Last Two Days to Order: Merry Christmas!

Yes, I know it is not Christmas time….but I thought that title would catch your attention!  Many of you saw pictures of a quilt called Merry Christmas By Heart to Hand this past Christmas and asked if we could do our Wool Version of it again.

mc1And guess what?  We caved to the pressure and are putting together some Wool Kits ONLY for you!  You didn’t have to apply the pressure too too hard, we absolutely LOVE this quilt!  We originally  did this quilt back in 2012 out of Japanese Fabrics, and as much as we would love to be able to provide you all with Fabrics to go along with it, we are hurting for black Japanese Fabrics in the Shop.  If you would like for us to pick out background fabrics for you, we can do so, but PLEASE call the Shop to place your order then, so that we can talk to you about what you would like to do for the backgrounds.  Wool Kits only are $180, and will include all the wool that is needed to make this quilt, including the wool around the borders and the cornerstones.  If you need to purchase the pattern, the pattern is there and is sold SEPARATELY from the wool kit.  Since this quilt was made in 2012, there might be a few variations in the wool textures that were used to the ones that we place in your kit, but we will get as close to the original as possible.  PLEASE do not wait to order your kit, you will only have until Feb 12 to purchase a kit and it will be available to ship March 1.  So please get those orders in, it will not be offered again.

Pictures are courteous of The Quilted Pineapple who quilted our original quilt for us! So thank you Linda for letting us use the pictures!  If you haven’t checked out her website please do so, she has some great eye candy on there of quilts she has quilted and also tutorials and information about her QP Rulers that she sells for quilting quilts!

Have a beautiful day, it is 30 and sunny here today!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

5 thoughts on “Last Two Days to Order: Merry Christmas!

  1. I could be partly to blame for the interest in Merry Christmas By Heart to Hand since I just posted mine on Facebook about 2 months ago. I love it and wanted to thank you again for the beautiful pattern!! It goes to the quilter next month!!!

  2. > Lisa,

    > If you want this one done for your shop out here, I will do it for you. Just send me the kit and I will get on it. Only two more wool blocks to do for your Liberty Gathering. (What a beautiful quilt. Way to go Lisa>) Waiting for the fabric to finish top. Bringing My Crazy Life to Drew Feb 2 to be sent out for quilting. Your muslin backing is on this one. (Sorry I did not know what you wanted on Clara’s. I ordered your muslin from Drew but it was way too dark. I am using it on Crazy.) Met Val at Road. We talked about batting. She knows that I like a lite-weight batting like wool or bamboo. I told her to use either. Cotton is too heavy for us here in Ca. Love your projects and enjoy working with you and Drew. Warm quilt hugs, Mary Lou


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