Summer Block of the Week-Wool is HERE!

SBOW Block 1 Web-1

I’m looking outside waiting for an impending snowstorm and writing to you about our Summer Block of the Week! Something has to be wrong here, and I think it is the Snow Storm! We are starting our Summer Block of the Week kick off a little early this year; while we are still working on our Pieced and our Hand Pieced SBOWs, we are set to launch our Wool SBOW. We are in a bit of a conundrum with fabric and know that we are going to have to special order the Flannel Background because Moda does not have enough to cover what we believe we are going to need. With that said, we are starting the sign ups for our Wool SBOW this week so that we are able to order enough fabric to cover everyone who would like to participate.

This year you are going to need 8 yards of background flannel to complete the quilt. Our quilt we figure is going to measure around 90”x 90”. Yes, it is going to be a larger size quilt this year, it is in my opinion probably one of the most stunning SBOWs that we have done yet! Block sizes are 18.5” square, but will only be using about 16” of that for wool applique and the rest will be for the faux sashing. See diagram in Finishing kit to see meaning. You will have your choice of 3 different backgrounds; Lisa will be doing hers on the Midnight Navy flannel, as seen below.


We have also chosen anther color that we believe will look spectacular with the wools that we have chosen. We choose a light blue grey called Lake.

PLEASE NOTE: All wools will be exactly the same no matter what background fabric you choose. For some reason the other color showed up a little creamery, but they are EXACTLY the same!


1040-52 Background Web


How the Summer Block of the Week will work this year?

Since we have 8 yards of background flannel that is needed for this project you are going to receive all of that upfront in your first weeks shipment. Like most of our SBOWS this will be a 12-week commitment from all of you, we will start shipping the SBOW June 5. The 8 yards of flannel is going to be considered your “Essentials”, when signing up for this you will need to choose which color you would like for your Essentials (background fabric) to be, your background fabric will be charged at the time of the purchase and will be $114.00, which includes shipping. Next you will need to ask yourself if you would like to pay monthly or pay in full. If you are paying monthly you will be charged $80.00 that includes 4- weeks of Blocks and shipping. If you are paying monthly we are going to be doing something a little different this year, we are going to be charging you in May for your first set of blocks, this allows us to start shipping your blocks on the first of every month instead of having to wait until the 6th of every month when our billing cycle completes. If you would like to pay in full, you will be charged at the time of purchase $220.00, this is all of your wool blocks and shipping. If you are paying in full, you will receive a FREE week as our “Thank You” for only having to run your credit card one time!


Essentials: $104.00 (8 yds. of background fabric)+$10.00 for shipping

Weekly: $20.00 ($17.00/week plus $3.00 shipping)

**There is not an option, we are just letting you know what it is per week.

Pay Monthly: $80.00 for wool and shipping (essentials were paid for at time of purchase)

Pay in Full: $220.00 plus Essentials

**If you are in the state of Wisconsin you will have tax included on your purchase.


Thread Kits

Thread Kit $58.00
Thread Kit $58.00

We have built Starter Thread kits, this means that you might need to purchase more of one or more of these colors before you finish these appliques; because this quilt is not finished we do not know which ones you will need for sure. This quilt will all be in the same color tones as you see in the pictures, which means you are going to be using a lot of the same threads. Our Thread kit is $55.00 plus $3.00 for shipping for a total of $58.00.

Threads needed are:

#12: 0196, 0563, P3, 0178, M49, M23, P4, 5 (2 balls).

#8: 0196, 5, P4.


Supply Kits

Our Supply Kit this year is going to be a little different this year. This year we have put our Supply Kit in one of our logo Zipper Bags. The Supply Kit will include: Fray Check, 6-#24 and 6-#22 Chenille Needles, and 5-yards of Heat and Bond, and 1 package of Lite Steam a Seam 2, and the zipper bagged. We have had several of you who do not like the Lite Steam a Seam 2 that we have been using, so we have replaced it with the Heat and Bond, Lisa is using that on her blocks as well. Lisa will be using the Lite Steam a Seam 2 for her stems only. By ordering a Supply Kit you will be saving 25% off of the whole kit, this kit will be only $38.00 includes shipping, regular price $45.50 plus shipping.

Supply Kit $38.00
Supply Kit $38.00

International and Canadian Orders

In order to keep your shipping costs down when doing the SBOW, we have to do your shipping a little different. We will ship your first block and Essentials out the first week of the program. After that we will hold your blocks for a 4-week time period, and ship on that fourth week. This allows us to have just enough money in postage for you to cover our cost to ship it to you.   If you would like to receive yours weekly please call the Shop and we would be happy to help you, but please know that it costs us about $9.00 to ship you a package each week. Which means an additional $24.00 would be needed from you each month to get your SBOW out to you weekly.


Finishing Kits

 As we have done in years past, this SBOW will have a finishing kit available to you for purchasing somewhere in the middle of the program. You will NOT need any additional flannel fabric for the finishing kit. Your finishing kit would include the center medallion and the outer boarders. When we have pricing figured out, we will send a note home in one of your blocks, along with posting it on Facebook and in our Facebook Group. Here is a diagram of how we believe the SBOW will be put together and finished.

How the SBOW quilt will be finished.
How the SBOW quilt will be finished.

Will there be a Freebie this year?

Of course there is going to be a Freebie this year! We are planning that one out while I am typing this email to you. This year if you are participating in one of our SBOWs, you will automatically be getting one of our Freebies. Please note that if you are participating in more than 1 SBOW you will only receive 1 Freebie.

If you are not participating in our SBOW this year but still would like to receive the Freebie, you will need to make a purchase of $25.00 or more, each week that the SBOW is running. If you miss one they can be purchased for $5.00 a piece.

Facebook Group

We will be having a Facebook Group again this year. This group is absolutely amazing to keep you motivated, to learn new tricks and to see exclusive teachings from Lisa. This year we are planning a few Facebook Live posts for everyone to learn from, which will be a lot of fun! PLEASE make sure that you first are friends with ME, Jessica Holz on Facebook; from there you will need to send me a message to let me know that you are in the SBOW and would like to be added into the group. I will then add you into the Group and you are ready to start participating and asking questions if you have them. You NEED to be friends with me as it is a CLOSED/PRIVATE group, I am only able to add you if you are my friend.  Please look for my picture as seen below if you are not friends with me already.

Jessica Holz
Jessica Holz


Will There be other SBOWs like there has been in the past?

Yes, there will be an English Paper Piecing and a Pieced SBOW like there has been in years past.  We are still working on those and should have those ready to go in a couple weeks.  As we stated above, our Wool SBOW needed to be out early as we are in a bit of a constraint with the fabric and want to make sure we have enough for everyone who would like to participate.


Want to know when you package ships?

UPSP Informed Delivery By USPS is available for you.  You just need to sign up online with the USPS if you would like to be informed as to when your packages will be arriving.  Once we put it into USPS you will be informed of it journey to you and when you can expect it in your mail box. This will be for all letters and packages that you have coming to you, this is not a service through us.  This is just an options for you if you want to get notifications about your package, if you do not want this service you DO NOT have to have it.


We hope you love doing these Blocks of the Week as much as we love putting them on for you.  This is one of our favorite times of the year…..besides our Christmas Open House.

Have a beautiful Day!


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7 thoughts on “Summer Block of the Week-Wool is HERE!

  1. Every year I think you can’t possibly out-do the SBOWs of the past, but then you do!! What a gorgeous quilt this is going to be. I guess I’d better sign up fast, then sign up for the cruise in March to finish it!

  2. II love the design and colors, but when weighing the cost and the fact that this quilt is more for show than practical use, I must decline enrolling. I would love to do the first block just for a throw pillow. Thanks for your many ideas.

  3. Can you tell me if the red flannel “Heart” might still be available for purchase? I plan to sign up for the SBOW and would really like to do it in the red. Also, if I purchase the background (any color) and the thread kit, will they be billed and shipped right away, or will they be billed and shipped with the first of the blocks in June? Thanks, Janis Hardy

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