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Wool Stash Builder!


Are you looking to build up your stash of wools?  Looking to find some new textures and colors to work with?  If so, look no further than our Wool Bundles of the Month starting in April 2017!  Each month for 12 Months you will receive in your mailbox a bundle of wool specially for you!  Each bundle will consist of 8 Different colors and or textures for you to play with!

Take them apart right away and start to work with them or collect them all and play with your bundles when you have collected all 12 or them!  Kinda like a Happy Meal when you were a kid and needed to collect all the toys, now your toys are WOOL! Collect all the pieces  and have fun with them!

Over the last few months we have upgraded our computer systems and have implemented a program that we feel is going to make our Blocks of the Month easier for everyone.  It is a Subscription based system that will automatically charge you on the 3rd of every month.  This is for all Blocks of the Month that you sign up for in 2017. This will allow for us to get your Blocks of the Month out to you faster, and gives you more time to work on them each month.  When looking at our Block of the Months, you will now see what the TOTAL cost of each month will be, it will include the Shipping in its price!  For example: The Wool Bundles are $16/month, shipping is $3/month, so you will see $19 for the Wool Bundles.  

For all of you currently in a Block of the Month with us, you will be receiving a note in your package this month about our new system.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

Flannel Quilt Kit Sale!

We are rolling into our Winter Months and LOVE to cuddle up with our Flannel Quilts!  We wanted to share a BUNCH of savings with you, so that you too can enjoy a Flannel Quilt with us! IT is only going to be 9 degrees tomorrow and our low for tonight is going to be -4 degrees….I want to just cuddle up with one of these quilts right now!


We only have a few quilt kits left from our Flannel Gatherings Book and there is a limited supply so do not hesitate if you would like to do one of these quilts. Our Flannel Gatherings Book is also on Sale for 50% off, Regular price $25.00 on Sale for $12.50.

From the Flannel Gatherings Book we only have a 3 different quilt kits left.

Portland Rose is Flannel with Wool Applique, was $450.00 now $270.00!!!!!! Scoop this one up if you thinking about doing it!  There is not a better price out there for this quilt kit!  And of course pictures does not do it justice!


We have only 2 kits left I believe of our Troubled Waters kit!  You will recieve all the the original fabrics that went into making this stunning quilt!  At 100″square this quilt kit is only $179.40 down from $299.00!!!!


The last one that we have from Flannel Gatherings is Confetti!  Confetti is 110″ Square and is only $127.20!!! Seriously where are you going to find a quilt kit that size in Flannel for $127.20????


We have 3 Flannel Quilt kits that are NOT from the Flannel Gatherings Book that we have put on Sale. Each one of them are beautiful in their own right.

We have the beautiful Triangle Gathering Quilt kit that is made from the Primitive Muslin Flannel Line, easily put together using Triangle Paper.  If you have never used Triangle Paper, try it out, you will never go back to the traditional way of making Half-Square Triangles again.  This quilt is 75″x 85″ and is on sale for $120!!


Trotting Along and Murrieta Stars are both done out of the Wool and Needle III.  This line of fabrics had a variety of colors and textures that make each of these quilts BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Trotting Along is 69″ x 80″ and is on sale for $111.00!   I just love how colorful and fun this quilt is!

Murrieta Stars has that AMAZING creamy Yellow background color that makes this quilt stand out from the rest!   Snatch your quilt kit up today, at only $132.00 this would make a stunning quilt for just about any one, this quilt measures 84″x 96″.


Don’t wait too long on these quilt kits, they are not going to last long with these prices!

Next week we will be at the Road to California Show!  We hope to see you there we will be in booths 908/910/1009/1001 and if you can not join us….stay tuned for pictures of our Booth!

Have a great Thursday Night!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop





Shop Closing for the Holidays 2016


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  We are almost there! I do not know where the year went, but it was definitely a fun and interesting year and can not wait to see what 2017 has in store of us!

We wanted to give you all a heads up on the Holiday Hours we will be having at the Shop in Wisconsin.  We will be Closing Early on December 23 at 1:00 to allow our Employees to go home and start their Holiday weekend with their Family and Friends, and to travel if need be.  We will be CLOSED on Saturday December 24 thru Monday December 26.  The Shop will be back OPEN on December 27th.



And then to begin the New Years off, we will be CLOSED on New Years Ever, December 31, 2016 thru January 2, 2017.  The Shop will Open back up on January 3, 2017.

We hope everyone has an Safe and Happy Holiday and New Years!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

12 Days of Christmas Event


How do you like our artwork this year? So cute…Teri does such a good job…If you have been through this for a couple of years already OR this is your first time doing our 12 Days of Needful Things, WELCOME!

Are you ready for 12 days of FUN!!!! Good…I’m ready too. I’m feeling great and want to get to work…this FIRST post is wordy…so please read all the words so you now what’s going on!!! Remember I have to write them so you have to read them!!! Ha…works good when we all do our part!

EXPLANATION: It has been brought to my attention that I do this 12 days thing backwards…and was suggested I change it…ummm no…I count down 12 days until Christmas…I start with 12 and count down till 1 day before Christmas…I guess if think about it…if I did things the way they were supposed to be done…I wouldn’t be what I am today…so you have to live with my backwards thinking for just this time of year…and every year I do this…like a tradition. I just checked this will be the 4th year of the 12 days of Christmas…You can go back in the blog archive and read the previous 3 years. Look in Dec 2012-2015.

Every year it is very hard for us to come up with 12 new things as you know I only promote what I actually use…I do not believe in owning every notion because someone thinks its a great idea…my prime example is you don’t need a ruler to help you put your binding on…that’s just a little silly…but all shop owners love those who have to have every little thing made for quilters…and bless you for keeping your quilt shops in business, but seriously my notion walls in may shops do not run the length of the store..they are very minimal…It has to be real necessary and useful for me to promote it…Some of the items may seem to have been done previously…Well.. if there is an improvement or addition to the product line we may feature it again…so keep this in mind as well…

Ordering Details…The major thing that is different this year is will will not be able to hold your placed orders as we go and ship them all together at the end…unless you wait until the end-and send your order in all at once. We are SUPER COMPLIANT with our CC processing and it adds the minimal shipping and charges your card as soon as you place your order….I know it’s different-we never see your cc number-a good thing… Think about it this way…you cannot order from Amazon and then order again the next day and have them combine them…does’nt work.

We LOVED it when we could do this as we could see if we had to order more if we had a lot of orders and keep ordering and be ready at the end to ship them…but not anymore…but if your order is over $100 shipping is FREE so keep that in mind, and send those orders through if its important to you to meet that FREE SHIPPING amount. If the minimal shipping is no big deal and you want to send your orders in you’ll be sure to get them fast, because I know a lot of people will wait till the end to send their complete order through with this new system… Just an FYI reminder…Domestic (US) shipping is $3.99 under $10 and $5.99 under $100. FREE over $100…I think of shipping like putting gas in the car…If I was going shopping I’d have to fill the tank up…trudge all over town looking for what I want and so on…I’ll gladly pay $5.99-reasonable shipping charges to stay home and shop on my computer, No big deal. So I hope that is clear. If you have any questions you can call the shop or email, but it’s pretty simple…International customers please wait until the end and regular International shipping rates will apply.

Day 12…Needful Thing

Wonder Clips…We’ve had this one before..but have you seen the NEW jumbo and NEWEST mini ones they have now?…I love those big and little sizes…Lisa BongeanSo many uses…It’s all about “together”…keeping our things together….you can clip blocks together when you are are laying out your rows…you can hold tiny counted HST’s together in the number you need to keep them”together”…if you have to have “x” amount of papers for this project…keep them “together”…not just for binding your quit anymore…and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind sharing a few of the things you uses them for?

We have a nice prices if you need to add some regular clips to replenish ones you may have lost or are forging in your sewing room on their own…10 pk.$5.56 reg. $6.95…Jumbo 24 pk. 19.96 reg. $24.95. Mini clips. 20 pk. $10.36- reg.$12.95…Bundle price all three for $31.49 sale price…. All your “things” will be forever “together” from now on…or at least once your clips arrive!







Are you looking for something for that Special Someone and just don’t know what to get them?  Look no further than a Gift Card from Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop!  This week from December 5-11, 2016; we are offering to add an additional $5.00 for every $50 dollars that you purchase in Gift Cards!  Which means that if you purchase a $100.00 Gift Card you are going to receive a Gift Card for $110.00!!!

We also have a NEW system for our Gift Cards.  They are now electronically sent to you OR the person that you are giving them too!  No more waiting for them to appear in your postal mailbox!  They will almost instantaneously arrive in YOUR email box!

We hope you have a great HOLIDAY SEASON and don’t forget to make your Gift Card purchase TODAY!

Thank you


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop




Hopefully this finds you fully rested from your Holiday Weekend and you are ready to hit your computer and find some of those awesome Sales everyone is talking about!

We have put some great kits ON SALE, that we would like to move out to make room for the coming New Year!  Go to our SALE section on our website and then under Cyber Monday Sale you will see all our our Sales for the day.

We have a collection of small quilt kits made from Small Treasures From Scraps that would make great gifts for this Holiday Season! And they are simple enough to be able to get them done in time! During the Sale TODAY, the Book will be 25% off and all the kits are 40% off!  Click on the link to be taken straight to them. Your discount will show once you put it into your Cart.


ALL Sale patterns are an additional 25% off!   We have some great patterns on Sale that you are sure to love!  Once again, the discounts will show once you put them into your Cart.  This is a ONE DAY sale which is why it will not show until it is in your Cart. Here are just a few patterns you will find:

We have some limited quantities of a few quilt kits left for Sale as well.  Make sure you get in on those as soon as possible, they won’t be available for long.


Have a beautiful day! PLEASE REMEMBER, these prices are only good for TODAY!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop




Today is our Final Day for Ordering to receive all of our Free Goodies, during our Primitive Christmas Event.  While the Shops may not be Open, you can still Order your items ONLINE until Midnight CST, November 20,2016.

If you have not ordered or are new to this Event here are the specifics.  When purchasing $25 or more between the dates of November 17-20, you will receive 4 FREE patterns to a quilt, a wall hanging, a wool mat and a pincushion, 1 FREE pincushion kit AND a Coupon Book (so that you know all the good sales coming up before anyone next year)! You will FIND all of our NEW items on our Website, under the category NEW and then A PRIMITIVE CHRISTMAS. You will find everything you see below and MORE under A PRIMITIVE CHRISTMAS EVENT on our website. All Freebies will be automatically added to your package when we send it out to you.


Snowflake Catcher, Home Pincushion, our Large quilt Layers of fun, and the small wall hanging on the quilt called Winter Diamonds will all be your FREE Patterns.


We have some great new kits and projects that we have kitted up for you as well.  Lisa was busy designing and came up with some great new projects for you for this Event as well.  Please remember that these are NOT free patterns, so you will need to choose the kit and pattern or just pattern if you would like to purchase one of these projects.


Looking for some new ornaments this year for your tree?  We have 2 new ones that you are sure to love! Please make sure you choose the pattern as well if you would like to make these ornaments. The pattern is not included as you have options to choose from.

We also have a couple of new projects from other designers as well, including Lily Anna Stitches and Buttermilk Basin.


And Last but certainly not least we have our Annual Christmas Mugs.  This years theme was a Snowman!  Due to the popularity of this Mug we do have more on order, and are waiting for more to come in.  You will be guaranteed a Mug if you place your order TODAY! SO do not hesitate if you would like to purchase one of these mugs.  We will be submitting our FINAL order for these mugs on Monday!

We hope you had a wonderful time with this Event!  We love having it every year for you!  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!








Primitive Christmas Event is HERE!!!


You all have been waiting so patiently to see all of the awesome projects and freebies that we have for you this year!  It is definitely going to be worth the wait!! So lets get started!

PLEASE READ! Quickly before we get into all the goodies coming your way. If you are planning on coming to either of the Wisconsin or the California Shop for our Event, please check to see the times in which each Shops are open. In our Wisconsin and California Shops, we will be Open during our REGULAR Shop hours….we have not extended our hours for this Event. Which means that even though the Event goes until Sunday at Midnight, you only have until Saturday Evening at 4pm to come into the Shop. You are able to Shop ONLINE until Midnight on Sunday November 20. Thank you!


Okay are you ready for some fun? When purchasing $25 or more between the dates of November 17-20, you will receive 4 FREE patterns to a quilt, a wall hanging, a wool mat and a pincushion, 1 FREE pincushion kit AND a Coupon Book (so that you know all the good sales coming up before anyone next year)! You will FIND all of our NEW items on our Website, under the category NEW and then A PRIMITIVE CHRISTMAS.  Here are 2 of the FREE pattern and the FREE pincushion kit. You will find everything you see below and MORE under A PRIMITIVE CHRISTMAS EVENT on our website. All Freebies will be automatically added to your package when we send it out to you.




Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? If so come and join us at either our Shop in Wisconsin or California at our Make and Take each day! We will be teaching you how to make these adorable Stacked Snowman, and the best part is, is that all the pennies are PRE-CUT!!!! How easy is that? In Wisconsin and California we will be holding our Make and Takes on Thursday and Friday from 10-2 pm, and on Saturday from 10-2 pm, stop on in anytime for a quick lesson! For those of you who are unable to participate at either Shop, we will have our kits available for you to purchase ONLINE with us. You will have a choice of a “modern” Snowman, who is all one color or the “primitive” which are all different cream textures, mix them up and have fun! These would be great ornaments to make with your children or grandchildren, as they are 90% pre-cut for you!



And if you loved those “little” guys so much, have made a “large” stacked Snowman Couple for you! These Snowmen are approximately 5 ½”x 9”(the lady is slightly smaller), and would make a great addition on the center of any table. The kit makes the set and can comes 2 different ways…..with Pre-Cut Pennies for easy assembly or you can purchase a yard of wool and the “accessory” pack for you to cut out your own pennies.



We also have brought back our annual Christmas Mugs that we have been doing for the past 2 years. This will be Mug #3! And since our theme this year is Snowmen, we thought it would be fitting to have this Frosty Winter Blue as our Mug color! We hope you LOVE it as much as we do! We have kept the Mug at $18.50 as it was last year. There will be an additional shipping charge, as we need to purchase extra packaging materials to ensure that the Mug gets to you safely and intact. DO NOT wait to purchase your Mug…..they go fast! 


And what would a Christmas Event be with out more fun projects to choose from? Lisa has had her creative juices flowing the past month so we have several more projects to introduce to you!


We also have some great new projects from other designers kitted up as well! Make sure you check those out as well!


Are you looking for a gift for your sewing friends? Look no further as we have put together some great gifts! We have a little bit for everyone!


We hope you enjoy our Primitive Christmas Event this year and all the goodies we were able to provide for you! Although it is hard work getting this all ready for all of you, we ABSOLUTLEY LOVE putting it on for you! We LOVE being your little Elves each year!

There will be more to come every day!  Please follow us on FACEBOOK for a daily dose and more of our Primitive Christmas Event!

Thank you,


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


Primitive Christmas Open House is right around the corner! Sneak Peak!


Have you every joined us for our annual Primitive Christmas Open House?  If you have, you know how much fun this Event is.  And if you have not, you NEED to join in this year!  We do give aways, make and takes, free patterns and kits, sales, cookies, cider and so much more!

This year our Primitive Christmas Event will be from November 17-20.  We might open have every thing up for you to start ordering on Wednesday Night so make sure you check our Facebook Page on Wednesday Night for full detail.  We do this Event ONLINE and in our Shops in Wisconsin and California!  So come join in the FUN!

This year with a minimum purchase of $25 or more you will receive a packet of 4 FREE patterns, exclusive to this Event; in previous years there has only been 3 Free patterns given out.  You will also receive a FREE pincushion kit!  Our FREE patterns will include a pattern for a quilt, a small wallhanging, a wool mat and a pincushion!  You are not going to want to miss out on these!  There is something for everyone!

We also have back our annual Christmas Mugs!  Since this years theme is a Snowman, you can only guess what our Mugs will look like this year… will have to wait until Wednesday Night to see them completely!


We have put together some new goodie bags that make shopping for your sewing friends simple and easy. We have Fat Quarter bags, Valdani goodies, Wool goodies and so much more!


Our MAKE AND TAKES at the Shops are absolutely adorable if i do say so myself!  Think along the lines of the Stacked Trees we made last year…..only they are SNOWMEN!!!!!!  Don’t worry if you can not participate in the Make and Takes at one of our Shops you will be able to purchase the kits Online……and guess what?????  They are pretty much ALL pre-cut, only a little scissors cutting is involved!!!!!!  Each Shop will set their own hours on the Make and Takes, in Wisconsin they will be from 10:00-4 Thursday and Friday, and 10-3 on Saturday!  We hope to see you there!


Have a beautiful weekend!


Primitive Gatherings 


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