Have you heard about our Wool Subscription Box??


J8zDIjJTAre you wondering what all the talk is about? What is this Wool Box?  What is inside of it?  Every other month you could get a box full of goodies for only a fraction of the true retail price.  The price of the box is $60.00 plus shipping but would retail for over $100.00 if sold as separate items and projects.  We put together an amazing grouping of projects, notions and gift items for you to receive every other month.  It feels just like Christmas in box! We have created a Facebook Group for those who are signed up for the Subsciption Box to ask questions, learn from Lisa and other individuals in the group, and to support one another in their/your sewing journey.

Still skeptical about signing up for these Subscription Boxes?  Listen to a few testimonials from our customers about our wool boxes….


“Oh My! Got my box yesterday! I am overwhelmed! Christmas all over again!!!” -Marlene M.

“Box #2 is chock full of so much goodness that it practically pops open!”-Karen R.


“Yay! My 2nd Box arrived TODAY! Bursting with Goodies!” -Elizabeth S.

“I am blown away at my #pgwoolbox #2! I had a horrible day at work and rushed home knowing my box was sitting on my front porch waiting for me! I was so surprised when I opened it and saw the contents! It was the first smile I’ve had all day!” -Deb V.

“um….i don’t even know where to start! What a fantastic and wonderful suprise!  The only thing I would change is that the boxes would come monthly.  I absolutely love this subscription service. Thank you so much PG!”-Kelly C.


“Speechless!!1 I am in Stitching Heaven! Box #2 is stuffed full. Thank you! You always go above and beyond! Love everything and my boxes arrived in mint condition” -Lana C

We have just a few Wool Boxes#2 left to sell individually, DO NOT wait to order.  Once they are gone, they are gone and you will have to wait a whole year to be able to make these projects. Now because this is past the date of getting the subscription to Box #2,  Box #2 with the projects you see above is now $82.00 plus shipping ($5.99).  If you would like for your box to be protected and not to just come in the grey box as seen below, you can get that as well for an additional $6.00.  If you decide to sign up for the Subscription Box, Box #3 that is coming in May it will only be the $60.00 plus shipping of your choice.  

We hope that you join us with our Subscription Wool Boxes, these are so much fun to make and I know that it is doubly as fun to receive them!

Enjoy the beautiful day,


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop



5 thoughts on “Have you heard about our Wool Subscription Box??

  1. Loving everything in it! Have the blocks from the first box and from the second ready to Stitch! Excited to work on the other projects as well! Keep ‘me coming!

  2. Love getting surprises every month? Getting my Wool Box every month is so much fun! Everything inside is something I usually had not thought of getting and trying out them is Fun! Thanks to the thoughtfulness of those putting it together! Love everything!

  3. The Wool Subscription Box is such a wonderful treat. I can’t believe how much you stuff into each box. Love everything, but especially excited about the piece that will result from the Everlasting squares. I’m just starting the projects in the second box, but already, I’m eagerly anticipating the third! Thank you!

  4. I received the box for April and May. and doing the project”Every Flower Must Grow”. I do not have enough white wool to do the stems. This is a problem I have with your kits…not enough wool….gr gr. I could go to my stash, but I purchased the kits, why do I need to go to my stash??????Sorry I am totally frustrated. Could you just cut them one inch larger??????..

    1. LouAnn…there is plenty of wool for you…we even give you it all traced out in the pattern…put you wool on the fusible and draw a box around it…then trace your appliques on the fusible….sorry you are having trouble…but please do not say there is not enough wool. No one else out of 1000 people has said they did not have enough.

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