New Block of the Month coming in September


I say coming in September and it feels like that is so far away…when in reality it is only a month and a half!  Holy cow! Did I really say a month and a half?  Wow! That just doesn’t seem possible! Where did the year go?

Ok, ok, ok…..lets not dwell on the end of Summer and the year passing us by……lets get going on some fun ways to spend the rest of the year……SEWING!  This Block of the Month is simple and sweet to do.  It would be a great beginner project for anyone just starting to learn wool appliqué, or for someone who is just looking for a simple and easy project to do each month.  Who doesn’t like little goodies and packages in your mailbox each month?



For $20 each month, for a duration of 12 months you will receive the pattern, fabric and wools to create each of these 12 projects.  Shipping is included in the price of all of our Blocks of the Month now.  Your fabric is going to be pre-printed like the one you see below.  With the wools that you receive in each package, you will trace the pattern and apply the wools where they are needed on each of the fabrics.  You can choose to embroider in the stems or the words if you so choose but it is not necessary, we did not.   Here is one of the finished projects next to the fabric you would receive in the kit.


We feature these projects in a custom made frame, specifically made for this project.  Each frame has an 8″x10″ opening for your project, and is only $25.00 plus shipping.  Frames can be ordered at the time of purchase for the Block of the Month and will be sent along with your first months project in September.

If you are looking for threads for this project we have put together a Thread Kit for you, or if you have some Valdani threads you can pick and choose the ones that you need for the project as well.  REMEMBER: We always give a discount when you are buying Thread Kits verses individual threads.  The Valdani are all #12 weight and are as follows: 0551, 171, 0587, 5, 1644, 1, 199, 0154, P8, 78, 0592, 893, 46, 114, 0510, 0126, 0575.


Thread Kit $80

This project was so much fun to put together, we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!  Sign up Today!

Have a beautiful day,


Primitive Gatherings

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