Last Chance to Sign Up for the Quilt Dots!



Today (March 2) will be the last day for you to sign up for the AWESOME Quilt Dot program that we are doing.  We need to order the remaining balance of these Dots tomorrow to ensure that we have them all available to those who would like to sign up.

If you do not know about them, here is a bit about them.

Are you familiar with the Quilt Dot Company? They make these awesome magnets that look like quilt blocks or pictures of parts of a quilt. You can use these magnets in so many different ways such as; a magnet (of course), as a pin, bookmark, key chain, bag chains, needle nannies and for jewelry! They are made right here in the USA by a family owned business who does it all by hand! We loved their products and thought you would too!

We thought “How cool would it be to have the Quilt Dots made up our our designs?!!” So that is what we did! We have several in the works right now and just have a small handful of prototypes for you to see.

We thought we would start out with a Quilt Dots of the Month program staring in March 2016. This is only going to be 4 month commitment. If the program goes well, we will continue doing it. During those 4 months you will receive 6 Quilt Dots per month plus a tin to store them in for $10/month. That is like getting one Quilt Dot FREE!! 2 of the Quilt Dots will be EXCLUSIVE to the Program, meaning they will never be sold individually, you will only be able to get them if you are in the Program. And 4 of the Quilt Dots will be ones that will be available to the public at a later date. You will receive a total of 24 Quilt Dots by the end of your 4 month commitment.

We have received our Prototypes for the Quilt Dot Program. Here will be the ones that you will be receiving, remember these are prototypes and the colors will be more vibrant on the ones that you will be receiving. You will also see a couple duplicates, because they sent us 2 different ways they could do certain quilts and we needed to pick which one we liked better.

Once you have chosen to do the Quilt Dot program, go to the Related Items Section and you will find all of the different items that you can purchase to go along with the Quilt Dot magnets. You will have the choice of the Scissor fobs, bracelets in 3 colors and the necklaces in 2 colors, or any combination you so choose. That will be sent with your first month in the program.


REMEMBER, today is the last day for signing up!  Have a wonderful afternoon and evening, Jessica

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2 thoughts on “Last Chance to Sign Up for the Quilt Dots!

    1. Please click on the link in the Blog Post….it will be the Quilt Dot Program. And it will bring you to our website where you will be able to order the the program. Or you can call the Shop and they would be happy to help you as well. 920-722-7233 Hope that helps, Jessica

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