IMPORTANT Information for everyone!


Happy 2016!  Hope you have had a wonderful beginning to your New Year!  I must say mine has been busy, full of surprises and some sewing! I am pretty sure my Juki forgot what I looked like for the past 3 months!

This week we will have our first Coupon Event of 2016.  For those of you who have participated with our Coupons from previous years we have changed a few things.  Due to us now having 2 Shops we have had to rethink a few things to make it easier for you as the customer to participate.  Each Coupon Event that we post about on this Blog will be taking place in BOTH our Wisconsin and California Shops during the same time frame.  NEW from previous years, EVERYONE will be able to participate in each of the Coupon Events that we hold.  You DO NOT need to have a Coupon Book in order to recieve the discount for each Event.  You DO however, need to have the Coupon Book Code word typed into your COMMENT SECTION in order to be put into the drawing for the $20 Gift Card that we will be giving away at the end of EACH Event.  You are wondering how did/do I get the Code Words? You will need a Coupon Book that provides you with those words.  Those of you who purchased a minimum of $25 during our Primitive Chrismtas in Novemeber received a Coupon Book with the Code Words to be used during each Coupon Event held in 2016. We will not be selling these Coupon Books as we have in years past, only those who purchased during Primitive Christmas are eligible for them.  After each Coupon Event, we will pick the winner of the $20 Gift Card from those of you who purchased from us Online or in the Shop, which means that there will be 2 winners each time around!  Make sure that if you are purchasing Online that you include your CODE WORD in your Comment Section when checking out to be put into the drawing!  We will draw for the winners with in 7 days of the Coupon Event ending, and will inform each person by email or phone that they have WON the Gift Certificate.

ARE YOU READY TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE FIRST COUPON???? You probably already know what it is from the pictures I have shown…..

The first Coupon Event of 2016 will be January 14-17, for 25% off wool yardage.  This means that it is time for you to stock up on all the wool that you are going to be needing to do all of those  patterns that you purchase during our Inventory Reduction Sale, or received as gifts.  This applies to all hand dyed or mill dyed wools that are an 1/8 yard or more.  There are a few exclusions and they are: kits,bundles, charms, scraps, and specialty ordered textures. You can order any quantity of wool from 1/8 of a yard to 10 yards if you would like to, there is no limit to the amount that you can purchase to help build your stash!


We are hoping that our Website will work the way that we want it to and will apply the discount to all items that are eligible when you are checking out.  This is the first time that we have programed our Website to do this and are hoping that it all works the way that we think it will and want it too.  You know computers, they do sometimes have a mind of their own, and don’t work the way we think they should.  DO NOT panic if it does not take off the discount, we will make sure that we apply all the correct discounts when we ship your order, if the computer decides to have a mind of its own.


I hope that I have explained the NEW system for the Coupon Event clearly.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  There are no stupid questions out there, and if you have a question, there is a possibility that someone else has the exact same one as you do!  So shoot us an email or post a comment and I would be happy to help you!

Hope you have a wonderful day….for those of you in the North, stay warm in these subzero temperatures!  I am off to sew!


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11 thoughts on “IMPORTANT Information for everyone!

  1. I’ve read through this a couple of times, does it state how much off this is? Sorry if it’s just me that doesn’t see what the discount is.

  2. Huh? Everyone can participate but you need to have a coupon book but you can only get a coupon book if you purchased during the Christmas time….so how does everyone participate?

    1. Everyone can purchase and recieve the discount for the 25% off, the only people that will be in the drawing for the gift card are those that have the coupon book. Does that help? thank you jessica

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