Have you heard about Tuxedo’s Tales?

Have you seen the cute little patterns from Bonnie Sullivan of All Thru the Night called Tuxedo’s Tales? It is basically the adventures of Tuxedo the Cat all thru the months of the year. This is a 12 month commitment and will be only $11.50/month for the Kit and Pattern!!!! By doing the block of the month it will be like receiving one full month FREE!!! They will retail individually in a couple months for $12.50 for kit and pattern.

Each month starting in April 2016 you will receive one kit and pattern to work on. You will receive the kit for the month a head of the one that we would currently be in, so that “in theory” you will have it done to put up for the month that you would be rolling into. Another words: In April you will receive the May kit to work on.

If you would like to use the buttons for the eyes, berries and all other options that she uses on her patterns, you can select to receive the button pack. The button pack will be $12.50 and will have ALL of the buttons in it to do the whole 12 month program. So make sure you put those in a safe spot when you get them with your first month!

There are a couple different options that you could do with this project. You could make them into individual pieces that you hang on the wall in a frame, you could turn them into one big quilt, or a couple small ones, or you could individually give them away to friends and family.

Al is making these awesome frames to go along with the Block of the Month. You can choose the Cranberry Red Color or the Spring Green Color or Both if you would like too. The Spring Green color is slightly darker than the eyes of Tuxedo the Cat. The frames will be $30 a piece plus shipping.

Start signing up Today! Make it a great day!! Jessica

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