Moda Blockheads Fun!


How many of you are doing the Moda Blockhead Challenge this year?  This year they are changing it up with the sizes, which I personally absolutely LOVE! Sometimes I get bored doing the same size blocks over and over again.  I know that they are all DIFFERENT, but sometime when you do different sizes too, it adds a little excitement….like each Tuesday night I think….”What size are we making THIS time, and what design and who is the designer?” and then Wednesday morning I pop onto the Facebook site to see the block and to find out which designer is doing it! I also LOVE all the variation the some of the blocks are getting and people turning it into their own block! The creativity out there is absolutely AMAZING!

As many of you know Lisa did her blocks out of several different lines that we had available to us at the warehouse.  We made kits and do have some kits left if you were looking for one yet.

I did mine out of the NEW Wool and Needle VI line that is coming out at the end of the month.  I had access to some of the yardage that Lisa had available to her for making our sample quilts and wanted to do a nice neutral and taupe colored quilt.   Ok, I’ll be honest, I am 2 sets of these blocks and one of them is out of another one of Lisa’s lines that comes out in October called Flower Gatherings, it has backgrounds and color prints!


Incase you are looking for a way to store your blocks I am using a large zippered Primitive Gatherings project bag.  We have several different sizes available but the 20″x20″ I think is going to be the easiest for me to store all the blocks in.  Even if you have to fold the a block in half; like the large one we just made in Block 5 (shh…don’t tell anyone but I am 2 weeks behind).  It is okay to fold them, it will all be in one spot for me to grab and put away my blocks.  I’ll have it all in one spot and ready to go when it comes time to putting them all together.

I have LOTs of little scraps left as I am using pieces and parts and scraps from quilts we have made and need a place to put them all.  I know with all the different sizes that I will be able to use most of them in some of the smaller blocks, so I am using these awesome totes from MODA.  They are all canvas totes and store easily on the floor or on my cutting table.  I have few at home as well that I have put certain projects in, which allows me to just pick up the tote and take it where I need to go; whether I travel with it some where or just take it to the living room to work on while I am watching tv.

Happy Sewing this weekend! Would LOVE to see what you are doing with your Moda Blockheads!


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