Winners of $20 Gift Certificate from the Wool Event!


We wanted to CONGRATULATE the winners of the $20 Gift Certificate from the Wool Coupon Event. Robyn H. from Minnesota is our Online Winner and Nancy V. is our In Store Coupon Book Winner!  Both of the winners have been contacted via phone today to let them know that they have won!

Thank you to all who participated.  We will let you know who has won the next set of Gift Certificates by the end of next week for the Valdani Coupon Book Event.

Have a beautiful day, jessica

Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

5 thoughts on “Winners of $20 Gift Certificate from the Wool Event!

  1. Hi Lisa, I have tried twice to get into the monthly wool purchase and I keep missing it. Once was before Christmas and again just recently. When will it be open again? Deb

    1. Are you speaking about the Wool Bundles that you receive monthly? If so we have one that will be starting in March. Make sure that you get signed up right away. Thank you jessica

      1. yes, the wool bundles. I check my emails every day but I still miss them….hope to catch them in March! i will keep watching!!!

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