Summer Block of the Week 2020

                   Welcome to the

Summer Block of the Week 2020



I know we are all ready for some HAPPY HAPPY during this pandemic. So I am not going to make this introduction long for the Summer Block of the Week. I can not stress this next sentence enough….PLEASE read thru all of the information below!! All of your questions should be answered by the end of this blog/email.

General Information on how the SBOWs work:

Most of you have done one of our Summer Blocks of the Week with us in the past, we ask all of you to read over the information carefully in case it has changed from the last time that you did this program with us.  Like most of our SBOWS this will be a weekly commitmentfrom all of you, we will start shipping the SBOW the week of June 8.  This year our EPP and our Pieced SBOW will be a 14 Week commitment and our Wool one will be a 15 Week commitment.  When you sign up for your SBOW, you will need to ask yourself if you would like to pay monthly or pay in full.

If you are paying monthly, we will be charging you as soon as you sign upfor your first set of blocks, after that your card will be charged on the 5thof each of the following months for the duration of the program.  This allows us to start shipping your blocks on the first of every month- instead of having to wait until a certain day when our billing cycle completes.

If you would like to pay in full, you will be charged at the time of purchase as well, and this will be for all of the blocks and shipping. If you are paying in full, you will receive a FREE weekas our “Thank You” for only having to run your credit card one time! We have a Pricing section for each project for you to see what each week’s price is so that you can fully understand our pricing of the SBOW. Weekly paying is ONLY for those that are picking up their blocks in our Shops.


All pricing is without tax.  If you live in Wisconsin, there will be tax added on to your SBOW and items purchased to go along with the SBOW.


                      Pieced SBOW-

Lake House or Homestead Scrappy



Our Pieced SBOW is a little different than what we have done in the past. This year you have 2 different color options to choose from.  We have our Lake House Scrappy and our Homestead Scrappy.  Our Lake House Scrappy will be a “controlled” scrappy quilt, meaning it will only be using the colors that you see in the pictures.  Our Homestead Scrappy is not going to shy a way from color; we are going to use every color under the rainbow.  It will use more of the whites and creams for the Lights in the blocks, versus using more of the tans.  Both of these quilts will finish up at around 72”x81


Pricing: Shipping included

Per Week:$21 ($18.00 (Pick up only)+ $3.00 Shipping) Paying Monthly:$98.00 (For 3 months)

Pay In Full:$273.00 (one week FREE)

5.5 yards Backing Fabric:$56.20

Thread option:$10.20


Lake House Scrappy


Homestead Scrappy


What do you receive each week?

Each week you will receive 12-lights and 12-dark fabrics in your kit, and will make 5-6 blocks.  Which means you will be doing a total of 72-9” Finished blocks! Each week will receive a pattern for a variety of different blocks in the middle of the larger block.  Meaning one week it could be a star that you do in the middle of the block, and the following week you might do a churn dash in the middle of the block. There will be NO Finishing Kit needed for this quilt; you will have everything you need to finish this quilt minus the Backing Fabric, as that is optional.


Some things to consider:

We did not do a Supply Kit for you this year because if you have done our Pieced SBOW in the past a lot of the products we recommended are products we recommend now.  So take a peek at our Related Products at the bottom of the Pieced SBOW page and see if there is anything there that you don’t have and would like to use.


We encourage you to use the Itty Bitty Eighths Ruler in either the 3”x7” or the 6”x6”, they are perfect for cutting your pieces.  The Charming 5”x15” Eighths Ruler is also a great one to use when you are sub cutting your larger piece of fabric.  We also have the NEW Magic Pins available, they are amazing to use with heat resistant comfortable grip handles.


Backing Fabric:

You are going to need 5.5 yards of backing fabricto complete your quilt. If you would like to purchase it from us we are extending a 30% discounton your backing fabric, which means that instead of paying $66.00 plus shipping, you will only be charged $56.20 and that includes shipping! Just let us know in the comment section what color you would like, and we will pick out an amazing one for you! Most of you know how much I (Jessica) love picking out backing fabric for you. 


Interconnected- our EPP



Interconnected is our EPP for this Summers Blocks of the Week. Joanne used the same color palette that Lisa used in her Lake House Scrappy Pieced Quilt.  Your quilt will finish approximately 72”x87”.  This is a perfect size for you to make 2 smaller quilts out of this project if you would like to.  This quilt is based off of one of Lisa’s antique quilts.  We actually had to have templates specially made up for us for this quilt.  The pieces are much larger than they have been in the past and we felt that this quilt was also different than anything we have ever done.

Lisa’s Antique inspiration



Pricing: includes shipping

Paying Weekly:$18.00

($15.00 (Pick up only)+ $3.00 shipping)

Pay Monthly:$84.00 (for 3 months)

Pay In Full:$234.00 (1 week FREE)

5.5 yards Backing Fabric:  $56.20

Papers: $60.00


What do you receive each week:

Each week you will receive the fabrics to create a portion of the quilt. The fabric quantities may vary from week to week, because this is a scrappy quilt we might be using our store inventory up so that we can make room for new fabrics.  You will not need a Finishing Kit for the quilt; you will receive all the fabrics needed to create the top of the quilt and binding.  If you would like to order the backing fabric, there will be an option to do that as well. Because of the template/papers being a specially produced for us, I am sorry but we will not be able to tell you the size of the pieces.  Thank you for understanding.





Some things to consider:


Supply Kits:

As I said in the Pieced SBOW I do not have a supply kit for you.  We have some suggestions that will help you in your EPP journey for this quilt.

*Small Wonder Clips (10 pack) $6.95

*Sewline Glue Refills probably 5-6 packs $3.95/pk

*Sewline Glue Pen $7.95

*Jeana Kimball’s Foxglove Cottage Milliners Needles $3.60

*Aurifil Gray 5004 for all piecing $14.00

So take a peek at our Related Products at the bottom of the Interconnected SBOW page and see if there is anything there that you don’t have and would like to use. 

Backing Fabric:

You are going to need 5.5 yards of backing fabricto complete your quilt. If you would like to purchase it from us we are extending a 30% discounton your backing fabric, which means that instead of paying $66.00 plus shipping, you will only be charged $56.20 and that includes shipping! Just let us know in the comment section what color you would like, and we will pick out an amazing one for you! Most of you know how much I (Jessica) love picking out backing fabric for you.



                       Live a Thankful Life



This year Lisa is finally doing a companion quilt to her Summer Primitive Garden.  Live a Thankful Life is the Autumn version of A Primitive Garden. We have talked a lot about doing this quilt over the past couple years and we are finally going to make it happen!  The blocks will be done on Lisa’s Moda Flannels, some are from older lines, and a few are from Lisa’s New Farmhouse Flannels II line coming out in July.


Pricing: including shipping

Paying Weekly:$35.00

($32.00(Pick up only)+ $3.00 shipping)

Pay Monthly:$131.25 (For 4 Months)

Yes, if you divide $131.25 by 4 weeks it comes to be $32.75 per week.  But you have one payment that is for 4 weeks, but you are only getting 3 weeks of shipments because of it being 15 weeks long. Hope that makes sense.

Pay In Full:$490.00 (1 week FREE)

5.5 yards Backing Fabric:  $ 63.62


Thread Kit:

         With case:  $152.00

         With out case:$147.00


Some things to consider:

Once again there is no Supply Kit put together this year. This is all a la carte for you to pick and choose what you need.


Take a peak at our Related Products at the bottom of Live A Thankful Life page and see if there is anything you would like to use. 

Thread Kit:


This is what we are calling a “starter” thread kit. This will actually be most of the threads that you will use, but because we are not completely finished with the quilt, we just don’t know if there will be a few that Lisa will add.. You can order your Threads Kits as a complete set, which we advise as you will receive a better price, but if you so choose to purchase them separately you can do so.  A list of threads used is posted below.  You do have the option to have this put into a thread case for $152.00 or to have it with out a case for $147.00


0126 or 135 P5 P9 P11 0154
5 67 195 813 1315
8122 H205 H210 0178 0775
P2 P3 PT2 0506 0217
0511 180 0122 0513 0503
H212 0518 822    




Backing Fabric:

You are going to need 5.5 yards of backing fabricto complete your quilt. If you would like to purchase it from us we are extending a 30% discounton your backing fabric, which means that instead of paying $71.50 plus shipping, you will only be charged $63.62 and that includes shipping! Just let us know in the comment section what color you would like, and we will pick out an amazing one for you! Most of you know how much I (Jessica) love picking out backing fabric for you.


Just a Little More Paper Work and you will be all set to order:  Please remember to read carefully as there is a lot of information packed into the next few paragraphs.

International and Canadian Orders

In order to keep your shipping costs down when doing the SBOW, we have to do your shipping a little different.  We will ship your first block out the first week of the program.  After that we will hold your blocks for a 4-week time period, and ship on that fourth week.  This allows us to have just enough money in postage to cover our cost to ship it to you.  If you would like to receive yours weekly, please call the Shop and we would be happy to help you, but please know that it costs us about $10.00 to ship you a package each week. Which means an additional $30.00 would be needed from you each month to get your SBOW out to you weekly.


Will there be a Freebie this year?

We always have a Freebie! This year if you are participating in one of our SBOWs, you will automatically be getting one of our Freebies with your blocks. There will be the same amount of blocks in your Freebie no matter if you are doing a 14 or a 15-week program.  Another words, if you are in the 15-week program you might not get a Freebie in the last week.

If you are not participating in our SBOW this year but still would like to receive the Freebie, you will need to make a purchase of $30.00 or more, each week that the SBOW is running. If you miss one they can be purchased for $5.00a piece.


Facebook Group

 We will be having a Facebook Group again this year. This group is absolutely amazing to keep you motivated, to learn new tricks and to see exclusive teachings from Lisa.  This year we are planning a few Facebook Live posts for everyone to learn from, which will be a lot of fun!  PLEASEmake sure that you first are friends with ME,Jessica Holzon Facebook; from there you will need to send me a message to let me know that you are in the SBOW and would like to be added into the group.  I will then add you into the Group and you are ready to start participating and asking questions if you have them.  You NEEDto be friends with me as it is a CLOSED/PRIVATEgroup, I am only able to add you if you are my friend.


Want to know when your package ships?

UPSP Informed Delivery By USPSis available for you.  You just need to sign up online with the USPS if you would like to be informed as to when your packages will be arriving, instead of having to call or email us.  This helps us to focus on the shipping your orders/SBOW/BOM as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once we put it into USPS you will be informed of its journey to you and when you can expect it in your mailbox. This will be for all letters and packages that you have coming to you; this is not a service through us.  This is just an option for you if you want to get notifications about your package, if you do not want this service you DO NOT “have” to have it.



Fun, Exciting, New Classes coming this May and June!

I am over the top excited to be hosting Quilting Goddess, Jen Kingwellin May of this year at Primitive Gatherings in Wisconsin!

It is coming up fast and we still have a few openings in the first two classes….Cotterand Psychedelic… I really really want to do right by Jen and get her workshops all full!!                         May is Wisconsin is beautiful!!! We are less than 10 minutes from Appleton International Airport!

So I will be working hard until they fill up!  Jen’s workshop should be on everyone’s stitching bucket list!!! I will be in one class as well and I love Cotter… in person it was so amazing!…Remember you can make your quilt in any fabrics…If Jen’s cheery color palette is not yours…it’s OK…pick your own fabrics and come!  These quilts will look good in reproduction fabrics as well!   Here are the details…I also will take a few people for a waiting liston the mystery class…also…you know I will be giving you some cool swag for signing up and coming to her workshops!!! That is how we roll at Primitive Gatherings!

May 10, 11 & 12th …yes, the 10th is Mother’s day but what a better way to spend it; bring your daughter or daughters bring you mother, or celebrate by asking for your kids to gift this opportunity to you for Mother’s Day…

Jen Kingwell stitching class featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Here is a little about Jen Kingwell if you do not know her yet!!


Jen has been lucky in her life to have had two wonderful careers. Her first love was midwifery and she felt honoured to be included in life’s most precious every day miracles. She doesn’t know where her love of fabrics came from, her mother was not a sewer but she does know she has always been fascinated by colour and pattern. Like many she tried different crafts and stumbled into quilting over 30 years ago and there she has remained. An interest became an obsession which then became her career, including teaching and designing. She has owned quilt stores for 15 years and currently owns Amitie Textiles in Melbourne Australia www.amitie.com.auand Instagram @amitie_textiles. The store offers an eclectic mix of fabrics including Japanese, Liberty of London, linens from Europe, french toiles and a wide collection of patchwork fabrics of course including Moda!!

She describes herself as a traditional quilter with a modern twist. Loves scrappy quilts and the more fabrics she can use in a single project the happier she is. In her perfect world she would hand stitch everything but with today’s busy lifestyle she does machine piece as well. Hand appliqué and quilting are among her favorite pastimes.

Jen Kingwell is married to Richard and has 3 fabulous daughters Meg, Abby and Lucy who are by far her very best designs.

Sunday, May 10th Workshop – Cotter

Jen Kingwell stitching class featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean


The newest edition by Jen Kingwell to the Tempters Range. Cotter has been designed to be jelly roll friendly utilizing a dominant print to highlight the geometric gradient of the finished quilt. This single block Acrylic Template set includes simple instructions on how to complete this block and can be made to any size.

Jen had made the original quilt specific to her released fabric range Remix to include all ‘lollies’ prints with a few highlights of her bold ‘hero’ prints thrown in the mix. Jen has been clever with her straight forward piecing executed in a soft incline, making this quilt eye catching in any finished size!

A great way to utilize scrappy prints in the stash or cut into a complete range to start something new.

This is a hand taught class but if you wish to machine piece, bring along your machine and rotary cutting equipment.

Monday May 11th Quilting Workshop – Psychedelic

Jen Kingwell stitching class featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean


Jen Kingwell’s love of scrappy quilts and curved hand piecing come together in this wild 60’s inspired BOM program.

12 x 18” blocks designed to be cushions with the option of piecing them together for one groovy quilt, it is an ode to Beatlemania, flower power and the psychedelic art movement!

Acrylic templates and fabric, these marvelous designs will both challenge and delight the hand & machine sewers alike. A great program to be involved in for extra classes and skills to be taught to participants.

This is a hand taught class but if you wish to machine piece, bring along your machine and rotary cutting equipment.

Jen Kingwell stitching class featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Tuesday May 12th Workshop – Something New – Tempter with Fabrics (you will be testing a new design for Jen Kingwell – I specifically asked for this…a mystery)

Tempters are a fantastic way to get creative in a measured and precise way for advanced quilters and beginners alike. In this class Jen will be releasing ‘Something New’ to introduce and share the tips and tricks of using acrylic templates for hand piecing.

‘Tempters’ are a single block acrylic template set including instructions on how to complete the finished block. Match with other Tempter blocks or repeated to make a finished quilt or runner of any size. This class will endeavour to confidently tempt the participant to try something new and improve their skills in colour choices, Y seams and more! This is a hand taught class but if you wish to machine piece bring along your machine and rotary cutting equipment.

Below is Jen’s newest fabric range FINE & SUNNY coming in APRIL 2020… If you wish to pre order it at the time of you place your order for class we can have it ready for you when you show up…Fat quarter bundles, fat eight, jelly roll, Layer cakes and so on…If ANYONE wants to pre-order Jen’s next fabric range Fine & Sunny you can do so HERE. We have added a Special Events button to our site and will be listing things for sale here for our Special Events going forward!

All three classes are $125 EACH  and will include lunch and surprises!

 You will be sent a supply list and if there is anything on the list you cannot find you know we will have them for you in store here..

If you wish to pre-order those items as well we can assure that you will have everything you need to have a successful workshop.

Jen Kingwell stitching class featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

We will also have a wonderful selection of Jen Kingwell ‘s fabrics for sale.                                             Here is a sample of what Lollies are…8 prints in 1!Jen Kingwell stitching class featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

All workshops start @9am and will be held at our warehouse at: 1860 Bud dr. Menasha, WI 54952

Join the fun!

Call the Shop now to reserve your spot!



Let’s all learn hand piecing the the expert and have fun at the same time!…Lisa

All for now…XX Lisa


Fun New Projects for 2020

Purple Posie Pincushion
Purple Posie Pincushion

My first post for 2020 and we are already 2 days shy of the second month of the year! Where has the time gone?  This is the first week that I have been truly able to sit down in front of the computer and do work that I need to do!  We have been swamped getting ready for Road to California, getting Wool Boxes out, what was left from 12 Days of Christmas and then getting Indigo Gatherings in, and lets top it off with just about everyone on the staff getting sick at some point!  But now is the time for a deep breathe and to collect myself (Jessica).

Many of you will recognize the New Projects that we are releasing this month, as they are from our Subscription Wool Boxes last year.  Now if you are not participating in our Subscription Wool Boxes you will see some of what you have been missing. We are continuing our Subscription Wool Boxes so if you would like to sign up for the coming Boxes this year, click here and find out more about the Wool Subscription Box.

I think we are all ready for a little bit of Spring in our life after the still on going Winter.  I know I am ready for some fun colors and some warmer weather.  But I know the Fun colors are the only thing I will get for a couple months.

Hello Spring is 9″x20″ mat that has teal/blue background.  The use of Grey, Cream, Yellow and Mason Jar blue makes this mat a must do! At a great price of only $25.00 for the kit and pattern this would make a great gift for your friends or family.

Primitive Gatherings_Hello Spring.f
Hello Spring 

We have a great grouping of pincushions of Winter (Monogram) , Summer (Purple Posie), Spring (Spring Bunny) and Fall (Late Summer Blooms) that will fit inside a optional Ruler Box for $10.00. Kits and Patterns for each of these pincushions is only $12.00.


Fall is my favorite time of the year, and I think it is for a lot of people.  I would leave these two projects out all year around if I was the one making these!

Luna Table Mat

Lastly, only because I am sure we are all sick of Winter by now.  Our Forrest Friends Light Bulb Shaped mat is simple and sweet.  A scene that we see often here in the Wisconsin countryside.

Forrest Friends

There are some exciting things happening this year both personally for me (Jessica) and with Primitive Gatherings!  Make sure you stay tuned for who is coming to Speak and Teach at Primitive Gatherings in the next few months….you are not going to want to miss out on these 2 ladies that will be coming!

Make it a great day,


Primitive Gatherings




“Zero Days till Primitive Christmas!”

thumbnail_IMG_7102 2

The day is finally here! The day that we have been working so hard to bring you for the past month and a half!  All the projects and goodies that you see on this page and under out Primitive Christmas Category have been a cumulation of weeks of hard work between Lisa, the Warehouse and the Ladies at the Shop.  We love putting this Event on for you and can’t wait to see what you all think!

Just a little information before we get into all the good stuff.  Just like every year there is a minimum purchase in order to receive our FREE goodies.  PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY before you go and place your order.  

This is IMPORTANT:  If you are planning on coming to either the Wisconsin or the California Shop for our Event, Please check to see the times in which each Shop is open. In Wisconsin we are OPEN during our REGULAR Shop hours, we have not changed them for this Event November 21-24. This means that even though the Event goes until Sunday at Midnight, you will only have until Saturday Evening at 4pm to come into the Shop.  You will be able to Shop Online until Midnight on November 24th.  Thank you

Where Will you find Everything?

You will find all the projects and goodies on our site under NEW ITEMS and then there will be a little icon that says Primitive Gatherings and 2019 Christmas Open House underneath it, click on there and you will see EVERYTHING!  or click on this whole paragraph when youare done reading everything and it will take you there! 

What Freebies will you be receiving this year?

thumbnail_Hydrangea Pin Cushion WS

Everyone who purchases $30 or more will receive a pattern and a kit for this awesome pincushion which comes in a Light and Dark Version.  You can distinguish the different between the two by the backgrounds, if the wool is the dark blue as the background it is the Dark Version, if the background is cream, that is the Light Version. We have Sand available ($3) for purchase if you would like to have one so that it is there with you when you are ready to finish your project. Your free kit will be selected at random, and will automatically be put into your package when it is sent, meaning you DO NOT have to put it into your cart to receive it. If you would like to make more of these kits you will be able to purchase them for $6.50.  If you are purchasing for a friend and would like for them to be able to make it, we also have patterns available for you to purchase. ONCE AGAIN, you do not have to purchase or put the pattern in your cart if it is only for you; it will automatically go into your package. 

You will also be receiving the pattern for the Santa Stitchery (16″x 17″). There are two ways to finish the Santa Stitchery, you can hang it in a Frame, which we do have available for $30.00 or you can make it into a pillow.  If you would like to make it into a pillow we have a kit available for that that will also include a zipper, and of course if you would like a pillow form we have that too!

thumbnail_Santa Stitchery WS

Our Peace, Love, Joy Pillow (18″x 18″) is one of my favorites this Open House!  The cutouts on the letters is what I love the best.  We have a kit available for $20.00 that includes the zipper; there are also Pillows available as well for you.

thumbnail_Peace Love Joy WS

Last but certainly not least is our Santa in the Pines Quilt and Runner.  Our Santa in the Pines Quilt will finish at 58″ x 70″ which is perfect for a quilt to snuggle up with this Holiday Season.  We will have 2 versions of this quilt.  One is our Modern Version which features Bella Solids and the other will be our Primitive Versions which features our Primitive Gatherings Muslin.  Both of these quilts are sure to be a hit with your friends and family.  We have created our trees using the Loc-Block Half Rectangle Ruler, these rulers make it easy to square up your blocks for perfect Half Rectangles.  I know, I know it seems a bit complex, but I assure you it is not.  If you can sew two pieces of fabric together you can surely do this quilt.  As you an see our Primitive Version is still on the machine to get quilted, we wanted to show you the colors so you had an idea of what it looks like.

Santa in the Pines Runner is (16″ x 48″) and is done just like the quilt using the Loc-Bloc Half Rectangle Ruler. The Runner and the Quilt are sold separately from each other so you can choose to do one or both of these festive projects.  Just like the Quilt the Runner is sold in 2 different version.

primitive santa in the pines-500x500

Those are your Freebies this year.  Shall we move on to the Make and Takes?

Make and Takes

Bring yourself, a friend, a family member, your husband or wife, and even a child to make our Make and Takes this year.  If you are going to be coming to the Wisconsin Shop we will have Make and Takes on Thursday and Friday, all day until 2:30.  Come in and make a set of these ornaments to take home or give away.  They are 2 sided porcelain ornaments that you will be making.  If you are coming into the Shop we ask that if you are able to please bring in a sharpe scissors for use in the Make and Takes.  Each of the sets are a set of 3 and you get to pick which set you would like to make! We hope to see you downstairs in the classroom this year! 

When you are ordering online you will choose each the pattern for the ornaments based on the letter next to the set of 3 that it corresponds to.



Many of you Pre-Ordered your mugs with us last month, and we “Thank You” for doing that.  This allowed us to order what we needed, and a little more and not have the worry of sitting on a bunch of Mugs.  For those of you that did not pre-order your mugs we do have some available for you, however, we can not guarantee that we will have enough to  cover everyone.  In the event that we will have to order the mugs, we will not be able to guarantee them before Christmas, these mugs are $26.00. These mugs are handcrafted in Wisconsin just down the road from our Shop! Each mug is 4 ½” tall, can hold 16 ounces and are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.


Are there more NEW designs?

Of course there are more.  When Lisa gets on a roll, she gets on a roll.

thumbnail_Winchester Rose WS

Winchester Rose (21″x 21″) is named after a small town out where Lisa lives.  While this project is red, white and green, it also does not scream Christmas.  We think that this little project deserves be hung up year around in the house.  Just a little appliqué turns this quilt into a must have.  Our Triangle Papers are included in the pattern to make your half square triangles that much easier!

thumbnail_Life of a Snowman WS

Life of a Snowman (5″ x 5″)  is a continuation of our series of Seasons on a Stand. Our Pumpkin pattern was a big hit this Fall and many of you asked for more…so here they are.  The Snowman with the Snowkid and Bird is my favorite one.  All 3 patterns are in 1 pattern and you can make them all with our kit!  And of course we have those white stands available, purchase 3 to display them all! If you purchase 3 stand we are giving you a discount, so just a little something to think about.

thumbnail_Christmas Past WS

Amy made our Antique Christmas Past quilt that finishes at 49 1/2″ square.  This smaller quilt is based off of a much larger Antique Quilt that we have in the Studio. This quilt would be darling on a table, hanging on a wall or draped over a couch.

We also have a darling set of 6 ornaments designed by Old Green Cupboard for you.  Each ornament size will vary, the largest being just under 6″ tall.  Make all 6 with the kit!

thumbnail_Ornaments from OGC WS


Goodies and Cheer!

There are some cute little goodie bags that have been put together.  These will make great stocking stuffers for you and your sewing friends.


Our tins are great as Stocking Stuffers for you to put little items in for your loved ones and friends.

Our Ruler Valdani Boxes are always a hit every year.  This year we made up 4 new color skems, playing on our Snowflake and In the Pines themes we seem to have going..


And as always we have our little wool logs, and this year we have expanded them to a blue and white color!


There are so many more amazing products Online and at the Shop than we can put on here.  So why don’t I stop typing so that you can go and see them all for your self??? We hope you enjoy our Christmas Open House this year.  We have worked long and hard on it to bring you some amazing gift items and products! We hope to see you at the Shop or Online!  

Have an amazing Weekend!



Primitive Christmas Is almost here!


thumbnail_IMG_7102 2.jpg

The time is upon us! And it is a Night and a day before our Annual Primitive Christmas Open House!  Every one is running around hoping that we will have everything done and everything is in place for Thursday when we open! We are so excited to bring you all of our NEW and Amazing projects and goodies for you all to see! We hope that you “OOhh and Aahhh” over them as much as we did when we saw what Lisa and the Shop Girls have created and dreamt up for you.

Make and Takes

Just a quick little note.  If you are going to be coming to the Wisconsin Shop we will have Make and Takes on Thursday and on Friday, all day until 2:30.  Come in and make a set of these ornaments to take home or give away.  They are 2 sided porcelain ornaments that you will be making.  If you are coming into the Shop we ask that if you are able to please bring in a sharpe scissors for use in the Make and Takes.


Yes, these will be available for you at Home as well to order.  We will have all 4 sets available online when our Primitive Christmas is up and ready to go on Thursday Morning.  So rise and shine early on Thursday, sit with your morning coffee and pour over all of the goodies available.  REMEMBER: With a $30.00 purchase or more you will receive a packet of FREE patterns and the gift of a FREE pincushion kit! 

Watch this Blog for more information Thursday Morning with a preview of everything we have to offer!

Happy Tuesday,



Wool Subscription Boxes Revealed


Haven’t gotten into our Wool Subscription Boxes yet?  Wondering what is in them and are they worth it?  We have had several phone calls over the past few days about what all is in the Wool Subscription Boxes, trying to figure out if you should sign up for the Limited Edition Box coming out in December.


I am here to tell you YES! You need to sign up for it!  It is going to be a little different the our Subscription Box as we have put a lot more items in this Box.  That is not to say that there isn’t a TON of other items in our regular box.  You will NOT be disappointed if you signed up for either one of these boxes.  With out further ado, here are the boxes that we have had.  We do have limited availability of a few of the previous Boxes.  We have March, July and September if you would like one of those boxes they are $82.00 plus shipping.



There are several other items that we put into each of the boxes but these are our main projects that we have been doing.  Each box is EXCLUSIVE to those that are doing each of the boxes.  Designs will be released 6-12 months after the Boxes have debuted with our Wool Box Subscribers.

We hope you enjoy these boxes as much as we love coming up with new ones for all of you.  This Limited Edition Box has been so much fun to do for you all!!  Make sure you sign up, you are not going to want to miss out!!

We are off to Market on Thursday!  Can’t wait to see all of the goodies that they have in Houston this year!


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Limited Edition Holiday Wool Box


Many of you are subscribed to our bi-monthly wool box and know what they are all about, and some of you may be wondering what it is all about, now is your chance to try our Wool Box out!  This is going to be a Holiday Edition that will have exclusive items and projects to you at a discounted price.  This box is worth around $160.00 we are offering it to you for $105.00 ($115 for International orders), it will be in a protected box and this price includes shipping.

The Holiday Wool Box will NOT be “Holiday” themed…yes there might be a few things in there but this Box will have items and projects in them that are considered “Everyday” items and projects that you would use.

You will be CHARGED at the time that you place this order, due to many of the items being custom ordered from several small businesses we need to charge at the time of purchase.  This box will be shipped around the 15th of December so that it will arrive to you before it needs to go under the tree.  Let your loved ones know about this box that you would like for a gift, or buy one as a gift for yourself!

Do not delay in purchasing the box as we have ordered a limited quantity of our custom made items and do not want you to miss out.

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Do you have a little one like me who likes Unicorns?

Do you have a little one like me who loves Unicorns?  I am going for Gold..going for the Auntie of the New Year with my little niece Hailey!  She is head over heals in love with Unicorns, everything is Unicorns with her.  Since the year absolutely got away from me with all of our adoption paperwork and stuff we had to do I was not able to make Hailey the quilt I wanted to get done.  Hailey is such an amazing little girl that I wanted to do something special for her this Christmas.  She loves coming and hanging out with her Aunt Jess and Uncle Phil’s house, that I knew I had to do something fun for her.


And when we were at Spring Market, Ruby Star Society debuted their Magic Unicorn Panel.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it for Hailey.


There are  6 different projects on this one panel.

  1. The Main Panel 78″x98″
  2. Two sham fronts for pillows
  3. 18″ square throw pillow front
  4. Extra small panel 9″x19″
  5. Extra panel for maybe a Doll Quilt 28″x34″

The panel is made 100% Soft and Silky Cotton Sateen. The Cotton is amazing and can’t wait to get her all covered up in it!   I can’t wait to get the quilt back from my quilter and see what she did with it.


I know we have a few of these Panels left at the Shop, but make sure you grab those up soon they are only $69.99.   This would make a great Christmas Gift for your little one who loves Unicorns!!

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