in making Crazy Quilts we have a great weekend at The Gathering Retreat House in July, in which Joanne and Lisa are going to teach you some techniques in wool applique and crazy quilting.

I know I am going to be doing this project for one of my Best Friends who will be having a Baby in October, where I am going to find the time to do it I do not know, BUT I am definitely going to be doing.  Wool Ark Crazy is too BEAUTIFUL to pass up!!!

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One kit Left……..

Laura's 1870 cradle quilt

We have just one kit left of the beautiful little quilt.  The pattern is $8.00 and the kit and pattern is $53.00

LeMoyne House

This Bonnie Blue Kit and pattern is $110.00 and the pattern is $10.00.  Once again only one kit left.

Triangle Quilt

Lisa’s design Triangle Quilt, we were only able to make a handful of these up in her original colors.  Make sure if you have been looking at this quilt that you snatch it up quickly, there is only one left.  Kit and pattern is $125.00 pattern is $8.00

Please call the Shop to ensure that you are able to get one of these great quilts if you would like one, 920-722-7233

****only one Wool Sweet Sixteen Left now***