Sale in Honor of National Quilting Day March 17th



Did you know that only 27 years ago the first National Quilting Day Resolution was started?  It all began with the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society.  The Quilt Society had organized a “Quilters Day Out” back in 1989 which was to be held the third Saturday of March each year, and when the National Quilting Association heard about it they fell in love with the idea.  So, when the 22nd Annual Show of the National Quilting Association met in Lincoln, Nebraska in June of 1991, a resolution was passed to establish a National Quilting Day.  And so it was designated to be National Quilting Day every third Saturday in March.  And it just so happens to be St. Patricks Day this year as well, so there is a party going on some where, why not make it a Quilting Party!

In HONOR of National Quilting we have a few promotions going on that we would like to share with you.  Since it is National Quilting Day we are celebrating by passing along a 20% discount on all in stock, full price quilt kits! Your choice, Big or Small, Medium or in between!  Our only exclusion is that it can not have wool on it.  This promotion begins TODAY and ends March 18th at midnight!  These are just a few of the awesome quilt kits that you could be giving a good home too.

Middle Child Fabric Web
Middle Child From Flannel Gatherings Book
Granite Peak


Cornered Nine Patch flat-550x550
Cornered Nine Patch-no triangle paper needed for this little miniature.


Because we have so many quilts for you to choose from, in different sections of the website, the discount WILL NOT show up on your order, we will manually have to do this promotion for you and will be refunding you and letting you know how much your refund is once we have completed your order.  Please be patient with us, unfortunately this isn’t a perfect system and sometimes we have to do things manually because the computer would go on overload and probably blow up if we tried to do this promotion with the computers help.   Computers are suppose to make our lives so much easier, but sometimes they don’t right?


We were also able to snag up a bunch of these Red Moda Clipboard Quilters Sets.  These include a Clipboard, Grid paper to map out your next quilt, 6 pencils and 8-1.5″ Binder Clips.  These are perfect for when you are trying to organize your thoughts, keeping fabric swatches together and making up your next quilt or block.  Only $17.00 for this package set, regularly $20.00.  After Sunday March 18th the price will go back up to $20.00.


Now its time to have some fun.  Take a peak around at our website, find that quilt that you have had your eye on for a while, or look to see if you can find a new project that strikes your fancy! I know there are a bunch on there that I would love to get my hands on and make.  Now is the time!

Have a Beautiful week/weekend quilting!


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I told you so…..


Last week I said I know that there is going to be a snowstorm; well the weather decided to prove me right quicker than I thought it would.  We are in a Winter Weather Advisory, telling us that there could be 4-7 inches of snow coming with strong winds.  I know that is not a ton of snow, but when there is nothing left, I don’t want it to turn into a Winter Wonderland….again.  I am ready for the flowers and the sun, and good weather!  Its going to continue to snow all day long, so why don’t I have a little fun and tell you about a couple NEW projects that we have out.

Little Gatherings the Book features all of these miniature quilts. Only one box left! Snap up your copy today!

Some of  you have seen them, and some might be new to you.  We are down to our last box of Little Gatherings Books and have decided to pattern the miniature quilts individually.  All but 2 patterns will come with the triangle papers needed to make each quilt, the two that do not come with the triangle papers will tell you in their description.  Triangle papers are not provided in these patterns because they need almost a whole package of papers. We only have a few kits of each of these available in there ORIGINAL fabrics, so make sure to scoop these up!

Royal Star flat-550x550
Royal Star-Reminds me of something you would see in the night skies of Star Wars! I LOVE all the colors mixed together like this


Double Bear Paw flat-350x350-1
Double Bear Paw-There is just something about Bear Paws that I love, and the gold and brown is so yummy!
Triangle Parade Flat-550x550
Triangle Parade-Triangles, Triangles, Triangles! Making these 1/2 square triangles is easy with our Triangle papers!
Flower Baskets flat-550x550
Flower Baskets-only 3 kits left!
Out on a Limb flat-550x550
Out on a Limb-Such and awesome saying! Why not go out on a limb and try something new?
Antique Star Flower flat-550x550
Antique Star Flower-Don’t you just love the crisp white in this quilt?
Cornered Nine Patch flat-550x550
Cornered Nine Patch-no triangle paper needed for this little miniature.
Checkered Past flat-550x550
Checkered Past-Don’t you just love all the colors in this one? The blue border just finishes it all up beautifully.


Rail Fence flat-550x550
Rail Fence-Only 3 more in existence! And it comes with a little surprise……with your left overs you can make a baby from this baby!


I hope you stay warm and cozy today where ever you are.  I am going to be doing computer work so that I don’t have to venture out into the snow until it is time to go home, and for me to curl up in front of the fireplace!  I love my little space heater under my desk!


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Its beginning to look a lot like Spring Time…

Ok, can I honestly say that here in Wisconsin?  You bet I can, its been in the 40’s this past week! I know I am in for a HUGE disappointment when that snow storm comes through. No we don’t have one predicted yet, be lets face it we all know it is coming! I have seen it snow in MAY!! Yes, thats right I said MAY! So I need to do all that I can to think “SPRING!”  Nothing is better then, than finding a bunch of fun wools, threads and fabrics to play with; so when that snow does actually come through I am prepared and ready to have some FUN!

There is no need to wait on the snow for some of these goodies.  We have put together a great little set of Valdani #12 perle cottons, cause there is never enough threads to go around.  These would be fun threads for your pastel wools, or to do some fun embroidery stitches with.  Embellishments on your wool projects would look stunning in these lighter colors in our Easter Thread Collection. We also have our Wool Crazy Thread pack that would be just as versatile as the 6 pack.  We love these lighter colors on the the darker backgrounds because when you put that much into all your crazy stitches and embroidery, you want to show it off.

Do you need some wool to go along with these threads?  Or looking to do some of those cute easter eggs you see everywhere all over Facebook and Pinterest this time of year? We have the pattern AND the wool to help you!  We have Bundles, Charms, Scrap bags and more!

Did you see this pattern???? It is absolutely positively adorable! If you have some one that you give a little gift to for Easter or just because this Spring, think about putting it into one of these little I’M ALL EARS bags! These bags are 5″x 7″x 2″ and will fit all kinds of goodies! Pattern Only $5.00, we also have fabric bundles that will allow you to make 2 bags for $5.00….so a total of $10.00 for kit and pattern!!!!


Also did you see the STITCH HAPPENS? How awesome would this look hanging in your sewing room.  At 37″x 40″ it will be able to hang just about any where.  We are hoping to make a kit out of it soon but wanted to share the pattern with you right away because we think it is amazing! Pattern only $10.00.


And if you are not following along and doing the Garden Mystery Blog Hop Blocks, you need to take a peak at Lisa’s up on her Blog TODAY!  We are WK4, you can still join in! Grow Block Web

If you are looking for anything else that is Spring, we have put a few other Favorites of ours up under the NEW section on our Website.  We have our own little category for our Favorite Spring time patterns, notions, fabrics, wools, and threads, so check it out!


We hope you have a beautiful weekend,



Moon Garden Stitch A Long


Have you joined our Moon Garden Stitch A Long?  If not we still have a few spots available, but to tell you the truth we have had such an overwhelming response to this Stitch A Long that we might have to end up closing it at a some point.

If you have not heard about our Stitch A Long here is a little recap:

Moon Garden is a 12 block basket BOM.  the blocks are nice and big for easy stitching….we believe they will finish somewhere between 16″-17″….we want to leave that option open until the final setting is figured out.  The backgrounds will all be FQ for each block.  If you purchase a kit from us, be it the Wool Kit or the Background plus Wool kit you will receive the FULL SIZE patterns in each of your blocks, therefore there will be no need for you to go and get the patterns printed out and blown up.


We had to change up the backgrounds due to how popular the Stitch A Long has become please note that if you sign up now, DUE TO OVERWHELMING DEMAND OF THE BACKGROUND FABRICS WE NO LONGER ARE ABLE TO OFFER THE MULTIPLE BACKGROUND FABRICS FOR THE BLOCK. THIS QUILT WILL LOOK JUST AS BEAUTIFUL IN ONE BACKGROUND. WE WILL BE SENDING 1040-26, WHICH IS OUR MODELED BLACK MUSLIN, FOR ALL OF YOUR BLOCKS. We will also be subbing out some of the wools for the baskets.  This doesn’t mean that you will be getting ugly baskets, this just means that we have a wide variety of wools at out disposal and we only picked 12 of the ones that we had.  All baskets will will be approved by Lisa, so you know they will be just as gorgeous as the originals!


We also have a Facebook Group devoted to this Stitch A Long if  you are on Facebook.  Type MOON GARDEN STITCH A LONG, into your Facebook Search engine; once you have located the group REQUEST to join and you will be filtered into the group!  Or you can click on the link here!  If you have ever participated in one of our Facebook Groups you know the kind of fun we have in those groups.  If you do not have Facebook, you will still be able to follow along with Lisa on her Blog.

Have a beautiful weekend,


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Vacation time…….

This past week I went on vacation with my other half.  Our first vacation together….he did all the driving.  But have no fear, he did come back in one piece, it was a little iffy every now and then, especially when we were driving through Atlanta, but we made it! GRRR!

We went on a little weeks vacation to Charleston, SC and Savannah, Ga. just to bum around the cities and have a nice get a way in warmer weather.  We made our first stop at the Charleston History Museum.  We walked around a bit and then wondered into the the Textiles Room, which should be called THE QUILT ROOM.  I turn the corner and this is what I am greeted with…


A small, quaint and very beautiful display of antique quilts! These were absolutely stunning quilts. Needless to say I turned around to Phil and said, “I’m in heaven, you can go sit down if you would like, I’m going to be here for a bit.”  He came around with me and asked questions about the making of them, and I explained some of the techniques to him. He seemed genuinely interested in it all…..he’s learning slowly but surely.  Here are just a few of the ones that I personally enjoyed the most.


The hanging quit was called Caesar’s Crown or Full Blown Tulip c. 1850 by Betty Jones Watson of Ridge Spring, SC.   While the one on the chair is from an Unknown designer, created sometime in the late 19th Century. Alternating with white squares, the “Turkey Tracks” are created with curved shapes of red, green and striped fabric. Apparently and I did not know this, but this pattern was more commonly known as Wandering Foot, however the quilt myth says that this name became associated with young men leaving home and was then quickly changed to Turkey Tracks.

The quilt above was called Mosaic Star, and was created by Clara Perry Jones of Ridge Spring, SC around 1830, although the border was most likely added around the 1870’s.  This quilt contains hundreds of 5/8″ hexagons!

I am hoping that you can see the writing on the hexagons in the bottom 2 pictures.  That features that back of the quilt where the quilter Virginia Mikell Hay used paper templates made out of printed booklet papers, there is on in there dated 1842!

Here is another fantastic quilt that they had there which you can see the papers a little better.  They also had templates that were made out of pieces of metal that were used to help the quilter make the paper templates.  They do not know the exact person that started this quilt but believe it was Susan Boone DeSaussure Kersaw of Charleston sometime in the late 19th Century. I LOVE how they used what they had around to make their templates from……what do you think they would think about all the ready made templates that we purchase?


There were way too many good ones to go into depth about, I just picked a few of my favorites.  Here are a few more quilts that were in the display area.  All were fascinating and I think I was in that little area longer that I was the whole museum, it was absolutely breath taking to see them all there.


I’ll post more pictures of our vacation but I think this section of our vacation needs to have a post all on its own!  I hope you all have a beautiful week!



NEW From Primitive Gatherings

a simple life lite-350x350
Live A Simple Life BOM Light Version

We have had some awesome things happening already in 2018! Lisa’s New Flannel Line, Wool and Needle V dropped into stores, which means a whole new set of patterns and quilts made out of these cozy fabrics. It also means an absolutely exquisite Block of the Month that Lisa has put together as well.

Live A Simple Life is a stunning quilt done in the New Wool and Needle V Flannel Line. Lisa has out done herself with the use of beautiful wools and flannels appliqued together to make this heirloom quilt. Live a Simple Life will finish at 72”x72”, and is offered in either a Dark or a Light Background; Primitive Gatherings is exclusively offering the Dark Version of this quilt! This is a 6 month program, in the first month you will be charged $121.50 which will include the pattern, all of your background fabric and the first set of blocks for you to do; months 2-6 will only be $30.50, shipping is already included in these prices. As an added bonus, your first month will come in a pre-printed box that displays pictures of the finished quilt for you to house all your blocks an fabric in until you are finished. This is one quilt you do not want to miss out on. Sign up TODAY! Block 1 Starts shipping in January!

  Live A Simple Life Dark Version Exclusive to Primitive Gatherings

We also have a couple of quilts that are made  with these cozy, comfy fabrics that would be perfect for just about any weather we are having.  Just because it is Flannel does not mean that it is going to be too warm for the South! These fabrics work anywhere!

Granite Peak comes in Red or Mustard Color, perfect size at 80″ x80″. Kits and Patterns are available to ship TODAY! Don’t work with wool? Looking for a piecing quilt? We have just the BOM for you!

Working Mans Quilt (Brown Quilt) and Step By Step (Black Quilt) are both absolutely stunning in the Wool and Needle V Flannels.

We are starting our Japanese Hexagon Trim Tool Block of the Month in February. We just love working with Japanese Fabrics and making this quilt was no exception! We combined both the Japanese Wovens and Cottons to make this fun and beautiful quilt, for $34.00 each month, which includes shipping.   Each Month for 12 month you will receive a set of 8 different fabrics (total of 2.25 yards of fabric) that will allow you to create 12 blocks for a total of 144 blocks; these will make a quilt approximately 82”x108” or it will make 2 smaller size quilts, the possibilities are endless. These blocks will be fast and easy for you to do each month. The Hexagon Trim Tool must be purchased separately if you do not already have it. Sign up today and start receiving beautiful Japanese Fabrics in the mail in February.


Are you always struggling to look for Background fabrics for your quilts and appliques? We have just the Club for you! Our Background Fabrics Club features 8 different fabrics each month that are perfect for doing just that. Choose to receive Fat Quarters or Fat Eighths each month, you can start and stop this Club at any time, just remember it takes 2 months to stop this program.


Looking to start a stash of wool so that you can start making some of those patterns you have been collecting? Our Wool Bundles of the Month keep getting more popular as the years go on. Imagine getting 8-6”x7” beautiful wools of varying textures and colors in the mail each month! Receiving these bundles is a 12-month commitment, each bundle will be only $19.00, and shipping is included! Sign up Today!! First bundle ships in February.


Bristle Creek is a fabulous quilt designed by Paula Barnes at Red Crinoline; combine that with Marcus Fabrics and you have a winning quilt.   Using all Reproduction Fabric this quilt will truly be something you will want to use everyday.  Bristle Creek will finish at 95”x95” and includes the pattern and triangle papers needed to complete the quilt. Started in January so you won’t have to wait on the edge of your seat for your first package to arrive.  A 12 month commitment at $31.00 which includes shipping.


Hopefully one of these programs have sparked your interest, or has inspired you in some way.  Have a beautiful weekend!


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Out with the OLD….in with the NEW! Winter Clearance Sale

Isn’t that what people always say? Out with the OLD in with the NEW?  That is what we are trying to do this week.  We are looking to make way for all of the NEW projects and ideas that we are going to be making this 2018, by putting a bunch of kits, fabric, wool bundles, books and patterns on sale for you this week! Sale is January 8-14!  Look underneath NEW then go to WINTER CLEARANCE sale to see all the goodies we have ON SALE this week.

All Books, Patterns, Fabric, and Wool Bundles are ON SALE for 25% off! Due to how our computer program operates we are unable to put just these items on sale to reflect their sale price.  Please note that we will make sure that all items are discounted properly and will refund your $ when we ship your order.  Thank you for understanding.  Now on to what we have ON SALE!


All books and patterns are ON SALE for 25% off.  Our only exclusion will be the NEW Quilter’s Journal by Lisa Bongean.  We also have a great Book Bundle for you!  For $30.00 you will receive: Flannel Gatherings, Primitive Christmas, and Nine Patch Gatherings book!!  This is a great offer! FullSizeRender-21

All other Books and Patterns will be ON SALE for 25% off.  Reminder: We will be manually taking the discount off of these products for you and will reimburse your credit card as needed.  Thank you for understanding.


Time to get an awesome deal on Wool Bundles this week!  All Wool Bundles will be 25% off. This is your chance to stock up on a variety of textures in any given color, or select one of the variety of color bundles!  Grab up those pastel textures to make some Easter Eggs out of.  Reminder: We will be manually taking the discount off of these products for you and will reimburse your credit card as needed.  Thank you for understanding.



Did you finish up a few quilts in the past few months and are in need of a few backings?  We have all fabric off the bolt, excluding Wool and Needle V flannels for 25% off, minimum of a 1/2 yard cut.  Stock up on your backgrounds, borders, and backings!Reminder: We will be manually taking the discount off of these products for you and will reimburse your credit card as needed.  Thank you for understanding.


We will also have our Fat Quarters and Half Yards On Sale as well!  You all know how that works right?  Pick the colors you would like for us to pick for you and SURPRISE!  when you open your package you will be pleasantly surprised on what you receive!




Looking for a quilt kit to start working on this Winter?  We have a bunch of quilt kits that   are looking for a new home!  We love all these quilts but we want to make way for new ones that will be coming out this year!  Prices under this category WILL reflect the Sale price for you.  Look underneath NEW then go to WINTER CLEARANCE sale.


We hope you find some fun items on our Winter Clearance Sale and are able to give it a good home!  Have a wonderful week!


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Guys Night at the Quilt Shop December 13


NO MATTER what Conan O’Brien says, you CAN NOT wait until the day before Christmas to start Shopping! Time is running out to find that Special Someone in your life the perfect Holiday Gift!   If you are struggling with what to get them, we have the perfect solution…Come to the Quilt Shop! We are extending our hours on Wednesday,December 13th from 5pm-8pm to help you Shop for your Special Someone! Not sure what they would like from Primitive Gatherings and don’t want to give them just a gift card?  We have this problem solved for you; print the PDF: Christmas Wish List   , leave it on the kitchen counter for the day and see what magically appears on their Wish List.

We will have Refreshments for you while you do your Shopping.  Along with several “elves” who will be more that happy to help you pick out or up exactly what is on the Wish List.


For all those guys who make a purchase on Wednesday, your name will be put into a drawing for a $50.00 Gift Card to Home Depot, Lowe’s or Cabella’s; pick one of the 3, its your choice!  For those of you who need to do your Shopping Online, please call into the Shop that evening and your Name will be entered in to the drawing as well!  We will have one of our Elves answering the phone that night to help you with your gift finding.

We will also have FREE Gift Wrapping for your purchase! While we would love to have this for Online Purchasers as well, we are unable to do so, Free Gift Wrapping is for in Store purchases only.   Enjoy Refreshments while you do your Shopping.  We will have several “elves” there to help you pick up exactly what is on the Wish List.

Happy Holidays


Primitive Gatherings


UPDATE: Open House Orders

2017 Christmas Mug Web

UPDATE on Christmas Open House Orders: For those of you who have not yet received your order from the Christmas Open House and have a Mug on your order, we have to apologize. We ordered enough Mugs for ALL of you to receive them right away…..However, when we were going through the last half of the Mug boxes as we were packaging them to go out, we found that the last 15 boxes of Mugs were actually not the color that we wanted them to be….believe it or not they were orange! I am pretty sure that I have never seen an orange candy cane; I know that they are out there, but not for Christmas! We contacted Sunset Hill right away and they apologized profusely and are working overtime to get them done so that we are able to ship those out to you. We are told that we will have them hopefully by the 13th. We are so sorry for this inconvenience and hope that you understand. As soon as we get the Mugs in we will get your order and mug out to you.


For those of you that have orders from the Christmas Open House that does NOT have a mug in it and you have not received your order yet, it is more than likely due to the fact that we are still waiting on a few things to come in from our Distributors. We will get those orders out to you as soon as we can.


We want to thank you so much for your patience and understanding in this, we thought we had all our t’s crossed and I’s dotted by ordering as many mugs as we did and did not count on running into a wrong color on the mug.


Thank you again!


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Looking for a gift for a loved one but don’t know what to get them??


Are you stuck on what to get a Friend or a Loved One who loves to Quilt or Work with Wool?  Look no further!  Today (December 1st ) thru December 3rd, are the days to get a Gift Certificate from us!  December 1-3, we will reward you will an additional $5.00 for every $50.00 that you put on a Gift Certificate!  When purchasing a Gift Certificate from us, they are are now sent directly to your email.  You can print them out to give to your loved one right away if you need to, or if you would like to you can have it sent directly to the individual you purchased the Gift Certificate for; all you need to know is their email address and it will be sent to them!  But do not delay in getting those Gift Certificates, this Sale ends December 3!


Happy Holidays from Primitive Gatherings,


Primitive Gatherings