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Last Chance for Snowman Gatherings III Sale Bundles

You all have seen Snowman Gatherings I and II, but have you seen the awesome new colors and designs of our Snowman Gatherings III line?  If not, you definitely need to check out these fabrics!  We are taking Pre-Orders for Fabric yardage if you find a print that you can’t live with out….which if you ask me is just about ever single one of these fabrics!


If you are not looking for fabric yardage but are in NEED of these great fabrics, we have got the deal for you!!!!

Have you Pre-Ordered your Snowman Gatherings III fabric bundles yet?  If you have not done so, this is going to be the last week to receive those awesome discounts on the Pre-Order Pre-Cuts!  Right now all Pre-Cuts for Snowman Gatherings III is on SALE for 20% off, once they arrive in the Shop they will go back to regular price! Don’t pass up this opportunity to be the first on the block to receive these beautiful fabrics in the mail!



And what would a fabric line be with out patterns to go along with them?  Lisa has designed some simple, easy and fast piecing quilts and wool projects just for you and just in time for you to finish them up for the Holiday Season!

All of these fabric, kits and patterns should be available to ship end of June! Do not miss out on these amazing fabrics and patterns!

Enjoy the beautiful day,


Primitive Gatherings


2017 Summer Block of the Week is ALMOST HERE!!

IMG_1212 LR
2017 Wool Summer Block of the Week 

It’s that time of the year again when we launch our much anticipated Summer Block of the Week (SBOW). This year just like last year we will have 3 different projects that you can sign up for and participate in.   You will have a choice of a Wool Applique Quilt (which is not named yet), a Pieced Quilt called Starlit Skies and a Hand Pieced Quilt called Hexi Haven to choose from. I know you all are ready to get into the good stuff, so I will not delay.

PLEASE read carefully. All of your questions should be answered by the time you are done reading this. If we have forgotten anything please let us know so that we are able to correct it, because if you have questions its likely others will as well. I know it is a lot of information to take in, but it should hopefully answer all your questions.

General Information:

The Summer Block of the Week (SBOW) will be a 12-week program; first shipment will go out the week of June 5.

As we have done in previous years we will have a Facebook Group set up for those of you who join any of the 3 SBOW programs. This year we will have 3 separate Facebook Groups, one for each of the SBOWs. Please make sure that you are Friends with Jessica Holz on Facebook, and then PM her to tell her which group you are in, she will then put you into the group. You will need to be Friends with her on Facebook since this is a CLOSED Group and only those in the SBOW programs can join in. This is a great way to learn new techniques and to share with one another! Some of you are already friends with me, for those of you who are not please look for this profile picture for who to friend request.

Jessica Holz Facebook Profile Picture to Friend Request


NEW: Since last years SBOW, we have launched a new payment system so there are a few things that have changed. We therefore have to change our payment options.

  1. If you Pay in Full your SBOW will be charged at the time you place your order. As our THANK YOU for Paying in Full and making it easier for us to process your order, there is a discount already applied to the total price of ONE FREE WEEK (includes shipping and block). Your SBOW will be charged at time of placing your order.
  2. Our new system is unable to process your Credit Card weekly; therefore there will be a Pay Monthly This means that on the 3rd of every month for 3 months you will be charged a set amount, determined by which SBOW you sign up for. If you Pay Monthly your SBOW will be charged June 3, July 3, August 3. As our THANK YOU for Paying Monthly, we have discounted the price of the SBOW and given you ½ of a week’s payment for FREE.
  3. When you choose the Pay Weekly, you will see that it will come up as $0.00, we will be following up with you on the Pay Weekly option by Phone to get you set up in the Weekly Payment System. If you choose this option, there will be no discount given, as we will need to charge you each week.
  4. If you are in the State of Wisconsin, State Tax is NOT shown in the prices in this email, when you place your order the tax will show on your Invoice.
  5. When ordering Supply Kits, Backing Fabric, and Additional Items for any of these SBOW Programs, they will automatically be charged at the time you place your order. These will all ship with your first SBOW block.
  6. If you are doing more than ONE SBOW with us this year, there will be no adjustment for shipping as we have done in the past. The reason for this is that we are only charging $3.00 for shipping each block this year verses the $4.00 we charged in shipping last year. Last year when you did more than one SBOW we adjusted the price to $3.00 per block.

EVERYONE who participates in the SBOW will receive a FREEBIE kit and pattern each week in their SBOW, as long as your credit card is valid. If you are Paying in Full, you will not have to worry about your credit card on a monthly basis. Please remember only ONE Freebie per person, per week.

 If you are purchasing one of the SBOWs and you are International, including Canada; we will be contacting you via email about our Shipping Practices for International customers. If you have done the SBOW with us in the past we are using the same practice. Please know that you will NOT be charged more than you see on this email.  IMPORTANT: If you are International/Canadian you will not be able to pay weekly.



Are you ready to learn all about the 3 SBOW Programs that we are offering this Summer?? I know I am excited to present this to you! This is by far one of our most exciting times of the year for us here at the Shop; all the hustle and bustle is amazing to see! I am still always amazed at how much we can get out of the Shipping area in one week, let alone in one day!


Lets start by telling you all about the Wool Applique Quilt. This quilt will be comprised of 12 blocks that will finish at 10”x12”, we do not have a finished size on the quilt yet because Lisa is unsure as to how she is going to finish it! This years SBOW will be more of a Mystery Quilt than it has been in the last few years. Lisa will not be releasing Finishing Kit information until about half way thru the program. If you do not want to make a quilt out of all of these blocks, each of the individual blocks will also make an amazing little quilt to give to Friends and Family as gifts.

IMG_1212 LR
2017 Wool Summer Block of the Week

When ordering the Wool Applique SBOW, please take in to consideration how you would like to pay.

  1. Paying Weekly: Each week will be $12 for the block and $3.00 for shipping for a total of $15/week for 12 weeks, the total program will cost $180.
  2. Paying Monthly: Your pricing is the same as the Weekly HOWEVER, you will receive a discount of $7.50, and the total program cost will be $172.50. That will be spread out between 3 months, so your monthly fee will be $57.50/month. This will be first charged on June 3.
  3. Paying In Full: Your pricing is the same as the Weekly HOWEVER, you will be receiving a discount of $15, to make your total cost for the program $165. This will be charged when you place your order.

We have put together a little Supply Kit that has all the “fixings”. This year the Supply Kit will be $27.50, shipping is included, and you will save $7.50 by ordering the kit as a 25% discount has already been applied to the Supply Kit price. If you choose to order everything individually, there will be no discount applied. The Supply Kit includes:

IMG_1208 LR
Wool Supply Kit
  1. Project Case: To keep all your blocks together
  2. Steam a Seam 2 Lite: 2 Packages for all your wool appliques
  3. Needle Threader: Because who doesn’t need a little help every now and then to help thread that needle?
  4. Set of 6-#24 & 6-#22 Chenille Needles: You can never have too many needles
  5. 1” Triangle Paper: Specifically designed to how we cut our fabric for this project. This is provided to you FREE in the Supply Kit. If you would like to purchase the Triangle Paper separately, you will need to purchase our 1”Triangle Paper for $7.00
SBOW Thread Kit-550x550
Thread Kit for the Wool SBOW 2017

We will be offering a Thread Kit including a case for $150.00.  This Thread Kit should retail at $180.00 plus shipping but if you are doing the SBOW with us we are giving you a $30.00 discount and covering the cost of the shipping!  If you would prefer not to have a project case for your threads, the Thread kit will cost $145.00.  If you are ordering a COMPLETE thread kit, please in the Comment Section place wither you are in paid in full, paid weekly, or paid monthly so that we can match up your threads with your SBOW.  If you would prefer to pick and choose which threads you would like to order, here is a list of the threads that are included in the kit. Please note that if you are picking and choosing which threads to order, your threads will ship separately from your SBOW, and will incur a shipping charge.  Thank you for understanding.

Valdani #12 Threads:  813, 0511, 188, 0217, P5, P2, 0548 OR 200, M43, 0503, 0510, H202, 0562, 0507, 0523, M18, 0575 OR 823, 843, M81, 190, 086, P1, H210, 0560, H201, M19, 893, V3, 078, 0775 OR 775, 031, 0578, P12 OR 1645. 

We will offer the Finishing Kit and Backing Fabric approximately half way thru the SBOW. Please remember that this is an optional purchase, you will NEED to purchase it when the time comes if you would like to finish your quilt the same way that Lisa does.  



IMG_1184 LR
Starlit Skies Summer Block of the Week


Are these blocks beautiful or what? Scrappiness at its best in these blocks! Each week for 12 weeks you will be making 4- 9 ½” finished Blocks for a total of 48 blocks. You will be receiving a total of 80 fabrics each week to create your scrappy blocks.

When ordering the Starlit Skies SBOW, please take in to consideration how you would like to pay.

  1. Paying Weekly: Each week will be $16 for the block and $3.00 for shipping for a total of $19/week for 12 weeks, the total program will cost $ 228.00.
  2. Paying Monthly: Your pricing is the same as the Weekly HOWEVER, you will receive a discount of $9.50, and the total program cost will be $218.50. That will be spread out between 3 months, so your monthly fee will be $72.83/month. This will be first charged on June 3.
  3. Paying In Full: Your pricing is the same as the Weekly HOWEVER, you will be receiving a discount of $19, to make your total cost for the program $209. This will be charged when you place your order.

Our Supply Kit for Starlit Skies is short and sweet, there is not a lot to it, however they are items we feel would help you on your sewing journey in Starlit Skies. This year the Supply Kit will be $36.00, shipping is included, and you save $10.24 by ordering the kit. There is a 25% discount already applied to the Supply Kit price. Our Supply Kit will include:

  1. Project Case: Keep all your blocks together in one area
  2. Aurifil 50wt thread: #2326: Perfect blend for piecing
  3. 6”x6” Itty Bitty Ruler: To help you cut and trim your blocks and stars easily.

Half way through the program you will be able to sign up for a Finishing Kit and Backing. We are going to have 2 different option for Finishing this quilt up, Lisa just has not finalized how she wants to completely finish each one.



For those of you who enjoy doing Paper Piecing we have Hexi Haven for you this year. During the course of this SBOW, you will receive all the fabric that you need to make the top of the quilt. Binding will be provided in week 12’s kit, there will be NO finishing kit needed. Each week you will make a total of 9 complete blocks. You will have left overs to use in the following weeks in order to start to get the scrappiness that you see in our picture. When you are done with the program you will have enough fabrics to have done 88 of the full blocks and 29 half blocks for the sides of the quilt. A total of 120 different fabrics will be sent to you by the end of week 12.

Please remember that if you are taking on this project, you are going to need a general knowledge of Paper Piecing. While we are going to give you directions into the construction of the Hexi’s and how to create this quilt, it will not be an in depth instruction pamphlet. Please take a peek at YouTube or Pinterest for videos and tutorials on Paper Piecing.

When ordering Hexi Haven, please take in to consideration how you would like to pay.

  1. Paying Weekly: Each week will be $18 for the blocks and $3.00 for shipping for a total of $21/week for 12 weeks, the total program will cost $252.
  2. Paying Monthly: Your pricing is the same as the Weekly HOWEVER, you will receive a discount of $10.50, and the total program cost will be $241.50. That will be spread out between 3 months, so your monthly fee will be $80.50/month. This will be first charged on June 3.
  3. Paying In Full: Your pricing is the same as the Weekly HOWEVER, you will be receiving a discount of $21, to make your total cost for the program $231. This will be charged when you place your order.
IMG_1217 LR
Hexi Haven Supply Kit

This year the Supply Kit will be $75, shipping is included and you save $20.00 by ordering the kit. There is a 25% discount already applied to the Supply Kit. By ordering the Supply kit you are virtually receiving the Project Case, Cutting Mat, and Needles for FREE!! Our Supply Kit will include:

  1. Project Case: Keep all those Hexi’s in one spot
  2. 5 ½”x 7 ½” Cutting Mat: Small and compact to keep next to you while traveling or sitting in your living room
  3. Promo Ruler 2 ½” x 6 ½”: You need a small ruler to go along with that small cutting mat
  4. Bohin Needles #11: You can never have too many needles
  5. Papers: You will receive enough papers to cover the ENTIRE quilt, you will not have to reuse. (If you are not ordering the Supply kit, these papers will be available to order separately FOR $70.00)

Depending on how you prefer to construct your blocks, we have two additional items that you should consider.

  1. Used for both basting your Hexi’s and also for piecing your Hexi’s together in a block form, we have a small spool 8-piece 50 wt. Aurifil Thread kit for you. The Aurifil Thread kit should retail for $40.00, however we are giving you a discount, which is equivalent to 2-FREE spools. For $30.00 the Aurifil Thread kit will include: 1140, 2784, 1103, 2905, 1243, 1246, 2370 x 2.

    IMG_1229 LR
    Aurifil Thread Kit
  2. Sewline Glue Pen Kit: Includes 1-Sewline Glue Pen, 5-2 pack refill cartridges. Shipping is included in price for $25.00; this price is like getting 2-refil packs for FREE.

    IMG_1225 LR
    Sewline Glue Kit

Since we do know that the size of your Hexi Haven Quilt is going to measure 54” x 67 ¾” when complete, we do know that you are going to need 4 yards of Backing fabric. You have the option of purchasing that when you sign up, you are receiving a 25% discount on the fabric and it will be $40, shipping is included in that price.



IMG_1235 LR
One of our Freebie Blocks

 A little something different this year is our Freebie Supply Kit. Why we haven’t ever thought of it before I do not know! But you all receive the Freebie each week, so we thought we would provide you with the option of a Supply Kit. Our Supply Kit for the Freebie with shipping included is $28.00. The Supply Kit would include:

IMG_1203 LR
Freebie Supply Kit
  1. Project Case: Cause you need to store your Freebies somewhere
  2. Steam a Seam 2 Lite: 1 pack needed to fuse your wool
  3. 6-#24 Chenille Needles: Never enough needles around when you need them.
  4. Instant Antique: Lets have some fun with these backgrounds!

Finishing Kits and Backing Fabric will be offered at a later date when we get toward the end of the program, so please watch for that on our Facebook and Shop Blog.

We hope you have found at least ONE Summer Block of the Week that you are interested in doing with us this Summer. We love hosting these projects for you! Have a beautiful Summer!

Thank You,


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


Lucky #13! Anniversary Sale May 1-14, 2017


It’s LUCKY #13 where we are concerned this year! We are Celebrating our 13th Anniversary of helping you along your quilting and wool journey! On behalf of all us here at Primitive Gatherings we would like to “THANK YOU” for your continued confidence in our services and our product. You all truly make it possible for us to do what we love and to help YOU do what you love by being able to bring you new products, new designs and new kits. We would like to extend our “THANK YOU” for your loyalty by offering several discounts on products you already love.

Starting May 1 and going until Mother’s Day, we will be offering the following discounts: All discounted prices will show up in your Shopping Cart:

All In stock, Full Priced books and patterns will be 25% off.   These will exclude our Liberty Gatherings and Snowman III Patterns.

We only have 3 boxes left of our Little Gatherings Books, now would be a great time to purchase this book if you have not done so already. This book contains 12 Miniature Quilts, and also helpful tool on how to work with miniatures and small pieces.

Our Flannel Gatherings Book is on sale for 30% off and would make a great addition to your quilt book collection. These quilts do not have to be done in flannel; they are stunning in cotton as well.

All In Stock, Regular priced Fabric Off the Bolt, minimum of a ½ yard will be 20% off. This includes Flannel, Japanese, our Modern and Reproduction Fabrics. This is a great way to stock up on backing fabrics for those quilt tops you have laying around at home, or ones that you are finishing up. Plus, we all can use more fabric cant we? Please remember that this will exclude Pre-Cuts and Charms, and Snowman Gatherings III Fabric.


Do you need a new Creative Grid, Rotary Blades, Needles, or Aurifil Thread? Our Notions are on sale for 20% off.


Do you need some wool for a project you have been waiting to do? We have all of our Wool on sale for 25% off! Excludes: Bundles, Scrap Bags, Charms, And Custom Ordered Wool. You can receive 25% off any Custom Ordered Wool IF you purchase a Full Yard of it.


We also will have several kits On Sale for our Anniversary Sale, don’t hesitate if you see one that you like, as most of these only have a few left available!  To see a Full List and Pictures of all of them, look under our Sale Section and then Anniversary Sale icon.


Once again, we want to “Thank You” for a spectacular 13 years and heres too another 13!

Thank you,

Primitive Gatherings

UPDATE: Wool Bundle Block of the Month


Our Wool Bundle Block of the Month is almost full, only about a dozen spots left.  Each Month for 12 months you will receive a bundle of 8 different textures and colors to start making your wool stash.


Each piece of wool is approximately 6″x7″  and is only $19 per month and the includes Shipping domestically. You do not want to miss out on this great stash builder, it will not be offered for another 6 months!!! Sign up TODAY and start receiving these beautiful bundles into your mailbox!

Have a beautiful day, Jessica

Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

Pre-Cut SALE March 24-26

“Pre-Cuts! Pre-Cuts! Get your Pre-Cuts!” Baseball season is just around the corner and April 3 is the Brewers Home Opener, so I was channeling my inner Baseball Fan! I like it better when they say “Cotton Candy, Get Your Cotton Candy”, but I will take Pre-Cuts because, its kinda the same thing right?  Makes us totally and completely happy!

Alright, enough with the Baseball and mouth watering Cotton Candy.  We have Cotton Pre-Cuts on Sale March 24-26 for 25% off!  They will exclude all Liberty Gatherings and Snowman III Pre-Cuts.  Pre-Cut will show the discounted price once you have put them into your Shopping Cart.  We have a variety of Pre-Cuts to choose from Flannels, Reproduction, Modern, and Japanese. Take a peak at all we have to offer! 



Cotton: Little Gatherings:


And so much more:


Sale will end on Sunday at Midnight, so get your “Pre-Cuts, Hot Pre-Cuts” while they last!

Have a beautiful weekend!  I am off to Lancaster Pennsylvania on Sunday for the AQS Lancaster Shop March 29-April 1! Hope to see you there!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

National Quilting Day March 18

22 years ago in Lincoln, Nebraska the National Quilting Association passed a resolution that made the 3rd Saturday in March, National Quilting Day! In honor of one of the greatest days on the Calendar of National Days (we quilters may be a bit bias) we have put together a few quilt kits and fabric to put on Sale to help you on your quilting journey! We asked ourselves, “what would National Quilting Day be with out FABRIC and quilt kits????”  We have made our National Quilting Day into Days (cause who doesn’t’ want double the fun?), so from March 17-19 we are going to be having some fun at our the Shop.

We will be holding a drawing for everyone that comes into the Shop and makes a purchase on March 17 and 18, and also a drawing for everyone who Orders Online March 17-19.  When you make a purchase we will put your name into the drawing for a small quilt kit and pattern from our new Liberty Gatherings Fabric called Little Patriot ($32 value).  Which means that there will be 2 give a ways; one for those of you that come into the Shop and one for those of you that Shop with us Online! Drawing will be held on Monday Morning, Winners will be announced and called.

Little Patriot Photo LR
Little Patriot 18 x 18

Are you ready for the Sales and the Fun to begin?

All Pre-Cut Fat Quarters are ONLY $2, this excludes all Fat Quarter Bundles.  Now some of you have purchased Online with us when we have had this Sale before. If you have not here is how it works.  Because you are not in the Shop and we do not have a Fat Quarter of every fabric in the Shop it is a little more difficult for you to purchase the Fat Quarter, but if you go by my motto….”there is no ugly fabric out there” then you will find that this works perfectly, AND you also get the element of SURPRISE when you open your package.  All you will need to do is pick the COLOR and the Quantity that you would like and we will pick you out a variety of awesome fabrics to help you fill your stash!  If you make scrappy quilts this is a great way for you to stock up and get a variety of colors and patterns that you might not normally pick for yourself.  BUT there is no ugly fabric, trust me on this!!! Everything will work together!!!!!

fat quarters-350x350
Pre-Cut Fat Quarter $2.00

And what would National Quilting Day be with out some Quilt Kits on Sale???  We have a handful of great quilt kits at great prices that are looking for a good home!


Belmont 53 1/2″ x 68″ reg: $75.50               SALE $53.00
smoked cheddar-350x350
Smoked Cheddar 71 x 88 reg: $154                         SALE $108
union blues-350x350
Union Blues 68 x 101 reg: $200   SALE $140
trotting along 1-350x350
Trotting Along 69×80  reg: $185   SALE $111
Christmas on the Prairie 68 x 88 reg: $187  SALE $140


Square Dance 75 1/2″ x 75 1/2″ reg: $132  SALE $93
Flower Box 52 x 68  Reg: $135   SALE $94.50

Did you find a quilt kit you liked?  Some Fat Quarters that you “need” for your stash?  We hope so!  REMEMBER domestic orders over $100 ship for FREE!!

Have a beautiful weekend!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop















Last Two Days to Order: Merry Christmas!

Yes, I know it is not Christmas time….but I thought that title would catch your attention!  Many of you saw pictures of a quilt called Merry Christmas By Heart to Hand this past Christmas and asked if we could do our Wool Version of it again.

mc1And guess what?  We caved to the pressure and are putting together some Wool Kits ONLY for you!  You didn’t have to apply the pressure too too hard, we absolutely LOVE this quilt!  We originally  did this quilt back in 2012 out of Japanese Fabrics, and as much as we would love to be able to provide you all with Fabrics to go along with it, we are hurting for black Japanese Fabrics in the Shop.  If you would like for us to pick out background fabrics for you, we can do so, but PLEASE call the Shop to place your order then, so that we can talk to you about what you would like to do for the backgrounds.  Wool Kits only are $180, and will include all the wool that is needed to make this quilt, including the wool around the borders and the cornerstones.  If you need to purchase the pattern, the pattern is there and is sold SEPARATELY from the wool kit.  Since this quilt was made in 2012, there might be a few variations in the wool textures that were used to the ones that we place in your kit, but we will get as close to the original as possible.  PLEASE do not wait to order your kit, you will only have until Feb 12 to purchase a kit and it will be available to ship March 1.  So please get those orders in, it will not be offered again.

Pictures are courteous of The Quilted Pineapple who quilted our original quilt for us! So thank you Linda for letting us use the pictures!  If you haven’t checked out her website please do so, she has some great eye candy on there of quilts she has quilted and also tutorials and information about her QP Rulers that she sells for quilting quilts!

Have a beautiful day, it is 30 and sunny here today!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

WOOL SALE!!! February 9-12, 2017

You are thinking in your head “Finally” this coupon is here!  But we didn’t make you wait too long for this great coupon deal did we???! The most popular coupon that we have! Because who doesn’t want more wool, you would have to be CRAZY not to want some right?   Its like Christmas in February!

From February 9-12, now is the time to stock up on wool yardage for all the patterns you want to get done in the next few months, or ones that you have put off because you need to purchase a few pieces of wool.  Place your order during these 4 days and you will receive 25% off all wool yardage, mill-dyed or hand-dyed! This means that you can purchase any quantity of 1/8 yards to 1 yard cuts of wool, there are so many for you to choose from!  Pleaese remember that this excludes scrap bags, bundles, charms, kits, and specialty ordered wools.  Specialty ordered wools are wools that you you pick the color and the texture you would like to be dyed for you.

Have a beautiful 4 days Shopping for some NEW wool to help you along in your projects!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

Are we going to be near you this year?

Are you going to a Quilt Show this year and wondering if we are going to be Vending?  We have compiled the list of Shows that we are going to be attending this year and it is quite the list and encompasses 20 different Shows and Vending locations.  While we would love to go to just about any Quilt Show there is out there, we have to unfortunately narrow the list down as we (Amy,  Al, Jake and myself)  like to be Home a little bit too!  We hope we will see you at one of these Shows coming up this year.

January 19-22 Road to California in Ontario, California

February 23-26 Mancuso Show in Hampton Virginia

February 24-25 Feather Princesses-Spring Fling in Tampa Florida

March 1-4 AQS Daytona in Daytona Florida

March 29-April 1 AQS Lancaster in Lancaster Pennsylvania

April 6-8 Quilts Inc in Chicago Illinois (Rosemont)

April 26-29 AQS Spring Paducah in Paducah, Kentucky

June 2-4 Genesee Valley Quilt Fest in Rochester New York

June 8-10 Minnesota Quilters in Duluth Minnesota

June 15-17 Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival in Overland Park Kansas

June 21-24 Shipshewana Quilt Festival in Shipshewana Indiana

July 20-23 Quilt Odyssey in Hershey Pennsylvania

July 27-29 Pine Tree Quilters in Augusta Maine

August 16-19 AQS Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids Michigan

September 7-9 Quilt Expo in Madison Wisconsin

September 13-16 AQS Fall Paducah in Paducah Kentucky

October 4-7 AQS Des Moines in Des Moines Iowa

November 2-5 Fall Festival in Houston Texas

All of these are up on our Calendar of Events on our Website as well.  We look forward to seeing you at one of our Shows this Year!

Have a beautiful Week!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


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