Limited Edition Holiday Wool Box


Many of you are subscribed to our bi-monthly wool box and know what they are all about, and some of you may be wondering what it is all about, now is your chance to try our Wool Box out!  This is going to be a Holiday Edition that will have exclusive items and projects to you at a discounted price.  This box is worth around $160.00 we are offering it to you for $105.00 ($115 for International orders), it will be in a protected box and this price includes shipping.

The Holiday Wool Box will NOT be “Holiday” themed…yes there might be a few things in there but this Box will have items and projects in them that are considered “Everyday” items and projects that you would use.

You will be CHARGED at the time that you place this order, due to many of the items being custom ordered from several small businesses we need to charge at the time of purchase.  This box will be shipped around the 15th of December so that it will arrive to you before it needs to go under the tree.  Let your loved ones know about this box that you would like for a gift, or buy one as a gift for yourself!

Do not delay in purchasing the box as we have ordered a limited quantity of our custom made items and do not want you to miss out.

Have a beautiful week!


Primitive Gatherings

8 thoughts on “Limited Edition Holiday Wool Box

      1. Will the subsequent months return to the original price? I see that you are advertising to new subscribers at a higher price.

      2. I am not advertising higher prices for people who are subscribing to the Subscription Wool Box, they are still $60.00 plus shipping. IF people are looking to get PREVIOUS boxes then yes, they will be paying the higher price for those boxes $82 as they have seen what is in the boxes and are choosing to purchase them. We have the Subscription boxes at $60.00 because you will be repeatedly buying the boxes and are getting them sight unseen. Hope that explains that. Thank you jessica

  1. Hi there. Is this the box I will receive as a wool box subscriber?Just want to be sure I don’t miss out. 🤗Thanks.Shirley Troccoli Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note8.

  2. I get paid on the 13th of Nov. Would it be possible to hold a box for me to pay for that day? Thank you Elizabeth

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