Moon Garden Stitch A Long


Have you joined our Moon Garden Stitch A Long?  If not we still have a few spots available, but to tell you the truth we have had such an overwhelming response to this Stitch A Long that we might have to end up closing it at a some point.

If you have not heard about our Stitch A Long here is a little recap:

Moon Garden is a 12 block basket BOM.  the blocks are nice and big for easy stitching….we believe they will finish somewhere between 16″-17″….we want to leave that option open until the final setting is figured out.  The backgrounds will all be FQ for each block.  If you purchase a kit from us, be it the Wool Kit or the Background plus Wool kit you will receive the FULL SIZE patterns in each of your blocks, therefore there will be no need for you to go and get the patterns printed out and blown up.


We had to change up the backgrounds due to how popular the Stitch A Long has become please note that if you sign up now, DUE TO OVERWHELMING DEMAND OF THE BACKGROUND FABRICS WE NO LONGER ARE ABLE TO OFFER THE MULTIPLE BACKGROUND FABRICS FOR THE BLOCK. THIS QUILT WILL LOOK JUST AS BEAUTIFUL IN ONE BACKGROUND. WE WILL BE SENDING 1040-26, WHICH IS OUR MODELED BLACK MUSLIN, FOR ALL OF YOUR BLOCKS. We will also be subbing out some of the wools for the baskets.  This doesn’t mean that you will be getting ugly baskets, this just means that we have a wide variety of wools at out disposal and we only picked 12 of the ones that we had.  All baskets will will be approved by Lisa, so you know they will be just as gorgeous as the originals!


We also have a Facebook Group devoted to this Stitch A Long if  you are on Facebook.  Type MOON GARDEN STITCH A LONG, into your Facebook Search engine; once you have located the group REQUEST to join and you will be filtered into the group!  Or you can click on the link here!  If you have ever participated in one of our Facebook Groups you know the kind of fun we have in those groups.  If you do not have Facebook, you will still be able to follow along with Lisa on her Blog.

Have a beautiful weekend,


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Vacation time…….

This past week I went on vacation with my other half.  Our first vacation together….he did all the driving.  But have no fear, he did come back in one piece, it was a little iffy every now and then, especially when we were driving through Atlanta, but we made it! GRRR!

We went on a little weeks vacation to Charleston, SC and Savannah, Ga. just to bum around the cities and have a nice get a way in warmer weather.  We made our first stop at the Charleston History Museum.  We walked around a bit and then wondered into the the Textiles Room, which should be called THE QUILT ROOM.  I turn the corner and this is what I am greeted with…


A small, quaint and very beautiful display of antique quilts! These were absolutely stunning quilts. Needless to say I turned around to Phil and said, “I’m in heaven, you can go sit down if you would like, I’m going to be here for a bit.”  He came around with me and asked questions about the making of them, and I explained some of the techniques to him. He seemed genuinely interested in it all…..he’s learning slowly but surely.  Here are just a few of the ones that I personally enjoyed the most.


The hanging quit was called Caesar’s Crown or Full Blown Tulip c. 1850 by Betty Jones Watson of Ridge Spring, SC.   While the one on the chair is from an Unknown designer, created sometime in the late 19th Century. Alternating with white squares, the “Turkey Tracks” are created with curved shapes of red, green and striped fabric. Apparently and I did not know this, but this pattern was more commonly known as Wandering Foot, however the quilt myth says that this name became associated with young men leaving home and was then quickly changed to Turkey Tracks.

The quilt above was called Mosaic Star, and was created by Clara Perry Jones of Ridge Spring, SC around 1830, although the border was most likely added around the 1870’s.  This quilt contains hundreds of 5/8″ hexagons!

I am hoping that you can see the writing on the hexagons in the bottom 2 pictures.  That features that back of the quilt where the quilter Virginia Mikell Hay used paper templates made out of printed booklet papers, there is on in there dated 1842!

Here is another fantastic quilt that they had there which you can see the papers a little better.  They also had templates that were made out of pieces of metal that were used to help the quilter make the paper templates.  They do not know the exact person that started this quilt but believe it was Susan Boone DeSaussure Kersaw of Charleston sometime in the late 19th Century. I LOVE how they used what they had around to make their templates from……what do you think they would think about all the ready made templates that we purchase?


There were way too many good ones to go into depth about, I just picked a few of my favorites.  Here are a few more quilts that were in the display area.  All were fascinating and I think I was in that little area longer that I was the whole museum, it was absolutely breath taking to see them all there.


I’ll post more pictures of our vacation but I think this section of our vacation needs to have a post all on its own!  I hope you all have a beautiful week!