Flower Penny Garden BOW

Flower Penny Garden BOW….oops!!

Hey Ladies, I wanted to let you know that we found a mistake in the instructions for Block 6.  You are going to have to cut 8-scant 1/4″ for the stems.  The extra 4 are for you to cut to make the stems off of the main stems.  Then you are going to need to cut the small leaves out of there as well.  You are not going to have enough to cut your last set of 6-leaves.  We will send you a 2×2 inch piece out to you in your Block 8, as Block 7 is all set and ready to go.  Sorry for the mistake.  Thank you JLH

Flower Penny Garden BOW

Flower Penny Garden Threads Weeks 1-4

Hello, I know all of you are wondering about the threads. I can tell you what they are up to Block 4.  Lisa has not finished past that yet and we are waiting anxiously to see.  The blocks are absolutely beautiful and can barely contain myself when I see each one, hope that is the same way for all of you.  Its like Christmas all over again when you get them in the mail isn’t it??

Week 1: #12: 78, 078, 086, 0154, 0575, 813 and 3-strand 086

Week 2: #12: 0548, P12

Week 3: #12: 1645

Week 4: There is no new ones.

Block of the Week Mailings

Please when placing an order online or over the phone, if you are in the Block of the Week we can ship it with your next Block. Please let us know by Monday of that week so that we are able to pull you out of the rotation and stick your threads in the envelope with your block, otherwise it will have to wait for the following week.  Also, we are only able to ship THREADS AND NEEDLES with your BOW, all other purchases will be shipped separately as we do not have the capacity to ship everything together.  We took a picture of what the basement looked like with only half the amount of mailings done, the Post Office had to pick up 2 times that day and then in the morning on Thursday as well!!! Yes, It goes back all the way to the wall and is piled behind those boxes as well. It was a lot of work but with the wonderful response from all of you, it is well worth it! We LOVE hearing how much you are enjoying what we send to you each week!  Happy Sewing….Jessica