Wisconsin State Shop Hop Fun Projects


WI Shop Hop Quilt Web-500x500-1.jpg

You do not have to be in the Wisconsin to join in on all the FUN we are having for during our State Wide Shop Hop!  But if you are in Wisconsin and joining in on the Shop Hop we hope that you are enjoying this years fabric selection that Lisa designed. This years fabric for our State Shop Hop feature a combination of reds, grey and whites. We have made a plethora of samples and kits for you all to enjoy and I know Lisa is working on a couple more that should be coming soon.

thumbnail_thumbnail_WI Shop Hop Pillowcase Web.jpg

I was just looking to make one of these pillow cases the other day and was in need of a pattern for one!  So happy we have this pattern! This pillow kit comes in either a red or a grey version.

Our Wisconsin Swag Bag and Lip Balm Case Kit and Pattern uses 4 Fat Quarters and comes with the D-Ring for the lip balm case.  I don’t know about you, but I am forever looking my lip balm at the bottom of my purse so the be able to clasp this on my purse would be perfect.  Not only can this dual as a makeup case but would also be the perfect bag to put some Valdani in for traveling!

thumbnail_thumbnail_Primitive Gatherings_Wisconsin Totes.jpg

And how cute are these bags called 2 Fat Quarter Buckets?  Use them as scrap holders or as a little trash bin by your sewing machine? What about a little gift basket for your sewing friends or for birthday gifts! They are a perfect size at just 5 1/2 ” W x 4″ L x 7″ H.  They come in the two color options, red or grey, or you could purchase just the pattern and make them in your own fun colors.

WI Fabric Pillow Web-384x384.jpg

This pillow would look great on your couch!  Move the heart around to where every your hometown is!  Simple and easy to make, this would make a great little gift.

What about this spectacular quilt?  I know Amy had a great time making our Wisconsin State Shop Hop Quilt!  Finishing at 68″x68″ this is the perfect quilt for picnics, on the back of the couch, something to cuddle up with during the fall for the football games, you name it! WI Shop Hop Quilt Web-500x500-1.jpg


If that is not enough, the fabric itself is stunning on its own.  Maybe you have a project that you have just been waiting to find the perfect fabric for and surprise! Here it is!


Lets sweeten the pot further by telling you that if you purchase $50.00 or more during our Shop Hop which is June 7-29, you will receive a FREE panel from the Shop Hop Fabric!

Have a beautiful day! It is the Sunshine before what is looking like will be a dreary weekend for us here in Wisconsin.


Primitive Gatherings


2019 Summer Block of the Weeks are HERE!

Welcome to the Summer Block of the Week 2019


 We have been waiting on pins and needles to launch our Summer Block of the Week and we know that you have too.  So I am not going to make this introduction long. I can not stress this next sentence enough….PLEASE read thru all of the information below!! All of your questions should be answered by the end of this blog/email.

General Information on how the SBOWs work:

Most of you have done one of our Summer Blocks of the Week with us in the past, we ask all of you to read over the information carefully in case it has changed from the last time that you did this program with us.  Like most of our SBOWS this will be a 12-week commitmentfrom all of you, we will start shipping the SBOW the week of June 10.  When you sign up for your SBOW, you will need to ask yourself if you would like to pay monthly or pay in full. If you are paying monthly, we will be charging you as soon as you sign upfor your first set of blocks.  This allows us to start shipping your blocks on the first of every month- instead of having to wait until the 6thof every month, when our billing cycle completes. If you would like to pay in full, you will be charged at the time of purchase as well, and this will be for all of the blocks and shipping. If you are paying in full, you will receive a FREE weekas our “Thank You” for only having to run your credit card one time! We have a Pricing section for each project for you to see what each week’s price is so that you can fully understand our pricing of the SBOW.  Weekly paying is ONLY for those that are picking up their blocks in our Shops.

***All pricing is without tax.  If you live in Wisconsin, there will be tax added on to your SBOW and items purchased to go along with the SBOW.

Square Deal-Pieced SBOW

thumbnail_Antique Inspiration Quilt


Our Pieced SBOW is called Square Deal and will be complete at a very beautiful 85”x 85”. This quilt is based on an amazing quilt that Lisa purchased a couple years ago in hopes of recreating it and patterning this stunning quilt.  We will be going with the same kind of warm feel for our quilt, as this is what drew us to the quilt in the first place.  There will be no bright, or in your face colors; they will be more toned down.  We have used the Muslin 1040-23, which is one of Lisa’s Muslins for the setting blocks, which you will receive as part of your Essential package in Week 1.

Pricing: Shipping included

Essentials: $61.00 (5 yards of 1040-23)

Per Week:$20.50 ($17.50 + $3.00 Shipping) (Pick up only)

Paying Monthly:$82.00 (For 3 months)

Pay In Full:$286.50 (1 week FREE and includes the price of the Essentials)

7 yards Backing Fabric:$68.80

Supply Kit:$35.00


What do you receive each week?

Each week you will receive 24-lights and 48-dark fabrics in your kit, and will make 48 blocks.  Which means you will be doing a total of 576-2 ½” Finished blocks! Potentially that means that there will be more than 800 different fabrics in your kits! Your Essentials in week 1 will be the 5 yards of Muslin 1040-23, which will be used for your setting blocks.  There will be NO Finishing Kit needed for this quilt; you will have everything you need to finish this quilt minus the Backing Fabric, as that is optional.


thumbnail_Blocks with Antique.l

 Some things to consider:

Supply Kit

Our Supply Kits are helpful notions that you might need to help with your Summer Block of the Week journey.  This year your Supply Kit (if you choose to purchase it) will include:

  • Canvas Zipper Pouch (10×11)
  • Silk Pins
  • Mini Seam Ripper
  • 6×8 Olfa Cutting Mat (perfect for trimming blocks while sitting at sewing table)
  • Spool of 2370
  • Pocket Power Snips

Regular price for these items would normally be $43.54 plus shipping. We are offering it to you at a discounted price of $35.00 including shipping. 

thumbnail_Suppy Kit_a 

Helpful Hint: For squaring up your blocks we strongly encourage you to use the Itty Bitty Eighths Ruler in either the 3”x7” or 6”x6”, they are perfect for the size blocks you are making.  We did not include them this Supply Kit as we have put them in Supply Kits in the past.

Backing Fabric:

You are going to need 7 yards of backing fabric to complete your quilt. If you would like to purchase it from us we are extending a 30% discounton your backing fabric. Which means that instead of paying $84.00 plus shipping, you will only be charged $66.80 and that includes shipping! Just let us know in the comment section what color you would like, and we will pick out an amazing one for you!


A Trip Around the World Hexi Style

A Trip Around the World Hexi Styleis our EPP for this Summers Blocks of the Week. Joanne used more of a Fall color palette this year by using the dusty blues, golds, rustic oranges, reds, browns, greens and creams.  Your quilt will finish approximately 52”x59”.

thumbnail_Hexi Quilt copy

Pricing: includes shipping

Paying Weekly:$15.00 ($12.00 + $3.00 shipping) (Pick up only)

Pay Monthly:$60.00 (for 3 months)

Pay In Full:$165.00 (1 week FREE)

Supply Kit:$49.00

4 yards Backing Fabric:  $38.60

Thread Kit:$25.00

What do you receive each week:

Each week you will receive the fabrics to create a portion of the quilt. The fabric quantities will vary from week to week as you are creating “rounds”. In your first week’s packet you will receive all the fabric needed to make the center of the quilt, which will be up to the first brown “round”.  As the weeks go by you will be creating several rounds to just one round, then corners and border fabric.  You will not need a Finishing Kit for the quilt; you will receive all the fabrics needed to create the top of the quilt and binding.  If you would like to order the backing fabric, there will be an option to do that as well. I am sorry but the size of the Hexi’s will not be released. Thank you for understanding.  We want to ensure that those who are during it with us have exclusivity with the quilt.

Some things to consider:

Supply Kits:

Our Supply kits are a collection of products that we find would be helpful for you as you make the EPP Quilt this year.  This year if you purchase the supply kit they will included:

*Canvas Zipper Pouch (10×11) $12

*Small Wonder Clips (10 pack) $6.95

*Paper packet (740 pieces and template) $32.00

*Sewline Glue Pen $7.95

*Needles $3.00

Regular price for these items would normally be $61.90 plus shipping. We are offering it to you at a discounted price of $49.00 including shipping. 

thumbnail_Supply Kit_b.REDO

 Thread Kit:

We will also have a Thread Kit Available for any one who would like to use the threads that we used.  If purchasing the threads we have them available for you for $25.00, which includes shipping, regular retail price would be $30.00 plus shipping if you were ordering them individually.

Thread Kit includes:

Small Spools ($5.00 each): 2326, 2360, 5004, 2390, 2905, 2370


Backing Fabric:

You are going to need 4 yards of backing fabricto complete your quilt. If you would like to purchase it from us we are extending a 30% discount on your backing fabric. Which means that instead of paying $48.00 plus shipping, you will only be charged $38.60 and that includes shipping! Just let us know in the comment section what color you would like, and we will pick out an amazing one for you!



This year’s theme is simple, easy, elegant and of course amazing. Last years Twilight Garden was over the top and intense, and this year we wanted to go easy on you but always wanted to deliver an amazing quilt that you are going to cherish and enjoy working on, which is what this year is all about.

As you can see from the blocks above you will have 3 options, Country , Urban (neutral tones) and Primitive.  These are all done on Primitive Gatherings Flannel Backgrounds. Please NOTE: there is a limited number of Urban SBOWs that are available due to the availability of the background fabric, if we have an overwhelming amount of people wanting to do this one, we will need to change out the background once we have reached our limit, we will inform you when we have exhausted our supply.  They are not all stitched because we wanted to show you that even if you did not want to do all of the embellishing stitches, this block will look amazing as is.  The amount of stitching that you want to put into your block is entirely up to you; your block will stand out either way.   These pictures do not do the blocks justice.  Each week we will feature a new video for you in our SBOW Facebook Page for you to see the way Lisa will be doing the stitching in the blocks.  These demonstrations will help you see that the embellishment done on these blocks really aren’t all that hard after all.  And once again if you do not want to do the decorative stitches, these blocks will speak for themselves with out them.   We are stressing on Simple and Easy blocks this summer.  The borders will be part of the 12 weeks that you are making, there will be an extremely small finishing kit that will be optional, however, your quilt will be complete with or with out the finishing kit.  Think of the finishing kit as more of an enhancer to the border.  Your quilt will be complete somewhere around 55” square.

thumbnail_Color Block_Dark

Pricing: including shipping

Paying Weekly:$ 19.50 ($16.50 + $3.00 shipping) (Pick up only)

Pay Monthly:$78.00 (For 3 Months)

Pay In Full:$214.50 (1 week FREE)

Supply Kit:$38.25

4 yards Backing Fabric:  $44.40

Thread Kit:

         Primitive/Country:  $120.00



Some things to consider:

 Supply Kits:

Would you like to purchase a Supply kit from us?   The supply kits are a grouping of products that we feel would be helpful to have while you complete your projects.  We offer a 25% discount if you purchase a complete Supply Kit from us. The Wool Supply kit should retail for $47.00 plus shipping but we are offering it to you for $38.25 including shipping.  Items in your Supply Kit will include:

  • Canvas Zipper Pouch (10×11) $12.00
  • Needle Threader $2.00
  • Fray Check $4.50
  • Needle Set: #22, Embellishment, Binding (2 of each) $6.00
  • 3 pks of SAS2 Lite $15.75
  • White Clover Pen $6.75

thumbnail_Supply Kit_c


Thread Kits:

The Country and the Primitive Wool SBOW will require the same Thread Kit ($120.00), the same wool will be used in both of the kits. Obviously, since the Urban Version ($87.50)is completely different, we will have a completely different thread kit for you available.  You an order your Threads Kits as a complete set, which we advise as you will receive a better price, but if you so choose to purchase them separately you can do so.  A list of threads used is posted below.

Primitive and Country- SBOW

P5 0126 843 0513 0578 or 0537
0548 078 M81 0775 P1
H204 086 H205 0521 0575
H209 0526 H202
0524 P9 P12 0518 0505


thumbnail_color thread kit

Urban- Neutral SBOW

4 5 M49 M23 or 0538 P4
0545 P3 0178 0512 0145
0145 0512 P3 0178 P4


thumbnail_Nuetral Thead Kit

Backing Fabric:

You are going to need 4 yards of backing fabricto complete your quilt. If you would like to purchase it from us we are extending a 30% discount on your backing fabric. Which means that instead of paying $52.00 plus shipping, you will only be charged $44.40 and that includes shipping! Just let us know in the comment section what color you would like, and we will pick out an amazing one for you!


Just a Little More Paper Work and you will be all set to order:  Please remember to read carefully as there is a lot of information packed into the next few paragraphs. 

International and Canadian Orders

In order to keep your shipping costs down when doing the SBOW, we have to do your shipping a little different.  We will ship your first block and Essentials out the first week of the program.  After that we will hold your blocks for a 4-week time period, and ship on that fourth week.  This allows us to have just enough money in postage for you to cover our cost to ship it to you.   If you would like to receive yours weekly, please call the Shop and we would be happy to help you, but please know that it costs us about $10.00 to ship you a package each week. Which means an additional $30.00 would be needed from you each month to get your SBOW out to you weekly.


Will there be a Freebie this year?

Of course there is going to be a Freebie this year! This year if you are participating in one of our SBOWs, you will automatically be getting one of our Freebies with your blocks.  Please note that if you are participating in more than 1 SBOW you will only receive 1 Freebie.

If you are not participating in our SBOW this year but still would like to receive the Freebie, you will need to make a purchase of $25.00 or more, each week that the SBOW is running. If you miss one they can be purchased for $5.00 a piece. 

Facebook Group

 We will be having a Facebook Group again this year. This group is absolutely amazing to keep you motivated, to learn new tricks and to see exclusive teachings from Lisa.  This year we are planning a few Facebook Live posts for everyone to learn from, which will be a lot of fun!  PLEASEmake sure that you first are friends with ME,Jessica Holzon Facebook; from there you will need to send me a message to let me know that you are in the SBOW and would like to be added into the group.  I will then add you into the Group and you are ready to start participating and asking questions if you have them.  You NEEDto be friends with me as it is a CLOSED/PRIVATEgroup, I am only able to add you if you are my friend.

Want to know when your package ships?

UPSP Informed Delivery By USPSis available for you.  You just need to sign up online with the USPS if you would like to be informed as to when your packages will be arriving, instead of having to call or email us.  This helps us to focus on the shipping your orders/SBOW/BOM as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once we put it into USPS you will be informed of its journey to you and when you can expect it in your mailbox. This will be for all letters and packages that you have coming to you; this is not a service through us.  This is just an option for you if you want to get notifications about your package, if you do not want this service you DO NOT “have” to have it.


We hope you enjoy these Blocks of the Month as much as we have had getting them ready for you!  Enjoy!


Primitive Gatherings 







15 year Anniversary Sale! May 6-12, 2019



This week we are celebrating our 15thyear in business! Time sure flies when you are having fun, and we have had tons of fun doing what we love and we hope you have too!

We have definitely grown over the past few years from just being that little quilt shop on the corner of 9thand Racine Street.  We now have several out buildings, a California Shop and Lisa is Designing for Moda and doing her rulers with Creative Grids.  We have our Warehouse where we do all of our wholesaling, wool dying, pattern printing and designing -just down the road from the Shop.  There is of course our Shop, still on that corner; but we have added new paint, carpeting, and we are constantly moving products and displays around, so that it always feels new when you walk in.  We have also put in a modern section downstairs and thanks to all of you, have expanded our Internet business and shipping department to half of the downstairs! You all definitely do your part to keep the USPS in business with two pick-ups every day!  Our California Shop just celebrated their 4thyear and we look forward to the day when we can celebrate our 15thout there! With all that being said, we could not do ANY of this with out you beside us along the way.  You all have truly helped to make this business what it is today by supporting us Online, coming to the Shop, or visiting us at all the Shows that we have done over the past 15 years.


Every year we enjoy bringing you your Summer Fun with our Summer Blocks of the Week, which is set to debut next week, and yes! we will have 3 choices for you….actually there are kinda 6 choices, since you have to decide on background fabrics for your wool project. (wink, wink!)

Do you join us for our Primitive Christmas Event and our 12 Days of Christmas Primitive Gatherings Style each year in November and December?  We have so much fun being your little elves for the Holiday Season, and enjoy every crazy, chaotic moment of bringing you all the new projects, notions, and “gifty” items that we can possibly find!


This year to do something special for our Anniversary, we have put the entire shop on sale May 6-12, 2019 for you.  We have always just had certain items on sale, with several exclusions. This year only our Blocks of the Month and our Pre-Orders are excluded from our sale, otherwise you have free reign over the website!  Come stock up on Thread kits, Wool Kits, Quilt Kits, Dovo Scissors, Juki’s and Juki Products and so many more items that we normally don’t have on sale EVER!



We hope you have enjoyed shopping with us through out the years and we look forward to helping you along your sewing journey in the future.

Thank you for all YOU DO,


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop



LAST DAY! 4/15/19

thumbnail_Flannel & Fabric Bundles

Today is the LAST DAY to receive 20% off of all in-stock Pre-Cut Cotton Bundles! Grab some Fat Quarter towers or jelly rolls of our Flower Garden Gatherings

or Star and Stripe Gatherings…..our pre-cut 2 1/2″ charms that can be used to make our Mini Charm Rug, there are so many options to choose from! image

Layer Cakes can make both our Layers of Fun quilt and Winter Crossing kits.

Click HERE to be taken to our Pre-Cut Cotton fun!

Hope you are enjoying your day, it is beautiful here!


Primitive Gatherings


Have you heard about our Wool Subscription Box??


J8zDIjJTAre you wondering what all the talk is about? What is this Wool Box?  What is inside of it?  Every other month you could get a box full of goodies for only a fraction of the true retail price.  The price of the box is $60.00 plus shipping but would retail for over $100.00 if sold as separate items and projects.  We put together an amazing grouping of projects, notions and gift items for you to receive every other month.  It feels just like Christmas in box! We have created a Facebook Group for those who are signed up for the Subsciption Box to ask questions, learn from Lisa and other individuals in the group, and to support one another in their/your sewing journey.

Still skeptical about signing up for these Subscription Boxes?  Listen to a few testimonials from our customers about our wool boxes….


“Oh My! Got my box yesterday! I am overwhelmed! Christmas all over again!!!” -Marlene M.

“Box #2 is chock full of so much goodness that it practically pops open!”-Karen R.


“Yay! My 2nd Box arrived TODAY! Bursting with Goodies!” -Elizabeth S.

“I am blown away at my #pgwoolbox #2! I had a horrible day at work and rushed home knowing my box was sitting on my front porch waiting for me! I was so surprised when I opened it and saw the contents! It was the first smile I’ve had all day!” -Deb V.

“um….i don’t even know where to start! What a fantastic and wonderful suprise!  The only thing I would change is that the boxes would come monthly.  I absolutely love this subscription service. Thank you so much PG!”-Kelly C.


“Speechless!!1 I am in Stitching Heaven! Box #2 is stuffed full. Thank you! You always go above and beyond! Love everything and my boxes arrived in mint condition” -Lana C

We have just a few Wool Boxes#2 left to sell individually, DO NOT wait to order.  Once they are gone, they are gone and you will have to wait a whole year to be able to make these projects. Now because this is past the date of getting the subscription to Box #2,  Box #2 with the projects you see above is now $82.00 plus shipping ($5.99).  If you would like for your box to be protected and not to just come in the grey box as seen below, you can get that as well for an additional $6.00.  If you decide to sign up for the Subscription Box, Box #3 that is coming in May it will only be the $60.00 plus shipping of your choice.  

We hope that you join us with our Subscription Wool Boxes, these are so much fun to make and I know that it is doubly as fun to receive them!

Enjoy the beautiful day,


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop




Valentines Day-T minus 14 days away

Love Caddy

How many of you LOVE Valentines day or Don’t?  I know some of you out there, like me, probably would prefer to receive gifts from your significant other on any other day than when they are suppose to be giving you a gift.  But lets be real here, I secretly would still LOVE to get a gift on Valentines Day! Am I right? Last year Phil out did himself and 2 days before Valentines Day he proposed to me, we were leaving on a trip and he didn’t want to be responsible for hanging onto it until Valentines Day.  I am pretty sure he will be unable to top this year, but I am completely willing to let him try! 🙂

If your husband is anything like mine when it comes to buying gifts for me, he needs a hint on what I would like. With that in mind we have some great little gifts that you might want to print out and leave somewhere that he might see them and get the hint. We have some individual items that would be a fun gift to give or get…..


Also Ladies and Gentlemen we need to stick together and take care of our own, maybe you have a sewing friend that has lost their loved one this past year and a little Valentine’s Pick Me up is just what they need.  Or a sewing friend that may be a little down on their luck lately….a small gift to know that you are thinking about them could be what the doctor ordered.  We have gift bundles available.  A mug that they can use now during the winter, and some Valentine’s Goodies inside.  Or a little caddy that they can store stuff in with a few little sewing goodies, pick you flavor and have an instant gift!

I think what I am trying to say is that we all love to get a little something on Valentine’s Day and you can brighten up the lives of your friends or family by just doing a little something for them, especially if they don’t expect it!


We hope you have a beautiful Day, jessica

Primitive Gatherings



Its a new year…a new day….a new block of the month!

It is the first time I am blogging in 2019 and thought I would start it off right with some great new programs we have available for you all!  We have several NEW Blocks of the Month and a few great ones returning.

thumbnail_twilight garden quilt web
Twilight Garden

For some you doing a Summer Block of the Week with us is a little difficult to keep up, lucky for you we are doing our Twilight Garden as a Block of the Month starting in March!  This quilt is a labor of love! Anyone who is doing or will be doing this quilt will have a heirloom to pass down for sure!  Twilight Garden is wool appliqué done on a navy flannel background, if you would like to do it on a different color just call us up and we will see what we can do for you, you will need to purchase the 8 yards of background fabric from us though in order to do our Block of the Month.  A wool only kit will NOT be offered.  This will be a 15 month commitment and and is $33.00 per month (domestic including shipping), along with your Month 1 Essentials ($114) which is your background fabric.  You will be receiving all the fabric and wools you need to create the 90″x90″ top of the quilt along with the binding.  We will be starting to send out your blocks in March, sign up today so you do not miss out!

star studded event -550x550
Star Studded Event

Our Cotton Summer Block of the Week last year was called Star Studded Event, and boy was it Star Studded!  We stuck with using only certain colors to create this amazing color palate! Every year we out do ourselves with the amount of colors and fabrics that we have in our kits! This year I believe it toped 1600, now where else can you get that many different fabrics in a kit?  Star Studded Block of the Month will be 90″x96″ when you finish this 12 month commitment, or you can make 2 quilts out of the blocks that you will have!  Star Studded will begin to ship in March and is only $21.00 (domestic including shipping)

100 modern quilt block (1)-550x550
100 Moder Quilt Blocks

100 Modern Quilt Blocks, Block of the Month is using Tula Pinks book City Sampler, to create this amazing quilt!  Gerri used a combination of Grunge, Bella and Reproduction to give it this unique look!  I love it when our ladies think outside the box and turn a project into their own!  In this Block of the Month for $20/ month (domestic includes shipping)  you will be making 10-6″ finished blocks every month for 10 months starting in March.  You will have the option of finishing your blocks like we did or choosing your own setting, there are several options in the book, this Block of the Month provides you with just the fabrics to create the blocks.  A finishing kit will be separate if you so choose to finish it our way.

garden star web-550x550
Garden Stars

We also have a NEW wool appliqué on cotton quilt called Garden Stars, 75″x93″.  This quilt allows you to choose your background fabric, whether you want it to be a muslin or a subtle flower print is completely up to YOU, make it your own!  Each month for 12 months starting this month you will receive the wools to create one of the Star Flower blocks. In the 6th month you will also be receiving the triangle papers and the fabrics to create all of the beautiful half square triangles you see in the quilt….we encourage you to throw some of your own fabrics in there to truly make it your own quilt. In the first month you will receive the Essentials ($164.00), which will include the 6 yards of the Background you choose along with all the red wool (1 ½ yards) you will need for the stars and the Black Texture for the flower pots, you will also receive the 1stpackage of wools for your first block, each month the blocks will only be $17.00 (domestic including shipping).

We a couple Blocks of the Month that we are bring back from last year.  We have Tomorrow’s Flowers, Japanese Trim Tool, Dark Backyard Gatherings, Clara’s Stars and Bow Tie Quilt available as well for you to choose from!



Sign up today to ensure your spot in one of these amazing Blocks of the Month!

IMPORTANT!! Please make sure you take the time READ the descriptions of all the the blocks of the month for important information about it, not all information can be found in this email….otherwise it would make it super long!

The weekend is just around the corner, and I am on my way up north as you read this today for a little extra R and R.  I hope you all have a beautiful, safe and happy weekend,


Primitive Gatherings


Cyber Monday November 26

Are you all set and ready to start shopping in your pajamas?  Or are you going to be at work while you do your Cyber Monday Shopping?  Either way you are going to want to check out our Cyber Monday Sales here at Primitive Gatherings!  This Sale has never happened in the 10 years that I have been working here! Our Shop in Wisconsin will be CLOSED on Monday, but our site will be OPEN for business ONLINE for this awesome Event!

Cyber Monday Sale Flyer.jpg

The ENTIRE site is ON SALE for 15% off, with only a few exclusions.  That means that you can pick from Fabric Bundles, Pre-Cuts, Individual Balls of Valdani, Wool yardage, Quilt Kits, Wool Kits, you name it; it is most likely on sale.  This is the time to get our new Flower Garden Gatherings Quilt Kits, or that wool kit you have had your eye on for a while that never ever goes on sale!

Grab up some Triangle Paper, our New Triangle Gatherings Book and some pre-cuts and get going on your Triangle Gatherings Quilts!

Exclusions to this sale are as follows: Jukis, Steam Stations, All Pre-Orders, Valdani Thread Collections and Thread Kits, Wood Items, Dovo Scissors, and ALL of the  2018 Primitive Christmas Event Items.  If you did not participate in our Primitive Christmas Event here are the items that will NOT be on sale, but still available to order.


It is going to be a beautiful week!


Primitive Gatherings


Small Business Saturday


Small Business Saturday.jpgWelcome to our 2018 Small Business Saturday Sale!  We haven’t done one of these Sales in the past but thought we would start this year.  I just want to let you know that our Shop is CLOSED on Small Business Saturday, as we have given our employees all weekend to enjoy their time with their family and friends for the Holiday.  But we are OPEN ONLINE for you to enjoy our Sales there.  If you are local, and you would like to pick up your order in the Shop, please just put that in the comment section and we would be more than happy call you when it is ready for pick up!

                                         What are our Sales for this Saturday?

All in stock, regular priced individual balls of Valdani are all 15% off! Stock up on some of the colors you are in need of to finish or start your holiday projects!  This means that all Thread Kits, Top 48’s and Collections are NOT on sale at this time.  We always provide a discount on those products already and can not add additional sales on to those products.


All Hand Dyed and Mill Dyed Wool yardage is On Sale for 15% off, stock up on Mill dyed Black, Oatmeal or Natural for your Backgrounds.  Take a peak at wonderful selection of Mill Dyed Textures we have on our website! Over 300 different selections of Mill Dyed and Hand Dyed wools to choose from!



We have Bundles, Charms, Scraps and Pre-Cuts on Sale for 15% as well at this time! Stock up and Save!


We hope you had a wonderful and safe, Thanksgiving with all of your Friends and Family.  We will see you when we reopen on Tuesday!

Thank you,


Primitive Gatherings






2018 Primitive Christmas Event is HERE!


Can you believe that the year is almost done?  That next week will be Thanksgiving and we are already only be 41 days away from Christmas! Holy cow! Where did the year go I wonder?  This is one of the first years that I haven’t done ANYTHING yet for the Holidays.  You all are probably going….”ok Jess, it is time for you to tell us all about the Primitive Christmas Event”.  So I will waste no more of your time, here it goes.

We anticipate our Primitive Christmas Event, just as much as you do each year.  We look forward to spreading the cheer and all the new projects that we come up with.  As we do every year there is a minimum purchase to receive all of the goodies.  Make sure you READ everything CAREFULLY before you go and place your order.


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: If you are planning on coming to either the Wisconsin or the California Shop for our Event, Please check to see the times in which each Shop is open. In Wisconsin we are OPEN during our REGULAR Shop hours, we have not changed them for this Event November 15-18. This means that even though the Event goes until Sunday at Midnight, you will only have until Saturday Evening at 4pm to come into the Shop. You will be able to Shop ONLINE until Midnight on Sunday November 18th. Thank you!

Are we ready to have some fun?? When purchasing $30 or more of regular, in stock items between the dates of November 15-18, you will receive 4 FREE patterns to do, our stuffed gingerbread men, a pillow, 4 designs for towels and a pattern and kit for a pincushion PLUS a Coupon Book; with all of the great sales coming up this year! By using those Coupon Books, each time you have a chance to win a $25.00 Gift Certificate.

Where will you find everything?

You will find them and more under our TOP Button under the Categories.  If you are on the computer they will be on the left hand side of the computer screen.  It will say 2018 Primitive Christmas Event. Once you click on the Category you will be taken the area where we have put all of our NEW Holiday patterns, kits, and goodies.  Click HERE to take you directly to the page…….Only after you have read the rest of the Blog! 🙂 


What Freebies will you be receiving this year?  

Freebie Xmas PinCushion Web

Everyone who purchases $30 or more will receive a pattern and a kit for this awesome pincushion. We have Sand available ($3) for purchase if you would like to have one so that it is there with you when you are ready to finish your project. Your free kit will be selected at random, and will automatically be put into your package when it is sent, meaning you DO NOT have to put it into your cart to receive it. If you would like to make more of these kits you will be able to purchase them for $6.00. If you are purchasing for a friend and would like for them to be able to make it, we also have patterns available for you to purchase. ONCE AGAIN, you do not have to purchase or put the pattern in your cart if it is only for you; it will automatically go into your package. 


You will also be receiving the pattern for this simple and classic ‘Tis the Season Pillow.  This pillow will finish at 13 1/2″ x 20 1/2″, we will have kits, pillows, and threads available for you. Note the pennies are NOT pre-cut, but we do have the circle template available to make it easy for you to make the pennies.

Penny Tree Pillow Web

A bowl full of Gingerbread men are just what the doctor ordered.  Ok, maybe not really, but they would look amazing on your head table during the Holidays, or sitting next to the fireplace!  You will also be receiving the Stuffed Gingerbread man pattern, for all 3 sizes when you make your $30.00 purchase. We have kits available for a whole set, small, medium and large….and we also have them available individually if you would like to make a bowl full!



OH SNAP! There are a FEW GOOD MEN! lol! Lisa is also going to be giving you the patterns for 4 towels! These towels are awesome, they are 100% cotton, are durable and wash up amazingly! You can order the Set of 4 Towels for $15.00, or purchase them individually for $4.50.

thumbnail_Gingerbread Kitchen Towels LThat sums up the Freebies that you will be receiving when you make your $30.00 purchase, so in total you will really be getting 7 FREE patterns!

Make and Take


Bring yourself, a friend, a family member, even a child to this years Make and Take. There was no easy way to do a stackable like we did the last few years in the shape of a Gingerbread man so we had to come up with something a little different.  We came up with these awesome wood cut out Gingerbread men! In Wisconsin you can come in any time from 9:30-4 on Thursday and Friday and for $8.00 you can come and make these cute little ornaments for your tree.  The thread is included in the kits, we will provide the needle. Please call California for their Make and Take times if you are planning on heading out to the Shop there.


thumbnail_Primitive Gatherings Java Taster.jpg

It is our 5th in the series of Holiday mugs from us.  Have you been collecting them through the years?  If so, we have the next one to add to your collection. This year, as you probably have already guessed, is a Gingerbread Man! These mugs are handcrafted in Wisconsin just down the road from our Shop! Each mug is 4 ½” tall, can hold 16 ounces and are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. This year the Mugs are $19.50, they should retail for $24.00, but we want everyone to be able to purchase them if they would like one. There will be an additional shipping charge on the mugs, as we need to purchase extra packaging materials to ensure that the mugs get to you safely and intact. We have ordered more mugs than we ever have before in hopes that we are able to send out everyone’s mugs right away with your order. (no seriously we did, our Shop overfloweth with gingerbread mugs, yes pun intended)

Do we have more you ask?

Yes, of course we have more! When we put a little pressure on Lisa, she creates, creates and creates!  And of course everything is amazing! This year we had to have everything done before we went to Market and Festival in Houston because the dates were pushed back.

Reindeer Games is a beautiful, classic, modern feeling mat done on a cream textured background.  I LOVE the deer in this mat!  18 inches round and only $40.00 for kit and pattern!


Like Father, Like Son is the cutest darn pillow you will ever see! On a red flannel plaid background this pillow measures 16″x16″ when complete, the back of the pillow is provided for you as well in the kit.  Do you need a pillow, we have that as well in the drop down box,  we are using an 18″x18″ pillow so that your pillow is overstuffed and you can see the whole project once you have completed it.

Like Father Like Son WEB

A simple and sweet stitchery is just the thing to complete your Holiday decorating.  We Wish you Stitchery is only 13″ x 15″ once it has been framed and will look amazing where ever you wish to put it up.  Frames available.

We Wish You Stitchery WEB

Our Gingerbread Recipe Guy can be done 2 different ways.  There is enough flannel in the kit to back and bind him, or you can but him into a frame.  The Gingerbread man is 12″x 28″ once he is finished, he is made up of mostly flannel, only the icing and eyes on him are wool! We have frames available as well if you would like to frame him.

Gingerbread Recipe Web

Last but certainly not least is our Bakers Dozen Ornaments pattern and kits.  These little guys go onto a “button” and are 3D.  They will look just as charming flat if you do not want to put them on the buttons. We have a limited supply of these buttons so make sure if you would like them to order the buttons right a way.  They will be removed when we are out. Kit and Pattern is only $32.00 for the wool and fabric used to create them, we have a package of 13 buttons for you available at $40.00 or you can purchase them individually if you are only going to be making only a few for $4.29/button.  Do you see the awesome cording on these ornaments?  We have thread kit available for those and a tool to help you make them.  HINT: If you have a pinkin blade for your rotary cutter in helps too in making the backs of the ornaments.

Bakers Dozen Ornaments Web

We also have some great kits and patterns available for you from other designers that the ladies at the Shop have been working hard on for you!


And we have some cute little Valdani Boxes for Gifts….for only $20.00.


We hope that you have a wonderful time during our Event, and have found something to bring some cheer into your sewing room!  Since you have read everything in this post you are now more than welcome to make your order! Thank you for reading!

Have a beautiful Holiday,


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop