Flower Penny Garden BOW

Flower Penny Garden BOW….oops!!

Hey Ladies, I wanted to let you know that we found a mistake in the instructions for Block 6.  You are going to have to cut 8-scant 1/4″ for the stems.  The extra 4 are for you to cut to make the stems off of the main stems.  Then you are going to need to cut the small leaves out of there as well.  You are not going to have enough to cut your last set of 6-leaves.  We will send you a 2×2 inch piece out to you in your Block 8, as Block 7 is all set and ready to go.  Sorry for the mistake.  Thank you JLH

6 thoughts on “Flower Penny Garden BOW….oops!!

    1. Wow……I am glad you are perfect in everything you do…I know I am not and even though I try to get things right sometimes things happen…but obviously from this comment it does not happen to you and you are perfect…We have corrected this problem and when we do a block of the week it obviously has not been tested…the quilter’s doing it are testing it for us..what I don’t get is what satisfaction did this comment get you?…LB Thanks to all of the 650 persons doing this BOW…and understanding that we all are not going to be perfect all of the time…it is just the way life is…

      1. Let me chime in here on this response as well. I have first-hand knowledge of the very busy life Lisa leads as she works on many projects at the same time, meeting deadlines and being there for everyone in every aspect of the business. If ever there was a Wonder Woman, it would be Lisa. I spend one full day per week working with her and by the end of that day, my head is spinning wondering how she keeps it all straight! Nobody can possibly understand all that this lady has going on all at the same time. Cut her a break, Paula…….it was a simple mistake, not intentional and it is being corrected in the very next block.

  1. Primitive Gatherings Staff:

    Please keep doing what you are doing! Helping us learn as we go! I have made cutting, ironing, sewing errors along the way. You have helped in every aspect of sewing and I appreciate your quick responses with everything you do! We can all live with a 2×2 error…lol :))

    Good Job Ladies!

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