Website Update happening Oct 23


Its that time of the year, and we are making some awesome NEW changes to our Website and our Payment Gateway System.  Which means that our Website will be down October 23 from 5pm CST to October 24 at 5 am CST.  We will not be able to process any Online Orders at that time.

I know that it is not as fun to read things with no pictures and is all informational, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ Careful things will be changing on the Website and want you all to know what will be happening on our Website.


Welcome to our next phase of making our website safer, easier and faster to use! We have a NEW payment gateway that will allow for you to Shop easier, to track your orders easier and for us to process your orders faster. All of these new features will go into place on October 24th.

Online Ordering

One of the changes you will notice when you are placing an Online Order with us, is that your Credit Card will be charged as soon as you submit your order with us. This allows us to change our Shipping Policy to 3-5 business days for your order to go out in the mail to you. We ship Monday-Friday, excluding Holidays.

Some things that you will need to verify when you are placing an order with us. When putting in your Billing Information, our system will now verify your Zip Code and CVV number automatically. This means that if your Credit Card, that you put in, does not match BOTH of those criteria you will receive an Email that states that your Order has been DENIED. For example: If you are a Snowbird and you move to different addresses throughout the year….your Billing Information MUST stay where you have the Credit Card Statement going. You can have as many different Shipping Addresses as you would like and change them as you change addresses, but your Billing MUST stay the same.

IF for some reason a product is no longer available at the time that we go to collect your order, you will receive an Email stating that your card has been refunded for the amount of the product, when your order ships.

Miscellaneous Ordering Information

When submitting an order you will be unable to add product into the Comment Section for us to add to your order. If you are having problems finding an item, please call or email us to let us know and we will be able to help you find the item to place on your order. We are unable to charge for any product that you put into the Comment Section of your Order.

If you place an order with us over the phone, your information will be put into the computer as if you are placing an Online Order and you will now be able to get updates on your computer about your shipping and the charges on your card. We have never been able to do this before and this will make it easier for you and for us to track your order.

If for some reason you are interrupted while placing your order and need to walk away from your order, your items will still be in your cart when you come back a couple hours later or the next day. We all know it happens and this feature is something NEW that we wanted to be able to offer you.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards will automatically be sent to you and you will be able to Download and Print It.  This will allow you to have your Gift Card in hand within minutes!

Pre-Orders Information

Pre-Orders will stay the same but change just slightly. Your Pre-Order will not be charged until the estimated time of arrival for the product.

Thank you for your time in reading all this information. We are excited to bring these NEW features, and will be bringing you some more next month, when we roll out a great NEW system for our Blocks of the Month. Stay tuned!!

Have a wonderful Weekend!  Our trailer is loaded up and ready to leave on Sunday for Texas!  We hope to see many of you there and can’t wait to show all the NEW quilts and kits that we are going to be able to offer you in the coming months!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


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