Little Gatherings is making it return!!!!

Do you remember Lisa’s very first line that she came out with 5 years ago called Little Gatherings??? Well 5 years later Lisa and MODA are coming out with Little Gatherings II, due in at a Quilt Shop near you in October!  Back is the great selection of Blacks, rich Chocolate Browns, Tans and Creams!

We will be offering 2 new designs and quilt kits from Primitive Gatherings, along with bringing back our 45 and Life to Go Quilt (both sizes) that we released in 2011.  We also have 2 Designs using our Little Gatherings II Line from 2 other designers, Doug Leko of Antler Quilts and also a design from It’s Sew Emma.

Our 2 New designs are very unique and different from each other. Old Dirt Road has a complex look and feel about it,a beautiful combination of rich Blacks and Browns.  However when creating this quilt, it is a simple combination of triangles and square in a squares, which makes this block easier to piece. Old Dirt Road will measure 76″ x 76″ when finished. (patterns are available now)

Treasure box has the simplicity that Old Dirt Road does not.  Treasure Box to me is simple, elegant, and feels like it will transport me back in time.  I just love the way this pattern feels, if that makes sense. Treasure Box will measure 63″ x 73″ when finished. (patterns are available now) It is showing a bit whiter than what it really is….it is more of a cream color.

We have had many request over the past few years to re-kit up 45 and Life to Go, we will be kiting both the 110″ x 110″ and the 55″ x 55″ size.  You kit will look very much like the original quilt only with the NEW prints from Little Gatherings II. Patterns are available now.

45 and Life to Go


Are you a Gadget person??? Do you love making quilts that use new rulers?? If so, the It’s Sew Emma pattern is just for you! Dancing Stars requires a Fat Quarter Tower (which is on SALE with all our other Pre-Cuts until they arrive at the Warehouse) AND a 30 Degree Sunburst Tool, which will satisfy your Gadget obsession.  The pattern has 3 different sizes that you are able to make, with the Fat Quarter Tower you will be able to make the Lap Size, 60 1/2″ x 60 1/2″.  If you would like to make the Crib or the Queen, please let us know and we would be happy to help you with those. (patterns available in October)

dancing with stars-550x550
Dancing Stars 


Doug Leko from Antler Quilts designed Island Hop.  This Pineapple-esk like quilt using a Fat Quarter Tower and a Border Fabric.  It will measure 61″ x 77″ when finished and would make an amazing guy quilt for anyone!

Island Hop


Pre-Order your Pre-Cuts to receive a 20% discount on them until they turn up at our Warehouse in October!  Sale price is reflected on our website. Make sure to order yours TODAY, they are YUMMY!

Have a beautiful weekend! It is going to be Blazing HOT here and more than likely a Thunderstorm or two is in our future!


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