Dulles Expo Center Show going on!!

We are out at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly Virginia this weekend!! If you are in the area stop on by, there are 64 wonderful vendors here and an amazing little quilt show going on! 

We will be here Friday (10-6), Saturday (10-5) and Sunday (10-4) this weekend!!! Hope to see you there!!



Facebook Page for “Somewhere in Time” SBOW

We are going to putting together a Facebook Group devoted to the Wool Summer Block of the Week this year. This group will ONLY be for those that are participating in the Wool Block of the Week. We will use this Group for you to share your pictures of your blocks, questions about the Program, or any questions in general that you have that pertains to the SBOW and we are SUPER EXCITED about it!!!

We will be doing some videos and sharing some helpful hints for working with wool. For those of you who would love to take a class from Lisa this will be the next best thing for you to do! And possibly a give away or two might be happening! We also ask that if you are part of this group, that you do not repost or share any of the info given as these will be some Lisa’s teaching methods and they are for your benefit because you signed on to receive the SBOW…  Anyone who is part of the SBOW will get this awesome information.  If  you are joining in but do not have a Facebook…maybe nows the time!  Its not hard at all…someone can show you…all you need to do is ask them.

Also please keep in mind…this Group will NOT be about when your SBOW shipped, if it has shipped, or that your credit card was hacked and that you need to give us a new one. This Group is going to be monitored by someone who does not do the Shipping, and therefor ask that you email or call the Shop with any concerns that you might have about your SBOW.

In order for you to participate in the Group we ask that you Facebook Friend: Jessica Holz. Jessica takes care of our Facebook Page for Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop in Menasha and will be the Monitor of the Summer Block of the Week. Due to Facebook Policies, you will need to be a friend of hers in order for her to include you in this Group.

Please make sure that you sign up for the SBOW if you have not done so yet I think some of you might be on-the-fence but maybe this added bonus will push you over! It will be starting the first week of June! I know Lisa is going to be working on the Freebies that are given away each week, and you will want to make sure you get the first ones!

If you would like more information on the Summer Block of the Week please see either the link above or our Blog post about the Summer Block of the Week in earlier posts.

Please let us know if you have any other questions, thank you Jessica

Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders over $100!!!!!!

Throughout the years, Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop has always strived to bring you the best products, prices, and experience that you can have from a Shop.   We have had many inquiries over the past few months about our shipping costs, and comments about wanting to know what our shipping fees are before placing the orders. We have been researching the numbers over the pass few months and have devised the following system. We are trying to make your experience with us easy and enjoyable when it comes to ordering with us.


Orders Below $10 can be shipped for: $3.99

Orders Ranging from $10.01-99.99 will be shipped for: $5.99

Orders over $100 will be shipped for FREE


**If ordering a Block of the Month (BOM) along with other products, your shipping rate will be based on your order amount with the subtraction of the BOM.

**Pre-Orders: Your shipping rate will be based on your order amount with the subtraction of the pre-order.


Orders Shipped under $20 will ship for $7

Orders Ranging from $20-$50 will Ship for $12

Order Ranging from $50.01-$99.99 will ship for $23

Order Ranging from $100-$200 will Ship for $45

Orders over $200 will ship for FREE


Orders Ranging from $20 and under will ship for $12

Order Ranging from $99.99- 20.01 will ship for $25

Order Ranging from $100 and above will Ship for $45


There are times when you will encounter additional fees for your package. All Country’s vary on these fees, and therefore are the responsibility of the customer it is being delivered to. We recommend that you become familiar with your countries policies. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any delays due to Customs Office policies.


There are few products that we sell that we are aware will require more shipping due to the packaging that is needed to safely get it to your destination. In those instances we will inform you of the additional costs in the description of the product.  This means that if you have an order that is over $100, you will incur a $5.00 shipping charge as we need to have additional packaging to ensure that you receive your package safely and intact.

i.e. Thread Case orders will be charged an additional $5.00 to the shipping cost

Custom Frame orders will be handled on a case by cases basis and the customer will be contacted with the Shipping Price.


At this time ALL Blocks of the Month will still be shipping by the weight of the package and where its final destination is. We are working on a Flat Rate of shipping for our Blocks of the Month. All those participating in these programs will be notified of the changes once they have been figured out.  **Please note at this time any added orders to your BOM shipment a $2.00 handling fee will be added to your shipping cost.

When placing your order, your shipping cost will be shown on your invoice. Please remember that if you have a Coupon Book or there is a Promotion that is not reflected on your order, your shipping costs may be different.  Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these new polices, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.  We will have this information posted for you on our Home Page on the Tool Bar for future reference.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!



It’s the day you all are waiting for!!!!! Summer Block of the Week is here!!!!

I know all of you have been waiting on pins and needles for this!! Thank you for being patient with us, Market is kicking our butts this year! But we have tons to debut at Market so it’s all worth it!!  Okay, okay, on to the good stuff!!   SBOW is being offered in our Menasha location and Online Shop only.  These are the first few blocks and sashings that go with them. Somewhere in Time wool SBOW… Is starting June 1, for 15 weeks and you will be able to receive these beauties in the mail each week!! The cotton blocks with hand dyed wool appliqués feature Lisa’s Miniature Gatherings Backgrounds from Moda fabrics…This year there will be absolutely NO finishing kit, you will receive all the wool and fabric to make this stunning quilt which will end up approximately 60×60. As you can see by the blocks and sashings the quilt is primarily wool appliqué.  The long sashings and borders will also have appliqué on them.  Piecing will consist of stitching the blocks, sashings and borders together that’s it!! Oh…and don’t forget about our Freebie project…we will be posting that as well before we start shipping…

We will have two payment options again this year, paying weekly which will be $17/week plus shipping or you can choose to pay in full. If you pay in full we will be giving you one week of the block and shipping FREE!  We are only going to be using 12 threads this year!! All of them will be the #12: 191, 199, 823, 1645, H204, M66, M81, 078, 0217, 0548, 0575, and 0775. We are suggesting that even if you have some of these threads you might want to purchase the thread kit for $55, as you will be doing a lot of stitching.     We are also going to be doing a “Supply Kit” for you. The kit will include: project case, circle template, 5-packages of Steam A Seam 2 Lite, needle threader, a tube of the #24 chenille needles and a green friction pen. We are using the green pen to do our marking since if you use the white one it won’t show up! If you purchase the whole Supply Kit we are discounting it 25% which will bring it down to $45.98.  You can order the supplies separately if you so choose, however no discount will be applied.

For the Cotton SBOW please click here:
  We are a bit behind on this one……We are STILL sewing for Market and getting done all of those amazing quilts for the Little Gatherings Book.  The pieced SBOW each week will be $13 plus shipping, you will be making 10-6″ blocks (16 in week 15) for a total of 156 blocks. You also be making 20 half square triangles for part of the border  and 9 small cornerstone blocks.  There is also the option of paying in full as well, by paying in full you will receive a full week FREE. There are a few more blocks shown on the website but they are not sewn!  As soon as they are done we will get them up. We will be using blacks, reds, pinks, browns, golds, and greys in our blocks.  We strongly suggest that you have at least one of the Itty Bitty Rulers, as you will be cutting 3/8″ a lot!  The Cotton SBOW will have a Finishing kit, which will envolve 4 yards of a border, sashing and binding fabric.     As always there is the option to do   BOTH of the SBOWs if you would like to!

We are so excited for the Summer Block of the Week to start, it is one of our most favorite programs to offer to you! Please if you have any questions please let us know. Also when ordering please read all of the selections and what we are offering so that you choose the best options for you!!

Please remember this event always fills up because we only have a limited amount,  If for some reason this one does not fill up… the cut off date will be June 26th regardless.

Once again, the SBOW is being offered in our Menasha location and Online Shop only.  The California location will be offering their own project soon.

Have a wonderful week!! Jessica  Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


Getting started…..

Ever wonder how Lisa does all of her small accurate piecing?? Thinking “there is no way I can do anything that small?” Now I am not saying that it’s a piece of cake, because it does take patience and time, but by adding a few extra steps to your process before you cut will ensure that you can make your piecing life easier!! Lisa in conjunction with The Fat Quarter Shop, has made a great YouTube Video on Starching and getting started with your project. 

Lisa starts every project by starching each and every piece of fabric she is using, whether she is using flannel or cotton. You can never over starch your fabric, you want it to be stiff when running it thru the machine. Trust us, you can’t over starch your fabric!! Just watch the video!! The starching allows for accurate cutting and piecing. It is also taking the place of pre-washing your fabrics which we do not do. Now you want to do your starching at least a day or several hours ahead allowing time for your pieces to air dry.  By letting your pieces air dry you are allowing the starch to “set” better and make the fabric stiffer than if you were to use the iron. I know, I know, sometimes you just want to get started on that quilt right away, but believe me it is worth you time to prepare your fabric and let it sit!! It will help you in the long run……I promise! 
Lastly, Lisa sings the praises of her Rowenta Steam Station. This beauty allows for a continuous hour and a half of steam use. Heats up and is ready to go in 3 minutes flat! It has a precision tip for pressing your seams open and has a 6ft long steam cord!!!! We love this iron so much and believe you will too! We have a few available and are offering a $100 discount on the iron until May 18, 2015.

We are hoping that you are enjoying these videos!! They were fun to make and have a few more on the way.

Happy Starching! 


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


Twister FUN!!! 

Have you ever wanted to create these fun little twister projects but have been too intimidated to try???  Lisa has partnered with The Fat Quarter Shop to do a great tutorial on YouTube to help you along your way!!   Lisa’s YouTube video shows you all the ins and outs to make sure your project turns out perfectly!! There are helpful hints on how to piece accurately, the correct way to press your seams and how to cut your twister carefully!

You are first going to want to start with your Twister or Pinwheel selection, you can do anything from the smallests Pinwheel tool which uses the 2.5″ mini charms to the Large Twister which uses Layer Cakes. There is a wide variety of Pre-Cuts available depending on which Twister or Pinwheel project you would like to do.  

Below I am going to show you the tools and products that you will need to create the project Lisa is making in this video. Lisa has used the Snowman Gatherings II line of fabric, and your in LUCK, all of our Pre-Cuts for this line are 20% off! You will also need to select a 1/2 yard of fabric for your border.

You will then need to have your pattern and tool ready. Lisa is doing this tutorial with the Itty Bitty Pinwheel pattern and template. 

After sewing and pressing your project, you will need to start cutting. Lisa uses the 18mm Rotary Cutter. You do not want to over rotate your cutters so this one does the job perfectly! 

Let us know how you enjoyed the tutorial. We will be doing a give away of the 18mm Rotary Cutter AND the Itty Bitty Pinwheel and Template to our favorite comment. 

Happy sewing, 
Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop