Wooly Tree Class




Have you been looking at all those Wooly Trees that have been popping up everywhere and wondering how to do them?  Debbie is going to be doing a Class on these Wooly Trees, Tuesday December 5 from 11-3 at the Menasha, Wisconsin Shop.  Class Fee is $25.00 plus supplies.  Call Today to reserve your spot!  Supply List will be given to you when you sign up.  920-722-7233

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2017 Christmas Mug Web

You all have been waiting patiently by your computers for the past week waiting for the projects and the goodies to reveal themselves haven’t you? Today is the day!!

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Quickly before we get into all of the goodies. If you are planning on coming to either the Wisconsin or the California Show for our Event, Please check to see the times in which each Shop is open. In Wisconsin we are OPEN during our REGULAR Shop hours, we have not changed them for this Event. This means that even though the Event goes until Sunday at Midnight, you will only have until Saturday Evening at 4pm to come into the Shop. You will be able to Shop ONLINE until Midnight on Sunday November 19th. Thank you!

 Ready, Set, Go

Are we ready to have some fun?? When purchasing $30 or more of regular, in stock items between the dates of November 16-19, you will receive 4 FREE patterns to a table runner, a wool wall hanging, our Candy Cane Stackable, a pattern and kit for a pincushion AND a Coupon Book; with all of the great sales coming up before anyone else!

Where will you find all of the NEW Primitive Christmas Items?

On our website under the NEW category, there will be an icon that looks like this….

Open House website logo

Click on that and you will find ALL of the fun items we have put together for your fun and enjoyment. NEW this year, we have also a sub category for LAST MINUTE GIFTS, which will include a multitude of goodies to be used to give to your friends and family who quilt. Many of you have seen the Pre-Cut Pennies that we brought to Houston; we now have the Pre-Cut pennies up under the Christmas Open House.

Which Freebie patterns will you be receiving?

Everyone who purchases $30 or more will receive a pattern and a kit for this awesome pincushion. If you don’t want to make it a pincushion, you can put it into a frame! We have Sand available ($3) and a Frame ($25 black or cream) available for purchase if you would like to purchase one of them and have it so you are ready to go when you finish your project. Your free kit will be selected at random, and will be automatically put into your into your package when it is sent, meaning you DO NOT have to put it into your cart to receive it. If you would like to make more of these kits you will be able to purchase them for $5.00.




Make and Takes

Have you joined us for our Make and Takes before? This is a great time to come and enjoy some fun at our Shop and to visit with Lisa (at our Wisconsin Shop.) Lisa will be showing you how to make these cute Candy Canes Thursday-Saturday from 10-2. We have them in 3 different sizes!! You will be receiving the pattern for these Candy Canes as one of your FREE patterns. You just need to choose the size you would like to make and come on down and make one with us. If you are not able to attend the Make and Take with us, you will have all 3 sizes available to purchase online. These are all 100% cut out for you and would make great ornaments for you to make with your children or grandchildren!

Candy Cane Ornament Photo Web

If you have done our Stackables in the past the medium size Candy Cane is the same size as our Stacked Tree and our Do You Wanna Build a Snowman.



Have you been collecting our Mugs for the past 3 years?? If so, we have the next one to add to your collection. This year, as you probably have already guessed, is a Candy Cane! These mugs are handcrafted in Wisconsin just down the road from our Shop! Each mug is 4 ½” tall, can hold 16 ounces and are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. This year the Mugs are $19.50. There will be an additional shipping charge on the mugs, as we need to purchase extra packaging materials to ensure that the mugs get to you safely and intact. We have ordered more mugs than we ever have before in hopes that we are able to send out everyone’s mugs right away with your order.

2017 Christmas Mug Web


More, More, More

If you haven’t gotten enough of all of the goodies we have above, just wait; we have a bunch of other fun projects for you! Here are just a few of them that you will find under the Primitive Christmas Open House category. Click on the link to be taken to these and many more projects.


Last minute gifts, don’t know what to get your sewing circle, friends or family? We have a few ideas that we think would be amazing as gifts!

We hope you enjoy our Primitive Christmas Event this year. This is one of our favorite Events to put on, we love bringing all of this to you! Your elves are ready to help you this Holiday Season!

Thank you, Jessica

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2017 Primitive Christmas Event

Open House website logo

Are you all excited and ready for us to reveal all of the goodies we have been working on the past couple months for our 5th Annual Primitive Christmas Event??  It is going to be happening in our Wisconsin and our California Shop AND ONLINE November 16-19.  Each Shop will have their own Opening and Closing times so please make sure that you watch our Newsletters, Facebook Page or Blog Posts for these times if you are planning on attending in person.  The Wisconsin Shop will be Open Thursday (11/16) – Friday (11/17) 9:30-5 and Saturday (11/18) 9:30-4, the Shop will be CLOSED on Sunday (11/19), but you can still order ONLINE through midnight.

When purchasing $30.00 or more November 16-19, you will receive 4 FREE patterns designed by Lisa exclusively for this event, along with one FREE pincushion kit! Which designs you ask???? You will have to stay tuned in next week for all the specifics! We will reveal everything on Thursday (11/16)!  You will ALSO receive a Coupon Book that has a list of all of our Sales that will be happening in 2018 along with some added events such as; Shows that we will be at and Retreats that  Lisa will be hosting here in Wisconsin.

Our Stackable Make and Takes are back!  Have you done our Stackable Trees and Snowmen???  Lisa will be doing the Make and Takes with you, Thursday-Saturday 10-2:00 each day.  What is the project you ask???? You will have to wait and see what we have come up with until next week!  I know…..totally NO FAIR, but it is going to be be completely worth the wait!


We are picking up our 2017 Mugs this week!! I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for those to come in.  We ordered more Mugs than we ever have on the first printing in hopes that we are able to send everyone their Mugs right away!  What is the Mug Logo this year you ask??? Watch next week for the big reveal.  If you do not have one of the three Mugs above that are from the previous years, we do have a few left from our Christmas in July when we reprinted them.  Give the Shop a call ASAP if you would like to purchase one of these Mugs 920-722-7233.  They will not be available during the Primitive Christmas Event.

If you are able to come and join us, we would love to see you at the Shop.  We will have Homemade Cookies, a Hot Chocolate Bar, and so much more!  SO make a road trip with your friends and family and come and see us November 16-18!

Have a beautiful week,


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Correction for Borders on Freebie Finishing kit…Happy Home..

Please accept our apology for an error in our finishing directions…We improperly wrote the directions for putting normal borders on a quilt in our directions…but we actually put them on Log Cabin Style which our kits also were cut for…so if you have the kit…you need to put them on this way or you will not have enough fabric for the top border…

Happy Home Correction




Creative Grids

Creative Grids have just informed us that after 4 years they are going to be raising the price of their Rulers.  In doing so, that means that we will have to as well.  It looks to on average about $3.00/ruler.  The nice thing about them telling us about their price increase is that it does not go into effect until August 18, which means that ANY Ruler you purchased BEFORE that day will still be at the OLD price! If you are looking to purchase more Rulers, NOW is the time to do so!  If you don’t own any Creative Grids Rulers or even if you do, I have put some interesting facts below that you may or may not know about these Rulers.

We all know how amazing the Creative Grids Rulers are!  They have the Non-Slip grids on the back of all of their Rulers so that we can get an accurate cut on our fabrics, did you you know that they are the ORIGINAL company to use that?  Have you noticed that they have both a Black and a White marking on their Rulers?  This is so that if you are working with either a Light or a Dark Fabric you can still see your fabric clear for accurate cutting.


Do any of you have a Smart Phone?  Have you ever used the QR Code on the Ruler?? If you didn’t know what this is used for, its real simple….scan the QR Code and you will be brought to a Video demonstration on the Ruler you scanned!  Isn’t that awesome?  I know there are some rulers out there that I look at and go….how on gods green earth do I use that thing?  Guess what?  Now I know by just scanning that code!


All of the Square and Rectangle Rulers have a horizontal and vertical line through the center.  This allows for easy square up and trim of a block whether it be appliqué or embroidery.  This is especially great if you have a 6 1/2″ block and a 6 1 /2″ ruler! Talk about EASY PEASY, no more guessing where the center is!


Have you used the Primitive Gatherings Itty Bitty Rulers or the Charming Ruler?  This Ruler features 1/8″ marking on all 3 of the Rulers.  These Rulers help considerably with measuring smaller cuts.  The main feature of this Ruler is the dashed lines, which allows you to accurately see your fabric at all times.  No more questioning if you are a little more to the left or the right of the solid line on most Rulers.  ITTY BITTY + FREE CHARM 1-550x550

All Creative Grids are made right here in the USA!  Not many Companies can say that, and they take great pride in that fact!

Creative Grids offers more than 100 different Rulers, and have hundreds more tutorials, books and templates on how to use these Rulers.  While we do not carry all of their Rulers, we do have a wide variety of them in stock!  Take advantage of the lower price point, and stock up on these awesome rulers TODAY!

Have a beautiful day,


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New Block of the Month coming in September


I say coming in September and it feels like that is so far away…when in reality it is only a month and a half!  Holy cow! Did I really say a month and a half?  Wow! That just doesn’t seem possible! Where did the year go?

Ok, ok, ok…..lets not dwell on the end of Summer and the year passing us by……lets get going on some fun ways to spend the rest of the year……SEWING!  This Block of the Month is simple and sweet to do.  It would be a great beginner project for anyone just starting to learn wool appliqué, or for someone who is just looking for a simple and easy project to do each month.  Who doesn’t like little goodies and packages in your mailbox each month?



For $20 each month, for a duration of 12 months you will receive the pattern, fabric and wools to create each of these 12 projects.  Shipping is included in the price of all of our Blocks of the Month now.  Your fabric is going to be pre-printed like the one you see below.  With the wools that you receive in each package, you will trace the pattern and apply the wools where they are needed on each of the fabrics.  You can choose to embroider in the stems or the words if you so choose but it is not necessary, we did not.   Here is one of the finished projects next to the fabric you would receive in the kit.


We feature these projects in a custom made frame, specifically made for this project.  Each frame has an 8″x10″ opening for your project, and is only $25.00 plus shipping.  Frames can be ordered at the time of purchase for the Block of the Month and will be sent along with your first months project in September.

If you are looking for threads for this project we have put together a Thread Kit for you, or if you have some Valdani threads you can pick and choose the ones that you need for the project as well.  REMEMBER: We always give a discount when you are buying Thread Kits verses individual threads.  The Valdani are all #12 weight and are as follows: 0551, 171, 0587, 5, 1644, 1, 199, 0154, P8, 78, 0592, 893, 46, 114, 0510, 0126, 0575.


Thread Kit $80

This project was so much fun to put together, we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!  Sign up Today!

Have a beautiful day,


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Are you ready for some FUN for our Christmas in July??

Can you believe that we are only 164 days away from Christmas Day??? Are you ready for it?  I know that I am not! We are ready to get you prepared for all those amazing gifts you are going to be making and handing out to all your Friends and Family!  Are you ready for an unbelievable Sale?

Our Christmas in July Event starts July 14-July 30, Online and in the Shop, both in Wisconsin and in California.   Please check our California’s website and Facebook page for more details about their Event.  We also have 3 Give Away Baskets; for EVERY purchase that you make at the Shop or Online; you will be entered into a drawing for 1 of 3 Gift Baskets.  Our Gift Baskets are valued at $100, $200, and $300!!! You definitely are going to want to have a chance at these awesome Gift Baskets!

We have a Chrismtas in July Category on our website that most of our Sales will be located under.  We have 12 amazing quilts on Sale, we brought back our previous Primitive Christmas Mugs, and we have a fabrics, wools and more kits on Sale for you!!! Our quilts that are shown in the Christmas in July category will show their discount on your invoice.

2014, 2015, and 2016 Primitive Christmas Mugs available only until July 30!

Look at these awesome quilts that we have on Sale!  Most of them have less than 5-6 kits left!  If you see something you like, do not hesitate to scoop them up!



All Green and Red wool yardage, 1/8 yard, 1/4 yard, 1 yard cuts of our wools are all 20% off as well.  These do exclude our Specialty Wools (meaning you choose the color and the texture to dye it on), Bundles and Charms.  Once again, these items will not show up with a discount on your Invoice, once we have received and processed your order we will refund you the discounted price.  We are sorry that we are unable to show a discount on these items as it is physically impossible with our system.


We have all of our Red and Green Fabric off the Bolt, minimum of a 1/2 yard cut on SALE for 20% off., must read mostly red or green.These items will not show up with a discount on your Invoice, once we have received and processed your order we will refund you the discounted price.  We are sorry that we are unable to show a discount on these items as it is physically impossible with our system.

What about patterns you are asking?  All Winter and Christmas patterns are on Sale for 20% off.  These exclude our new Snowman Gatherings III patterns which are: Winter Fun, Snowman Collector, Winter Solstice, Snow Buddies Table mat, and Season of Winter.  These items will not show up with a discount on your Invoice, once we have received and processed your order we will refund you the discounted price.  We are sorry that we are unable to show a discount on these items as it is physically impossible with our system.


Do you have our Christmas Gatherings Book and are looking to purchase some kits from that Book?  Now is your time.  Kits from this book that are on Sale are located in our Christmas in July Category.  We have ornaments, quilts, mats, and so much more in this book, 21 project TOTAL for only $28!!!


So items are of a limited quantity, so remember, do not hesitate if you are in love with something that you see!  Happy back half of the year!


Primitive Gatherings


Primitive Christmas Mugs back for a limited time!


We are bringing back our past Primitive Christmas mugs for a limited time only. We know that there are several of you out there that have been asking for our past mugs because you missed out on them the first time around, or that you or someone you know has accidentally broken theirs and would love to have another one… this is your chance!
We will be taking orders for these mugs until July 30. Once we have all the orders in, we will then place an order for the Mugs on July 31. It takes 4-6 weeks for them to be made, once we receive those in, we will get those out to you. Mugs will be $20.00 apiece as we have to have a special run of these Mugs made, for every 3 that you order you will recieve a $5.50 discount.

IF YOU PLACE AN ORDER AND IT HAS MORE THAN JUST THE MUGS ON YOUR ORDER, YOUR WHOLE ORDER WILL WAIT TO BE SHIPPED ALL AT ONCE. You will be charged for your Mug at the time of the purchase.  This is a one time event and will not happen again. So if you would like one of our previous Christmas Mugs, make sure to place your order this month. Each mug will have an additional shipping fee of $5.00 each to allow for special packaging.

Have a beautiful week!


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Last Chance for Snowman Gatherings III Sale Bundles

You all have seen Snowman Gatherings I and II, but have you seen the awesome new colors and designs of our Snowman Gatherings III line?  If not, you definitely need to check out these fabrics!  We are taking Pre-Orders for Fabric yardage if you find a print that you can’t live with out….which if you ask me is just about ever single one of these fabrics!


If you are not looking for fabric yardage but are in NEED of these great fabrics, we have got the deal for you!!!!

Have you Pre-Ordered your Snowman Gatherings III fabric bundles yet?  If you have not done so, this is going to be the last week to receive those awesome discounts on the Pre-Order Pre-Cuts!  Right now all Pre-Cuts for Snowman Gatherings III is on SALE for 20% off, once they arrive in the Shop they will go back to regular price! Don’t pass up this opportunity to be the first on the block to receive these beautiful fabrics in the mail!



And what would a fabric line be with out patterns to go along with them?  Lisa has designed some simple, easy and fast piecing quilts and wool projects just for you and just in time for you to finish them up for the Holiday Season!

All of these fabric, kits and patterns should be available to ship end of June! Do not miss out on these amazing fabrics and patterns!

Enjoy the beautiful day,


Primitive Gatherings



2017 Summer Block of the Week is ALMOST HERE!!

IMG_1212 LR
2017 Wool Summer Block of the Week 

It’s that time of the year again when we launch our much anticipated Summer Block of the Week (SBOW). This year just like last year we will have 3 different projects that you can sign up for and participate in.   You will have a choice of a Wool Applique Quilt (which is not named yet), a Pieced Quilt called Starlit Skies and a Hand Pieced Quilt called Hexi Haven to choose from. I know you all are ready to get into the good stuff, so I will not delay.

PLEASE read carefully. All of your questions should be answered by the time you are done reading this. If we have forgotten anything please let us know so that we are able to correct it, because if you have questions its likely others will as well. I know it is a lot of information to take in, but it should hopefully answer all your questions.

General Information:

The Summer Block of the Week (SBOW) will be a 12-week program; first shipment will go out the week of June 5.

As we have done in previous years we will have a Facebook Group set up for those of you who join any of the 3 SBOW programs. This year we will have 3 separate Facebook Groups, one for each of the SBOWs. Please make sure that you are Friends with Jessica Holz on Facebook, and then PM her to tell her which group you are in, she will then put you into the group. You will need to be Friends with her on Facebook since this is a CLOSED Group and only those in the SBOW programs can join in. This is a great way to learn new techniques and to share with one another! Some of you are already friends with me, for those of you who are not please look for this profile picture for who to friend request.

Jessica Holz Facebook Profile Picture to Friend Request


NEW: Since last years SBOW, we have launched a new payment system so there are a few things that have changed. We therefore have to change our payment options.

  1. If you Pay in Full your SBOW will be charged at the time you place your order. As our THANK YOU for Paying in Full and making it easier for us to process your order, there is a discount already applied to the total price of ONE FREE WEEK (includes shipping and block). Your SBOW will be charged at time of placing your order.
  2. Our new system is unable to process your Credit Card weekly; therefore there will be a Pay Monthly This means that on the 3rd of every month for 3 months you will be charged a set amount, determined by which SBOW you sign up for. If you Pay Monthly your SBOW will be charged June 3, July 3, August 3. As our THANK YOU for Paying Monthly, we have discounted the price of the SBOW and given you ½ of a week’s payment for FREE.
  3. When you choose the Pay Weekly, you will see that it will come up as $0.00, we will be following up with you on the Pay Weekly option by Phone to get you set up in the Weekly Payment System. If you choose this option, there will be no discount given, as we will need to charge you each week.
  4. If you are in the State of Wisconsin, State Tax is NOT shown in the prices in this email, when you place your order the tax will show on your Invoice.
  5. When ordering Supply Kits, Backing Fabric, and Additional Items for any of these SBOW Programs, they will automatically be charged at the time you place your order. These will all ship with your first SBOW block.
  6. If you are doing more than ONE SBOW with us this year, there will be no adjustment for shipping as we have done in the past. The reason for this is that we are only charging $3.00 for shipping each block this year verses the $4.00 we charged in shipping last year. Last year when you did more than one SBOW we adjusted the price to $3.00 per block.

EVERYONE who participates in the SBOW will receive a FREEBIE kit and pattern each week in their SBOW, as long as your credit card is valid. If you are Paying in Full, you will not have to worry about your credit card on a monthly basis. Please remember only ONE Freebie per person, per week.

 If you are purchasing one of the SBOWs and you are International, including Canada; we will be contacting you via email about our Shipping Practices for International customers. If you have done the SBOW with us in the past we are using the same practice. Please know that you will NOT be charged more than you see on this email.  IMPORTANT: If you are International/Canadian you will not be able to pay weekly.



Are you ready to learn all about the 3 SBOW Programs that we are offering this Summer?? I know I am excited to present this to you! This is by far one of our most exciting times of the year for us here at the Shop; all the hustle and bustle is amazing to see! I am still always amazed at how much we can get out of the Shipping area in one week, let alone in one day!


Lets start by telling you all about the Wool Applique Quilt. This quilt will be comprised of 12 blocks that will finish at 10”x12”, we do not have a finished size on the quilt yet because Lisa is unsure as to how she is going to finish it! This years SBOW will be more of a Mystery Quilt than it has been in the last few years. Lisa will not be releasing Finishing Kit information until about half way thru the program. If you do not want to make a quilt out of all of these blocks, each of the individual blocks will also make an amazing little quilt to give to Friends and Family as gifts.

IMG_1212 LR
2017 Wool Summer Block of the Week

When ordering the Wool Applique SBOW, please take in to consideration how you would like to pay.

  1. Paying Weekly: Each week will be $12 for the block and $3.00 for shipping for a total of $15/week for 12 weeks, the total program will cost $180.
  2. Paying Monthly: Your pricing is the same as the Weekly HOWEVER, you will receive a discount of $7.50, and the total program cost will be $172.50. That will be spread out between 3 months, so your monthly fee will be $57.50/month. This will be first charged on June 3.
  3. Paying In Full: Your pricing is the same as the Weekly HOWEVER, you will be receiving a discount of $15, to make your total cost for the program $165. This will be charged when you place your order.

We have put together a little Supply Kit that has all the “fixings”. This year the Supply Kit will be $27.50, shipping is included, and you will save $7.50 by ordering the kit as a 25% discount has already been applied to the Supply Kit price. If you choose to order everything individually, there will be no discount applied. The Supply Kit includes:

IMG_1208 LR
Wool Supply Kit
  1. Project Case: To keep all your blocks together
  2. Steam a Seam 2 Lite: 2 Packages for all your wool appliques
  3. Needle Threader: Because who doesn’t need a little help every now and then to help thread that needle?
  4. Set of 6-#24 & 6-#22 Chenille Needles: You can never have too many needles
  5. 1” Triangle Paper: Specifically designed to how we cut our fabric for this project. This is provided to you FREE in the Supply Kit. If you would like to purchase the Triangle Paper separately, you will need to purchase our 1”Triangle Paper for $7.00
SBOW Thread Kit-550x550
Thread Kit for the Wool SBOW 2017

We will be offering a Thread Kit including a case for $150.00.  This Thread Kit should retail at $180.00 plus shipping but if you are doing the SBOW with us we are giving you a $30.00 discount and covering the cost of the shipping!  If you would prefer not to have a project case for your threads, the Thread kit will cost $145.00.  If you are ordering a COMPLETE thread kit, please in the Comment Section place wither you are in paid in full, paid weekly, or paid monthly so that we can match up your threads with your SBOW.  If you would prefer to pick and choose which threads you would like to order, here is a list of the threads that are included in the kit. Please note that if you are picking and choosing which threads to order, your threads will ship separately from your SBOW, and will incur a shipping charge.  Thank you for understanding.

Valdani #12 Threads:  813, 0511, 188, 0217, P5, P2, 0548 OR 200, M43, 0503, 0510, H202, 0562, 0507, 0523, M18, 0575 OR 823, 843, M81, 190, 086, P1, H210, 0560, H201, M19, 893, V3, 078, 0775 OR 775, 031, 0578, P12 OR 1645. 

We will offer the Finishing Kit and Backing Fabric approximately half way thru the SBOW. Please remember that this is an optional purchase, you will NEED to purchase it when the time comes if you would like to finish your quilt the same way that Lisa does.  



IMG_1184 LR
Starlit Skies Summer Block of the Week


Are these blocks beautiful or what? Scrappiness at its best in these blocks! Each week for 12 weeks you will be making 4- 9 ½” finished Blocks for a total of 48 blocks. You will be receiving a total of 80 fabrics each week to create your scrappy blocks.

When ordering the Starlit Skies SBOW, please take in to consideration how you would like to pay.

  1. Paying Weekly: Each week will be $16 for the block and $3.00 for shipping for a total of $19/week for 12 weeks, the total program will cost $ 228.00.
  2. Paying Monthly: Your pricing is the same as the Weekly HOWEVER, you will receive a discount of $9.50, and the total program cost will be $218.50. That will be spread out between 3 months, so your monthly fee will be $72.83/month. This will be first charged on June 3.
  3. Paying In Full: Your pricing is the same as the Weekly HOWEVER, you will be receiving a discount of $19, to make your total cost for the program $209. This will be charged when you place your order.

Our Supply Kit for Starlit Skies is short and sweet, there is not a lot to it, however they are items we feel would help you on your sewing journey in Starlit Skies. This year the Supply Kit will be $36.00, shipping is included, and you save $10.24 by ordering the kit. There is a 25% discount already applied to the Supply Kit price. Our Supply Kit will include:

  1. Project Case: Keep all your blocks together in one area
  2. Aurifil 50wt thread: #2326: Perfect blend for piecing
  3. 6”x6” Itty Bitty Ruler: To help you cut and trim your blocks and stars easily.

Half way through the program you will be able to sign up for a Finishing Kit and Backing. We are going to have 2 different option for Finishing this quilt up, Lisa just has not finalized how she wants to completely finish each one.



For those of you who enjoy doing Paper Piecing we have Hexi Haven for you this year. During the course of this SBOW, you will receive all the fabric that you need to make the top of the quilt. Binding will be provided in week 12’s kit, there will be NO finishing kit needed. Each week you will make a total of 9 complete blocks. You will have left overs to use in the following weeks in order to start to get the scrappiness that you see in our picture. When you are done with the program you will have enough fabrics to have done 88 of the full blocks and 29 half blocks for the sides of the quilt. A total of 120 different fabrics will be sent to you by the end of week 12.

Please remember that if you are taking on this project, you are going to need a general knowledge of Paper Piecing. While we are going to give you directions into the construction of the Hexi’s and how to create this quilt, it will not be an in depth instruction pamphlet. Please take a peek at YouTube or Pinterest for videos and tutorials on Paper Piecing.

When ordering Hexi Haven, please take in to consideration how you would like to pay.

  1. Paying Weekly: Each week will be $18 for the blocks and $3.00 for shipping for a total of $21/week for 12 weeks, the total program will cost $252.
  2. Paying Monthly: Your pricing is the same as the Weekly HOWEVER, you will receive a discount of $10.50, and the total program cost will be $241.50. That will be spread out between 3 months, so your monthly fee will be $80.50/month. This will be first charged on June 3.
  3. Paying In Full: Your pricing is the same as the Weekly HOWEVER, you will be receiving a discount of $21, to make your total cost for the program $231. This will be charged when you place your order.
IMG_1217 LR
Hexi Haven Supply Kit

This year the Supply Kit will be $75, shipping is included and you save $20.00 by ordering the kit. There is a 25% discount already applied to the Supply Kit. By ordering the Supply kit you are virtually receiving the Project Case, Cutting Mat, and Needles for FREE!! Our Supply Kit will include:

  1. Project Case: Keep all those Hexi’s in one spot
  2. 5 ½”x 7 ½” Cutting Mat: Small and compact to keep next to you while traveling or sitting in your living room
  3. Promo Ruler 2 ½” x 6 ½”: You need a small ruler to go along with that small cutting mat
  4. Bohin Needles #11: You can never have too many needles
  5. Papers: You will receive enough papers to cover the ENTIRE quilt, you will not have to reuse. (If you are not ordering the Supply kit, these papers will be available to order separately FOR $70.00)

Depending on how you prefer to construct your blocks, we have two additional items that you should consider.

  1. Used for both basting your Hexi’s and also for piecing your Hexi’s together in a block form, we have a small spool 8-piece 50 wt. Aurifil Thread kit for you. The Aurifil Thread kit should retail for $40.00, however we are giving you a discount, which is equivalent to 2-FREE spools. For $30.00 the Aurifil Thread kit will include: 1140, 2784, 1103, 2905, 1243, 1246, 2370 x 2.

    IMG_1229 LR
    Aurifil Thread Kit
  2. Sewline Glue Pen Kit: Includes 1-Sewline Glue Pen, 5-2 pack refill cartridges. Shipping is included in price for $25.00; this price is like getting 2-refil packs for FREE.

    IMG_1225 LR
    Sewline Glue Kit

Since we do know that the size of your Hexi Haven Quilt is going to measure 54” x 67 ¾” when complete, we do know that you are going to need 4 yards of Backing fabric. You have the option of purchasing that when you sign up, you are receiving a 25% discount on the fabric and it will be $40, shipping is included in that price.



IMG_1235 LR
One of our Freebie Blocks

 A little something different this year is our Freebie Supply Kit. Why we haven’t ever thought of it before I do not know! But you all receive the Freebie each week, so we thought we would provide you with the option of a Supply Kit. Our Supply Kit for the Freebie with shipping included is $28.00. The Supply Kit would include:

IMG_1203 LR
Freebie Supply Kit
  1. Project Case: Cause you need to store your Freebies somewhere
  2. Steam a Seam 2 Lite: 1 pack needed to fuse your wool
  3. 6-#24 Chenille Needles: Never enough needles around when you need them.
  4. Instant Antique: Lets have some fun with these backgrounds!

Finishing Kits and Backing Fabric will be offered at a later date when we get toward the end of the program, so please watch for that on our Facebook and Shop Blog.

We hope you have found at least ONE Summer Block of the Week that you are interested in doing with us this Summer. We love hosting these projects for you! Have a beautiful Summer!

Thank You,


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop