Do you have a little one like me who likes Unicorns?

Do you have a little one like me who loves Unicorns?  I am going for Gold..going for the Auntie of the New Year with my little niece Hailey!  She is head over heals in love with Unicorns, everything is Unicorns with her.  Since the year absolutely got away from me with all of our adoption paperwork and stuff we had to do I was not able to make Hailey the quilt I wanted to get done.  Hailey is such an amazing little girl that I wanted to do something special for her this Christmas.  She loves coming and hanging out with her Aunt Jess and Uncle Phil’s house, that I knew I had to do something fun for her.


And when we were at Spring Market, Ruby Star Society debuted their Magic Unicorn Panel.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it for Hailey.


There are  6 different projects on this one panel.

  1. The Main Panel 78″x98″
  2. Two sham fronts for pillows
  3. 18″ square throw pillow front
  4. Extra small panel 9″x19″
  5. Extra panel for maybe a Doll Quilt 28″x34″

The panel is made 100% Soft and Silky Cotton Sateen. The Cotton is amazing and can’t wait to get her all covered up in it!   I can’t wait to get the quilt back from my quilter and see what she did with it.


I know we have a few of these Panels left at the Shop, but make sure you grab those up soon they are only $69.99.   This would make a great Christmas Gift for your little one who loves Unicorns!!

Have a Beautiful Day,


Primitive Gatherings

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