New Primitive Gatherings Mugs for 2016


These are our New Mugs for 2016, I love the colors that we picked out for them.  If you have one of these mugs you know that they are absolutely amazing!  I have hot chocolate in them just about every morning in the winter months, while answering your emails.  They are made locally here in Menasha by Sunset Hill Stoneware and are perfect for every day use.  They are dishwasher safe and food safe.  We have heard that if you take 2 eggs, crack them, put in your milk, green peppers, ham, onions and what every else you like to put in your scrambled eggs, pop them into the microwave for a couple minutes, you get perfect scrabble eggs!!!  Just thinking it might be something you might want to try one morning.  I am not an egg person, so if they made pancakes or french toast it would be perfect!!

The Light Blue color has a tint of a light brown coming thru the glaze, the brown is more of a reddy brown and has a purply/blue coming thru, and then we have the flat teal.  I can’t wait to add them to my collection of Primitive Gatherings Mugs!  Personally my favorite its the brown one, love the colors that show thru!  Each of the mugs are $18.00 a piece, they do have an additional $5.00 charge on them for shipping due to the packaging that is required in order to get the mugs to you safe.

Hope you all are having a beautiful day, it may be only 10 degrees here, but at least it is sunny out!


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