Travel Stitching Pillows are finally here!

PRI-556 Stitching Travel Pillow LR-550x550

Ever since you all saw these great Travel Stitching Pillows when Lisa was teaching them on the Crusie she did this past Spring, you have been emailing us on when we were going to release them.  They are finally HERE!

We have 3 great colors for you to choose from…the Burnt Red/Orange, Black and Blue.  Each pillow is 11″x16″, we put a 12″x16″ pillow form in our pillows so that they were stuffed full and firm.  We found that the firmer the pillow the easier it is for the stitching, you can have your hands sink into the pillow while stitching…that defeats the purpose of the pillow.

Under the wing of the bird is where you will be storing your needles, there is a snap that you can put in there to keep your needles safely hidden for others and from you poking yourself in the hand with them! (cause i know that is what i would have happen)  There is also a slot for you to store your favorite appliqué scissors. Our favorite being the 5″ Dovo Scissors, perfect for cutting out your appliqués and for cutting your threads.  The zipper in the back is also two fold…..holding that pillow form in and you can also open it and slide your block or mat into the pillow to travel safely with it.

PRI-556 Stitching Travel Pillow LR-550x550

We have kits and patterns available for all 3 of these pillows.  Kit and pattern is only $32.00!! We also have pillow forms available as well.  Zippers and snaps must be purchased separately but you can find them under RELATED ITEMS, if you don’t already have few snaps and zippers in your stash.

REMEMBER when ordering to pick the color of the pillow you would like to make.

Have a beautiful weekend!




4 thoughts on “Travel Stitching Pillows are finally here!

  1. What a great deal for the pattern & kit. I was on the spring cruise and this project is totally fun. Great for sewing on your lap…at home or while traveling!

  2. I think a you tube video would be helpful as I’m not quite sure what these pillows are for. Love the stitching

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