You are “Among Friends” each week this Summer


We have been working overtime getting one of our Summer Blocks of the Weeks going for you. We are debuting this one early because YOU get to choose the background color that YOU would like to work with. You are going to need 7 yards of background fabric so; we need to know what your choice is going to be so that we can get it in in time for when we start to ship the SBOW.

PLEASE read carefully. All of your questions should be answered by the time you are done reading this. We hope…..if we have forgotten anything, please let us know.

Welcome to Among Friends SBOW, when finished this quilt will measure approximately 72 ½” x 90 ½”. Each week you will be making 44-3” finished blocks; 36 for inside the quilt and 8 for the border, for a grand total of 528 blocks! You will be receiving each week 44-light fabrics and 44-Dark/Medium fabrics, which means that in theory you could have 1,056 different fabrics. We are going to try and make sure that they are all different, but we might not have enough lights to make that happen. We thank you for understanding ahead of time if you should happen to get a duplicate.

When ordering your SBOW, there will be many things to take into consideration. You will be choosing if you are going to pay in full at the beginning of the program or if you are going to be paying weekly. If you pay in full, you will be getting a break in the pricing and it will be like getting one week (blocks + shipping) FREE!!!! This is our THANK YOU for not having to run your credit card every week, PLUS if you pay in full you will be guaranteed to get that FREEBIE block each week as well. If you do not know about the FREEBIE block, each week you will receive a small block that will finish into another small quilt for FREE! But your credit card has to be charged each week in order to receive the block. If you are going to be paying in full, you will be charged $277.00 if you are Out of State, OR $290.85 if you are In State, at the beginning of the program, this includes the shipping.

If you are going to be paying weekly, each week for 12 weeks you will be charged $14.00 (+ tax if applicable) for the set of blocks and $4.00 (+ tax if applicable) for shipping each week. Please note that the first week shipping will be $13, as you will have 7 yards of fabric to be shipped to you. Week 12 might be more as well for shipping if you are choosing to receive the Backing Fabric. If you are going to be paying weekly, your TOTAL cost will be $295.00 if you are Out of State OR $309.75 if you are In State, once again that includes your shipping cost.

Alright, once you have decided if you are paying in full or paying weekly, you will need to choose what color you would like to have your background fabric be. Lisa is doing hers in the Dark Navy color. We are also offering it in the Medium Blue, Dark Red/Burgundy Color, Black and Walnut. We think all of these colors will look spectacular with the quilt, it is just a matter of what you have in your house and what you are looking for.

Ok, so you have chosen the color that you would like to work with. Now on to the supplies that we are going to be recommending to help you create and finish your project. We have put together a Supply Kit that contains: a Project Case so that you can store your blocks in as they are being made, Triangle Paper that has been created especially for this project, the Itty Bitty Ruler to help in your cutting and squaring up, and finally Aurifil Thread which we recommend for sewing the blocks together, 1140 or 2370 will be in the kits. If you purchase the whole kit, you will receive 25% off, which will make the Supply kit $45.50 (its like getting the ruler for FREE). If you would like to purchase the supplies separately you will be able to do so as well, but without a discount.


You will also be able to order your backing fabric right away if you would like to. That will not be charged or shipped until Week 12. We do not sequester fabrics away for backing, trust us there is no bad fabric in the Shop. If you would like to request the Backing Fabric, please place the Color you would like for us to pick for you in the COMMENT SECTION of your order and we will pick out something spectacular for you! You will need 6 yards of fabric for the backing, which we will apply a 25% discount to, and your Backing Fabric will be $54.

Here is a computer generated image of what the quilt will look like when you are finished with your project.

We think this project is amazing and cant wait for you to join in on the FUN. We would like everyone to be able to do this project in the Background Color of their choosing, so please make sure you sign up for this project ASAP, so that we can ensure that we have enough fabric for everyone!

We are going to also have a Hand-Pieced and a Wool Appliqué Summer Block of the Week as usual, and that will be released as soon. Due to the special needs (7 yards of Background Fabric) of this SBOW, we are releasing this early.

Have a wonderful evening,


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

3 thoughts on “You are “Among Friends” each week this Summer

  1. Oh my, I am working on bowties right now. Picked that up in Paducah last year. Having fun with them! However this looks just as fun! I am doing this for sure. Just have to figure out color!

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