Is it really already week 5?????


Next week we are going to be rolling into Week 5 of our Summer Block of the Week (SBOW) Program!!  Unfortunately all things must come to an end and we have to have a cut off for signing up for these great programs and receiving the Freebie.  July 17, 2016 will be our cut off date.

You will have until July 17 to sign up for Among Friends, Clara’s Stars or My Crazy Life.  For more information about the SBOW, please click on the Link above and it will take you to each one of our programs.

After July 17, our SBOWs will become Blocks of the Month or complete kits, that also means that because they are Blocks of the Month the Freebies will be removed and the price does go up a smidgen.


As a perk for signing up for the SBOW at the beginning of the Summer, freebies were put into weeks 1-3 packages, if you are signing up for the SBOW this week you will be receiving the Freebies for weeks 4 thru the end of the program.  If you would like to purchase weeks 1-3, you can do so, please let us know in your comment section, they will be $5 a piece and will be sent along with your first package of the SBOW.

To help keep you motivated and also to help share other peoples expertise we have an awesome Facebook Page devoted to these SBOWs.  They are so much fun to learn from others and to share what you have been working on.

Get started TODAY by signing up for one of these great programs!


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5 thoughts on “Is it really already week 5?????

    1. We do not have a link to the Facebook Page. If you are in the SBOW, you will need to friend request JESSICA HOLZ and then message me to let me know that you are in it so that I am able to put you into the group. thank you jessica

  1. Jessica, I’m having so much fun with My Crazy Life I did not realize the week 3 freebie was not included in my packet.   Thank you so much for the freebies. It will surely be a cute project. Betty Franzatti

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