Wool Summer Block of the Week…Important notice

This is just an FYI…Joanne called and told me her fabric in her kit was barely 44″.

We need to get 4-11 blocks out of each 11″ strip.  So please cut your 3-11″strips.  Cut off the white selvage, just the white part and then unflold your 11″ strips and cut them.

If you have a little of the holes from the dark selvage in the last block, this is OK as we will be trimming all the blocks to 10 1/2″.

You can also cut them 10 3/4″ and you will just have less to trim after the applique is done.

I measured my flannel fabric that I cut my blocks from and I have 44 1/2″???? Why does this happen??? I don’t know????

So just a heads up to be careful….thanks again for following our shop!!!


Most of the blocks have not shipped yet as we are waiting very impatiently for our background flannel to arrive…it is on the truck coming…so please bare with us…

3 thoughts on “Wool Summer Block of the Week…Important notice

  1. I am assuming that this is un-washed fabric? I usually don’t wash my fabrics but some people do and it might make a difference.

  2. Thanks for the update. I guess I should stop stalking my mail person. Just anxious to get started!

  3. Thank you for keeping us posted on the shipment. As a loyal customer you know I await my wool BOW patiently. Just very excited to start getting them. Hope fabrics comes soon!

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