Surprise!! Coupon Book Holders!!!


Strawberry Fields

For those of you out there that have a Coupon Book with us from our Primitive Christmas Event last year, August 25 is the SURPRISE COUPON!!! And it is going to be 20% off of ONE Fabric Quilt Kit!!!!  So that includes, kits from the Flannel Gatherings Book, Snowman Gatherings II fabric quilts, and so much more.

This does not include: Trotting Along, Murrietta Stars, any pre-ordered kits or quilt kits that have wool in them. 

Here are some great kits that you might not know about…..and there are so many more than this! Take a peak at our selection online under Quilt Kits AND also under Primitive Gatherings Designs.

As always please put your Book Number and the Coupon Code in the Comment Section in order to receive your 20% discount!

Have fun with this Coupon! It is a great one!

Have a wonderful week, Jessica

Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


Square KnotIMG_2107

Winter Forest


Flannel Swoon


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