Winners of the Big Coupon Prizes from 2015

For those of you who participated in the Coupon Books Events from 2015, we would like to say “Thank You” for making it a BIG success again last year.  We have chosen the winners of the prizes and have contacted them all via phone.  The winners are as follows:

2015 In-Store Coupon Winners:

$100 Gift Certificate: Mary L

$200 Gift Certificate: Mary Ann S

$500 Gift Certificate: Lori P

2015 On-Line Coupon Winners:

$100 Gift Certificate: Renee S from Minnesota

$200 Gift Certificate: Jamie Austin from North Carolina

$500 Gift Certificate: Andrea N from New York

Thank you all again for participating in this event.  I know we have changed it a little so that more people have a chance to win, we think this is for the better.

Thank you and have beautiful day.


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

One thought on “Winners of the Big Coupon Prizes from 2015

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Am I the Renee S from Minnesota that won a gift certificate? I’m really excited to think it might be me.

    Thank you.


    Sent from my iPad


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