Snow day…..maybe? Closing early 2/2/16

We are suppose to be getting blasted with a Snow Storm again tomorrow. You would not know it if you would looked outside today….it almost seems like spring!

The bulk of the snow and the wind is suppose to hit us after Noon tomorrow.  If you are planning on visiting the Shop PLEASE call a head of time.  Depending on how bad the storm gets we may close earlier than 5 p.m.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call a head!  I can not stress enough, we do not want you to go out in that weather and then find out that we have closed.  We will be back open at 9:30 a.m. as usual on Wednesday.

Thank you for understanding, jessica

Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

One thought on “Snow day…..maybe? Closing early 2/2/16

  1. ok ladies in wisconsin, if you would have a shop here in Pinellas county Florida, there would be no snow days at all. every few years you might have a hurricane day but if so , you get plenty of notice and you can buy all you need to stay home and sew……… sew think about coming here to beautiful, sunny, 72 here now, sun is out and its just a great day here. ha ha, be safe up there, 🙂

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