Wool Subscription Boxes Revealed


Haven’t gotten into our Wool Subscription Boxes yet?  Wondering what is in them and are they worth it?  We have had several phone calls over the past few days about what all is in the Wool Subscription Boxes, trying to figure out if you should sign up for the Limited Edition Box coming out in December.


I am here to tell you YES! You need to sign up for it!  It is going to be a little different the our Subscription Box as we have put a lot more items in this Box.  That is not to say that there isn’t a TON of other items in our regular box.  You will NOT be disappointed if you signed up for either one of these boxes.  With out further ado, here are the boxes that we have had.  We do have limited availability of a few of the previous Boxes.  We have March, July and September if you would like one of those boxes they are $82.00 plus shipping.



There are several other items that we put into each of the boxes but these are our main projects that we have been doing.  Each box is EXCLUSIVE to those that are doing each of the boxes.  Designs will be released 6-12 months after the Boxes have debuted with our Wool Box Subscribers.

We hope you enjoy these boxes as much as we love coming up with new ones for all of you.  This Limited Edition Box has been so much fun to do for you all!!  Make sure you sign up, you are not going to want to miss out!!

We are off to Market on Thursday!  Can’t wait to see all of the goodies that they have in Houston this year!


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6 thoughts on “Wool Subscription Boxes Revealed

  1. Just realized, we get our regular wool box in November, then the special Christmas one in December, then in January we get our regular (every other month) wool box!! Yippie 🤪

  2. If we’re already signed up for the regular box, will we automatically get the Christmas one as well or do I have to sign up for that one as well?

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