We have got you covered from A-Z!


Are you looking for a fun quilt to make for your special little one?  The Mini Alphabet Quilt  is a great quilt to start their quilt collection, because you know with you in their lives they will definitely be getting more than one throughout their lifetime!

This is such an awesome quilt to make for someone, and a perfect size at 42″x42″! An ideal quilt for either a little boy or a little girl.  Can you see it hanging over a crib?  Or even in a classroom where the children are learning their A, B, C’s. We have just a few of these quilt kits left available in these colors.  Make sure you order yours today!


If you would like to make it your own, in different colors we also have just the pattern for the Mini Alphabet Quilt available.  I have used the pattern to create a couple quilts that I put words on to.  They are the perfect size to use when making the alphabet. Here is just an example of how to use the letters.


As i said we have you covered from A-Z!  Have fun with the alphabet!  There is no limit to what you can do!


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2 thoughts on “We have got you covered from A-Z!

  1. Jessica – do you have the pattern for that flag quilt, too? If so, can you add that to the ABC quilt pattern order I just made? Thanks! Michele

    1. I am so glad you like that quilt. Lisa is going to be patterning it with her next patriotic line of fabric that is going to be coming out! Please watch our Blog and Facebook Page for when that will be out. Thank you jessica

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