Valentines Day-T minus 14 days away

Love Caddy

How many of you LOVE Valentines day or Don’t?  I know some of you out there, like me, probably would prefer to receive gifts from your significant other on any other day than when they are suppose to be giving you a gift.  But lets be real here, I secretly would still LOVE to get a gift on Valentines Day! Am I right? Last year Phil out did himself and 2 days before Valentines Day he proposed to me, we were leaving on a trip and he didn’t want to be responsible for hanging onto it until Valentines Day.  I am pretty sure he will be unable to top this year, but I am completely willing to let him try! 🙂

If your husband is anything like mine when it comes to buying gifts for me, he needs a hint on what I would like. With that in mind we have some great little gifts that you might want to print out and leave somewhere that he might see them and get the hint. We have some individual items that would be a fun gift to give or get…..


Also Ladies and Gentlemen we need to stick together and take care of our own, maybe you have a sewing friend that has lost their loved one this past year and a little Valentine’s Pick Me up is just what they need.  Or a sewing friend that may be a little down on their luck lately….a small gift to know that you are thinking about them could be what the doctor ordered.  We have gift bundles available.  A mug that they can use now during the winter, and some Valentine’s Goodies inside.  Or a little caddy that they can store stuff in with a few little sewing goodies, pick you flavor and have an instant gift!

I think what I am trying to say is that we all love to get a little something on Valentine’s Day and you can brighten up the lives of your friends or family by just doing a little something for them, especially if they don’t expect it!


We hope you have a beautiful Day, jessica

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2 thoughts on “Valentines Day-T minus 14 days away

  1. In one of Lisa’s past blog posts she mentioned a website to purchase rustic home decor. For the life of me I can’t find it now…seems like it was a daily deal type site. Any chance you can help me out? Jmh

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