So many NEW wool colors! Whats a person to do????

Have you seen what we did on our website with our WOOLS??? We have added a bunch NEW textures and 30 New Hand Dyed Colors!  We have also added thread colors to match the Wools….and we have also divided the Wools into their Color Category.  whew! So if you are looking for Red Wool, you can look right in that category and see ALL of our different Reds!  No looking through pages and pages of colors just to find the one that you are looking for!

AND GUESS WHAT???!!! They are ALL on SALE with our Anniversary Sale! Perfect time to purchase some of those NEW colors!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  It is absolutely gorgeous out here today, should hit a high of 82 today!  Tomorrow it is back down to 65….but I can’t complain, that is Spring in Wisconsin!  And to all Mother’s out there: Happy Mother’s Day!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


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