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NEW Itty Bitty Ruler for Quilters and Wool Appliquers alike!!!

Lisa has a great NEW Ruler with Creative Grids that will be coming out the beginning to middle of August! It is a Charming size at 5″ x 15″, and has the 1/8″markings AND all the lines are dashes just like our other Itty Bitty Rulers!  Do you see why we call it a “Charming Size?” It is the exact size of 3-5″charms!!!  But really it’s an awesome “big” ruler for all purpose cutting too a great addition to the other two “itty bittys”.

NEW Itty Bitty 5″ x 15″ Ruler

Along with the 1/8″ markings Lisa has added another feature that makes it appealing to any Wool Appliqué person… has a 3/16″ marking making it simple and easy for you to cut your vines and stems from your wools. This Ruler is only $22.95.

Charming Baby Boy is a great little boys quilt as the name suggests.  We made this quilt using 5″Charms, which were made easy to cut using this ruler.  The quilt measures              38 1/2″ x 52″, and is made in the Farmer’s Son New line from Lisa and Moda Fabrics. Great Blues, Charcoal Blacks and Creams make this quilt perfect for any little baby boy!   If you order a Kit, Pattern, and Ruler together you will receive the Pattern for FREE! Kit, Pattern and Ruler are only $58.95.

Charming Baby Boy Quilt Web-550x550
Charming Baby Boy 

Fenced In is a 21 1/2″ square wall hanging using the 3/16″ marking on our New Ruler.  You will find it amazingly easy to find that 3/16″ marking and cut your steams for this the flowers on this quilt.  We used the Songbirds line from Lisa and Moda Fabrics to create this little wallhanging for you.  The our beautiful hand dyed wools used in this quilt compliment it beautifully.  Once again if you purchase the Ruler, Kit and Pattern, you will receive the Pattern for FREE! Kit, Pattern and Ruler are only $56.95!

Fenced In Web (1)-550x550
Fenced In 

As an added bonus, if you should purchase the kit and pattern for BOTH of these projects and the one of the NEW ruler you will receive BOTH patterns for FREE! We will adjust the price when we ship your order if you are ordering BOTH kits and patterns with the ruler.

Orders for these items will ship as soon as they are available in early to mid-august!  Order yours TODAY to be the first in your sewing circle to get one!  Thank you for understanding!

Have a Beautiful Day!


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Its the start of our Christmas in July!

Christmas in July??? Is it really only 5 months to Christmas??? I really need to get my but in gear and get some Christmas Gifts done soon!  We are here to help YOU get started on some awesome gifts for your friends and family.  Not only do we have notions on sale this week July 18-24 (excludes Valdani, Dovo, and Juki), but we also have a variety of wool and fabric kits on Sale!! Our Christmas in July Sale goes thru the end of July!

We have some awesome kits on sale.  We found a couple kits of a Japanese Block of the Month Quilt that we did a couple years ago, called Ice Cream Sandwich Quilt.  This quilt measures approximately  69 1/2″ x 72 1/2″.  No Japanese fabric are alike in this kit.  It is a fun and easy quilt to make!

Strawberry Fields is a play off of our Forest Floor quilt.  I think this would be amazing quilt to lay out on the grass and have a picnic on, wouldn’t it??  I love the pinks, reds and creams in this quilts.

This adorable 24″ square Snowman Quilt would look great either hanging or as a mat in the center of a table!  Only $23 for the kit and the pattern!!

Those are just 3 of our kits that are on Sale at this time.  Take a peak at our Christmas in July Sale Section for a full inventory of everything we have on Sale!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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Who doesn’t need some more notions?

One can never have enough notions…whether it be needles, thread, rulers, rotary blades or  rotary cutters!!

This week July 18-24, all notions are on sale at 25% off!  It is time for you to stock up on those items that you need to complete your projects OR to help you start a project.


Or maybe that special ruler that is needed to cut a block, the chenille needles that you need for doing all your wool projects or for those pesky rotary blades that always go dull at the most in opportune time and you can never find a sharp one to replace it. At least thats always what seems to happen to me when I am started a new quilt…you would think I would have a steady supply of them….but I forget😦  Maybe you need some Aurifil Thread to star that new quilt top?? We have that on Sale too!

Our Sale will exclude just a few items….exclusions include Valdani, Dovo Scissors and Jukis. Sale prices should automatically be reflected on your invoice.  If it is not and you have a question on if it is included please email us and we can let you know.  We do sometimes miss all the different places that we put Notions and miss a few items.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


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Farmer’s Son Pre-Cuts…arriving….tomorrow!!!

I have it on good authority…..UPS tracking….that our Pre-Cuts for Farmer’s Son, aka Wool and Needle IV, will be in tomorrow!!!!

wool & Needle IV charm pack-550x550

Which means TODAY is the LAST day to receive the discount on all of the Pre-Cuts!  All of our Pre-Cuts for this line are 20% off until they hit our warehouse TOMORROW!!!

Make sure you get your order in TODAY if you would like to get in on this amazing SALE!

Have a Beautiful Monday!



Looking for something fun to do next week?

Everyday Crazy Table Mat

Looking to take a little road trip or live in the area and looking to for something fun to do next week?  Next Tuesday (7/19) and Wednesday (7/20) Lisa will be teaching a Wool Crazy Mat Class!  The Class is held at the Studio from 9:30-4 both days, and you will be learning the ins and outs of making these amazing mats!  It is called the Everyday Crazy Mat, however you can choose from any of our Crazy Mats to make. (except Flower Crazy)

Learn everything from making the background of the mat, how to lay it down and stitch it together and how to do some of those crazy stitches.  The Class is $100 plus supplies.  Call the Shop TODAY to reserve your spot! 920-722-7233


Travel Stitching Pillows are finally here!

PRI-556 Stitching Travel Pillow LR-550x550

Ever since you all saw these great Travel Stitching Pillows when Lisa was teaching them on the Crusie she did this past Spring, you have been emailing us on when we were going to release them.  They are finally HERE!

We have 3 great colors for you to choose from…the Burnt Red/Orange, Black and Blue.  Each pillow is 11″x16″, we put a 12″x16″ pillow form in our pillows so that they were stuffed full and firm.  We found that the firmer the pillow the easier it is for the stitching, you can have your hands sink into the pillow while stitching…that defeats the purpose of the pillow.

Under the wing of the bird is where you will be storing your needles, there is a snap that you can put in there to keep your needles safely hidden for others and from you poking yourself in the hand with them! (cause i know that is what i would have happen)  There is also a slot for you to store your favorite appliqué scissors. Our favorite being the 5″ Dovo Scissors, perfect for cutting out your appliqués and for cutting your threads.  The zipper in the back is also two fold…..holding that pillow form in and you can also open it and slide your block or mat into the pillow to travel safely with it.

PRI-556 Stitching Travel Pillow LR-550x550

We have kits and patterns available for all 3 of these pillows.  Kit and pattern is only $32.00!! We also have pillow forms available as well.  Zippers and snaps must be purchased separately but you can find them under RELATED ITEMS, if you don’t already have few snaps and zippers in your stash.

REMEMBER when ordering to pick the color of the pillow you would like to make.

Have a beautiful weekend!




Is it really already week 5?????


Next week we are going to be rolling into Week 5 of our Summer Block of the Week (SBOW) Program!!  Unfortunately all things must come to an end and we have to have a cut off for signing up for these great programs and receiving the Freebie.  July 17, 2016 will be our cut off date.

You will have until July 17 to sign up for Among Friends, Clara’s Stars or My Crazy Life.  For more information about the SBOW, please click on the Link above and it will take you to each one of our programs.

After July 17, our SBOWs will become Blocks of the Month or complete kits, that also means that because they are Blocks of the Month the Freebies will be removed and the price does go up a smidgen.


As a perk for signing up for the SBOW at the beginning of the Summer, freebies were put into weeks 1-3 packages, if you are signing up for the SBOW this week you will be receiving the Freebies for weeks 4 thru the end of the program.  If you would like to purchase weeks 1-3, you can do so, please let us know in your comment section, they will be $5 a piece and will be sent along with your first package of the SBOW.

To help keep you motivated and also to help share other peoples expertise we have an awesome Facebook Page devoted to these SBOWs.  They are so much fun to learn from others and to share what you have been working on.

Get started TODAY by signing up for one of these great programs!


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Looking to build up your Stash of Wool??


Coming in September we are going to be starting another round of our Wool Bundle of the Month!  These Bundles are a great way to start building up your wool stash for all those fun projects you are planning to work on OR are working on.  Each month you will receive a variety of 8 different wools, that range in a variety of colors and textures.  Each of the 8 pieces of wool are approximately 7×8. The cost of the bundles for your 12 month commitment is only  $15, which is a $5 discount from our regularly priced small bundles!  This is an awesome deal, over the coarse of this program you will save $70!!!  Sign up TODAY to get started on your wool journey!


Pictures in this post are from past bundles and does not mean that these are the ones that you will receive this year.  Thank you for understanding.

Have a beautiful Holiday weekend!


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Little Gatherings is making it return!!!!

Do you remember Lisa’s very first line that she came out with 5 years ago called Little Gatherings??? Well 5 years later Lisa and MODA are coming out with Little Gatherings II, due in at a Quilt Shop near you in October!  Back is the great selection of Blacks, rich Chocolate Browns, Tans and Creams!

We will be offering 2 new designs and quilt kits from Primitive Gatherings, along with bringing back our 45 and Life to Go Quilt (both sizes) that we released in 2011.  We also have 2 Designs using our Little Gatherings II Line from 2 other designers, Doug Leko of Antler Quilts and also a design from It’s Sew Emma.

Our 2 New designs are very unique and different from each other. Old Dirt Road has a complex look and feel about it,a beautiful combination of rich Blacks and Browns.  However when creating this quilt, it is a simple combination of triangles and square in a squares, which makes this block easier to piece. Old Dirt Road will measure 76″ x 76″ when finished. (patterns are available now)

Treasure box has the simplicity that Old Dirt Road does not.  Treasure Box to me is simple, elegant, and feels like it will transport me back in time.  I just love the way this pattern feels, if that makes sense. Treasure Box will measure 63″ x 73″ when finished. (patterns are available now) It is showing a bit whiter than what it really is….it is more of a cream color.

We have had many request over the past few years to re-kit up 45 and Life to Go, we will be kiting both the 110″ x 110″ and the 55″ x 55″ size.  You kit will look very much like the original quilt only with the NEW prints from Little Gatherings II. Patterns are available now.

45 and Life to Go


Are you a Gadget person??? Do you love making quilts that use new rulers?? If so, the It’s Sew Emma pattern is just for you! Dancing Stars requires a Fat Quarter Tower (which is on SALE with all our other Pre-Cuts until they arrive at the Warehouse) AND a 30 Degree Sunburst Tool, which will satisfy your Gadget obsession.  The pattern has 3 different sizes that you are able to make, with the Fat Quarter Tower you will be able to make the Lap Size, 60 1/2″ x 60 1/2″.  If you would like to make the Crib or the Queen, please let us know and we would be happy to help you with those. (patterns available in October)

dancing with stars-550x550
Dancing Stars 


Doug Leko from Antler Quilts designed Island Hop.  This Pineapple-esk like quilt using a Fat Quarter Tower and a Border Fabric.  It will measure 61″ x 77″ when finished and would make an amazing guy quilt for anyone!

Island Hop


Pre-Order your Pre-Cuts to receive a 20% discount on them until they turn up at our Warehouse in October!  Sale price is reflected on our website. Make sure to order yours TODAY, they are YUMMY!

Have a beautiful weekend! It is going to be Blazing HOT here and more than likely a Thunderstorm or two is in our future!


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