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a simple life lite-350x350
Live A Simple Life BOM Light Version

We have had some awesome things happening already in 2018! Lisa’s New Flannel Line, Wool and Needle V dropped into stores, which means a whole new set of patterns and quilts made out of these cozy fabrics. It also means an absolutely exquisite Block of the Month that Lisa has put together as well.

Live A Simple Life is a stunning quilt done in the New Wool and Needle V Flannel Line. Lisa has out done herself with the use of beautiful wools and flannels appliqued together to make this heirloom quilt. Live a Simple Life will finish at 72”x72”, and is offered in either a Dark or a Light Background; Primitive Gatherings is exclusively offering the Dark Version of this quilt! This is a 6 month program, in the first month you will be charged $121.50 which will include the pattern, all of your background fabric and the first set of blocks for you to do; months 2-6 will only be $30.50, shipping is already included in these prices. As an added bonus, your first month will come in a pre-printed box that displays pictures of the finished quilt for you to house all your blocks an fabric in until you are finished. This is one quilt you do not want to miss out on. Sign up TODAY! Block 1 Starts shipping in January!

  Live A Simple Life Dark Version Exclusive to Primitive Gatherings

We also have a couple of quilts that are made  with these cozy, comfy fabrics that would be perfect for just about any weather we are having.  Just because it is Flannel does not mean that it is going to be too warm for the South! These fabrics work anywhere!

Granite Peak comes in Red or Mustard Color, perfect size at 80″ x80″. Kits and Patterns are available to ship TODAY! Don’t work with wool? Looking for a piecing quilt? We have just the BOM for you!

Working Mans Quilt (Brown Quilt) and Step By Step (Black Quilt) are both absolutely stunning in the Wool and Needle V Flannels.

We are starting our Japanese Hexagon Trim Tool Block of the Month in February. We just love working with Japanese Fabrics and making this quilt was no exception! We combined both the Japanese Wovens and Cottons to make this fun and beautiful quilt, for $34.00 each month, which includes shipping.   Each Month for 12 month you will receive a set of 8 different fabrics (total of 2.25 yards of fabric) that will allow you to create 12 blocks for a total of 144 blocks; these will make a quilt approximately 82”x108” or it will make 2 smaller size quilts, the possibilities are endless. These blocks will be fast and easy for you to do each month. The Hexagon Trim Tool must be purchased separately if you do not already have it. Sign up today and start receiving beautiful Japanese Fabrics in the mail in February.


Are you always struggling to look for Background fabrics for your quilts and appliques? We have just the Club for you! Our Background Fabrics Club features 8 different fabrics each month that are perfect for doing just that. Choose to receive Fat Quarters or Fat Eighths each month, you can start and stop this Club at any time, just remember it takes 2 months to stop this program.


Looking to start a stash of wool so that you can start making some of those patterns you have been collecting? Our Wool Bundles of the Month keep getting more popular as the years go on. Imagine getting 8-6”x7” beautiful wools of varying textures and colors in the mail each month! Receiving these bundles is a 12-month commitment, each bundle will be only $19.00, and shipping is included! Sign up Today!! First bundle ships in February.


Bristle Creek is a fabulous quilt designed by Paula Barnes at Red Crinoline; combine that with Marcus Fabrics and you have a winning quilt.   Using all Reproduction Fabric this quilt will truly be something you will want to use everyday.  Bristle Creek will finish at 95”x95” and includes the pattern and triangle papers needed to complete the quilt. Started in January so you won’t have to wait on the edge of your seat for your first package to arrive.  A 12 month commitment at $31.00 which includes shipping.


Hopefully one of these programs have sparked your interest, or has inspired you in some way.  Have a beautiful weekend!


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Out with the OLD….in with the NEW! Winter Clearance Sale

Isn’t that what people always say? Out with the OLD in with the NEW?  That is what we are trying to do this week.  We are looking to make way for all of the NEW projects and ideas that we are going to be making this 2018, by putting a bunch of kits, fabric, wool bundles, books and patterns on sale for you this week! Sale is January 8-14!  Look underneath NEW then go to WINTER CLEARANCE sale to see all the goodies we have ON SALE this week.

All Books, Patterns, Fabric, and Wool Bundles are ON SALE for 25% off! Due to how our computer program operates we are unable to put just these items on sale to reflect their sale price.  Please note that we will make sure that all items are discounted properly and will refund your $ when we ship your order.  Thank you for understanding.  Now on to what we have ON SALE!


All books and patterns are ON SALE for 25% off.  Our only exclusion will be the NEW Quilter’s Journal by Lisa Bongean.  We also have a great Book Bundle for you!  For $30.00 you will receive: Flannel Gatherings, Primitive Christmas, and Nine Patch Gatherings book!!  This is a great offer! FullSizeRender-21

All other Books and Patterns will be ON SALE for 25% off.  Reminder: We will be manually taking the discount off of these products for you and will reimburse your credit card as needed.  Thank you for understanding.


Time to get an awesome deal on Wool Bundles this week!  All Wool Bundles will be 25% off. This is your chance to stock up on a variety of textures in any given color, or select one of the variety of color bundles!  Grab up those pastel textures to make some Easter Eggs out of.  Reminder: We will be manually taking the discount off of these products for you and will reimburse your credit card as needed.  Thank you for understanding.



Did you finish up a few quilts in the past few months and are in need of a few backings?  We have all fabric off the bolt, excluding Wool and Needle V flannels for 25% off, minimum of a 1/2 yard cut.  Stock up on your backgrounds, borders, and backings!Reminder: We will be manually taking the discount off of these products for you and will reimburse your credit card as needed.  Thank you for understanding.


We will also have our Fat Quarters and Half Yards On Sale as well!  You all know how that works right?  Pick the colors you would like for us to pick for you and SURPRISE!  when you open your package you will be pleasantly surprised on what you receive!




Looking for a quilt kit to start working on this Winter?  We have a bunch of quilt kits that   are looking for a new home!  We love all these quilts but we want to make way for new ones that will be coming out this year!  Prices under this category WILL reflect the Sale price for you.  Look underneath NEW then go to WINTER CLEARANCE sale.


We hope you find some fun items on our Winter Clearance Sale and are able to give it a good home!  Have a wonderful week!


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