NEW Wooly Fun to be had by ALL!!!

We are getting ready to go to Market Next week in Salt Lake City and want you to be the first to see all of the NEW Wool Bundles and Charms that we have available! And to make this post even sweeter, we are offering a promotion on our Wool Bundles and Wool Charms in honor of all of our NEW Wools!!

We are Show casing our AWESOME New Primitive Woolens in some of these pictures. We now have a collection of 30 different Primitive Woolens available for you! We have colors like, Salmon, Salsa, Lake, Foxglove, Periwinkle, Cranberry, Scarlet, Parsley and even Pigs Ear Pink! We wanted to call that one Oink, Oink, Oink! Think how much fun that would have been to order over the phone!!!

We have NEVER offered a Sale on our Wool Bundles and Charms because we already have a discount built into the pricing. But TODAY is the day we change all of that. From Today until Sunday Night at Midnight, if you purchase 3 or more Wool Charms you will recieve 20% off of each one, which will make them only $9.60 per charm pack! Each Charm Pack has 10 different colors and/or textures in them.

Or if you purchase 3 or more of any size Wool Bundles you will receive 20% off of each of those as well!!!! Any combination of Sizes, it does not have to be the same size to receive the discount. Each Bundle contains 8 different colors and/or textures in them. With the 20% Discount, your small bundles will be $16.00; Medium Bundles $30.40 AND your Large Bundles which already comes with $10 FREE in the regular Bundle price to $56.00!! That Large Bundle…..talk about a STEEL, each 12″ x 14″(approx.) piece in there would only be $7!!!!

Not only do we have the NEW colors of Bundles on Sale, we also have all of our older, but still fabulous colors on Sale as well! Holly, Christmas, Union, Chocolate, Mustard, Pumpkin, Buttermilk, Raven, Sheep and so much more for you to choose from!


I could say “Choose wisely” but with all of these yummy colors I don’t believe any one will ever say, “You choose poorly!” Can you tell I love me some Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? This is my little Indy! Always in the way of my sewing!


All discounts will be applied when we ship your order, you will not see it applied on your computer invoice. Thank you for understanding.

Have a great day! We are hoping after 3 days of rain and over cast we get SOME Sun today!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

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