The first SUPRISE Coupon of the Year!! March 1st only

And the items on sale are……….Japanese Fabrics!!!!!


We have finally got our Japanese Fabrics online which many of you have been requesting and we thought this would make a great Coupon since we have NEVER offered anything Japanese on sale before! So on March 1, all Japanese fabrics will be on sale for 25% off! minimum of a 1/2 yard cut. Japanese Fabrics


Please remember when using the Coupon Book to put your Number and your Code Word into the comment section so that you can receive the discount.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Jessica


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Houses, Houses, Houses BOM

Joanne just brought in the 2nd row of this beautiful BOM. She out does herself on every row! It’s just gorgeous! For those of you who were waiting for another row until you sign up, here it is!


Isn’t it wonderful???? We still have spots available. It is $55 per shipment, every other month for 7 shipments. Each shipment consists of a row for the quilt and is out of the Houses, Houses, Houses book that must be purchased separately. We are using hand dyed wools on Japanese woven backgrounds. We started this BOM February 2014 so you can still sign up and not be behind in the blocks! Make sure you do so today! Houses, Houses, Houses BOM sign up

Thanks so much if you have any questions please let us know! Jessica
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NEW Blocks of the Month coming SOON!!

We currently have 2 Blocks of the Month that are in the works and just wanted to give you a heads up on what they were. Please note these pictures aren’t great cause I had to take them from the books and patterns they were on, and those darn lights just shined right off of them.

The first one is called A French Country Touch by Blackberry Primitives. We are going to switch it up and do it as wool on Flannel to keep the cost down. I guarantee though it will be 10x as beautiful! Please watch the Shop Blog for when this comes available.


The second one I know a little more about because I am the one doing it! I have sent Rainbow Garden off to the quilters and am in NEED of another project! Not really but who am I kidding? Starting NEW projects is fun and I can’t wait to get going on this one, plus I need something to stitch as Luke and I start to travel again for shows. My Enchanted Garden is a book by Gretchen Gibbons, the same lady who did Pennies From Heaven.


We are going to be doing this BOM in Lisa’s NEW fabric line due out in March, Homestead Gatherings. The quilt measures 60 1/2x 72 and the block size is 12×16. The backgrounds of the blocks will be the creams with red print, and We are going to be doing the borders and Sashings in black prints, and then the burgundy red as the corner stones. And of course this will be our hand dyed wools used for the appliqués.


The book is going to be sold separately for $27.99 and we are also going to offer an extra package of patterns (templates for when you order) for $10. This package will be the blown up blocks as you will need to blow up the blocks to 200%. For your convince we will offer to have them blown up for you. Now the only way that the larger patterns are offered is if you buy the book from us and do the BOM. This BOM will go for 10 months and will be $22 a month. We will also offer a thread kit for this as well. My Enchanted Garden Sign Up

Please email us if you have any questions regarding this BOM. Primitivegatheringsquiltshop@yahoo.com

Thanks so much have a wonderful day, Jessica
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Flash Sales

FLASH SALE February 24-March 2

I hope you all enjoyed last weeks sales! This week we have added one of Lisa’s flannel quilts from her first Wool & Needle lines. Big Red is an amazingly easy big quilt to put together!

Big Red regularly $150 is now only $100!!! Click Here


Winter Spirit regularly $37.25 is now $27!!!!!! Click Here


Please go to our SALE section and they will be there for you. Thank you, enjoy your week, Jessica
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Coupon Book

Coupon Book Oppsy!!! Wool Coupon!

We some how have the Wool Coupon for a Saturday and a Sunday, however we are NOT open on Sunday, so for those of you that are coming into the Shop with your Coupon Books, the sale will be on Friday February 21 & 22.

For those of you purchasing with us online, we will have the Coupon Book valid February 21-23. Wools!!!!!


The Coupon is good for all wool yardage that you purchase on that day. It does not include wool bundles, charms, scrap bags or specialty ordered textured wools (meaning those where YOU choose the color and texture to have dyed especially for you).

Please let us know if you have any questions. As always please make sure that you put your Coupon Book number and Code Word into the comment section to ensure your discount. Thank you!

Have a great day! Jessica
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At Home in the Garden Block 2 mistake

For those of you that are doing the Block of the Month with us called At Home in the Garden we made a mistake with the wool. Please use the large light yellow piece for the bud of the tulips and the center of the small Flowers. We MISSED the cream color of the Tulip in the block. It will be sent to you in your next months shipment. Thank you, and sorry for the mistake, Jessica


Flash Sales

Trying NEW things…….FLASH SALE February 17-23

We are going to be trying a few new things this year, and one of them is going to something we like to call FLASH SALE. This is going to be a sale that we do just about every week on items that we are going to be retiring or we made way to many of them and want you the customer to have an opportunity to snatch them up before they are gone or go back to regular price.

Now this is basically a first come first serve kinda deal, especially if the item is one that we are going to retire. We will have limited quantities on all of the products that we put up here. Sales will go from a Monday-Sunday at midnight, unless we sell out before then.

We are going to start our FLASH sale off with 2 wool mats!!

Santa and Co Pennyrug regularly: $41.25 on sale for $29!!!! (Kit and pattern) Click Here


Cold Days regularly $50.50 on sale for $35!!!! (Kit and pattern)  Click Here


You can find the Flash Sale items under the SALE section! Have a wonderful week! I hope you all enjoy our sales!! Thank you Jessica

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Joanne’s getting into trouble!!

Not really but she is putting together another row of Houses, Houses, Houses Block of the Month. And that means trouble because she is going to making this row absolutely fabulous just like the previous one which means I am going to have another block of the month to do! This block of the month is too beautiful to pass up!


We are currently shipping the first row of this BOM, and are doing the program so that you are shipped a row every other month. Each row will be $55 and will go for 7 shipments. The quilt features our hand dyed wools on Japanese Wovens.


We are doing a rendition of the quilt that is in the book. Our quilt will NOT have the fence around the border as seen in the picture in the book. And there might be a few different houses in it as well due to the fact that the book doesn’t offer it as a pattern! Odd but true in this case, but have no fear Joanne will come up with some great houses.

We have openings yet in this great BOM! The book is sold separately so you will need to purchase the book as well or if you have it, your half way there! Houses, Houses, HousesHope you all have a wonderful week end! I am looking forward to curling up on my grandparents couch for the weekend with some binding and a good book! Thank you Jessica


Reproductions Coupon February 10-17

Good morning, I hope all of you had a great weekend! Mine was very low key which I absolutely loved cause I got a bunch of things done around my house!! Yay!!!

Starting TODAY thru Monday February 17 those of you have a coupon book will receive 25% off of all the Reproduction Fabric you order! (Minimum of a 1/2 yard cut)
*** please please please remember to put your Coupon Book Number AND the Code Word into the comment section so that we take the discount off on your order, with out that we will not be able to give you the discount. Thank you!!!



For those of you who do not have a Coupon Book we do have them available on our site if you would like to get in on our deals throughout the year! Coupon Book

Have a wonderful Monday!! Jessica