Pre-Cut SALE March 24-26

“Pre-Cuts! Pre-Cuts! Get your Pre-Cuts!” Baseball season is just around the corner and April 3 is the Brewers Home Opener, so I was channeling my inner Baseball Fan! I like it better when they say “Cotton Candy, Get Your Cotton Candy”, but I will take Pre-Cuts because, its kinda the same thing right?  Makes us totally and completely happy!

Alright, enough with the Baseball and mouth watering Cotton Candy.  We have Cotton Pre-Cuts on Sale March 24-26 for 25% off!  They will exclude all Liberty Gatherings and Snowman III Pre-Cuts.  Pre-Cut will show the discounted price once you have put them into your Shopping Cart.  We have a variety of Pre-Cuts to choose from Flannels, Reproduction, Modern, and Japanese. Take a peak at all we have to offer! 



Cotton: Little Gatherings:


And so much more:


Sale will end on Sunday at Midnight, so get your “Pre-Cuts, Hot Pre-Cuts” while they last!

Have a beautiful weekend!  I am off to Lancaster Pennsylvania on Sunday for the AQS Lancaster Shop March 29-April 1! Hope to see you there!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

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