Juki Demonstration

Are you looking to purchase a Juki Sewing Machine?  Sharon is going to be hosting a Demonstration and Informational Meeting at 10a.m and at 1p.m this Saturday December 12 at our Shop in Menasha, Wisconsin.  Sharon and her husband Larry know just about everything there is to know about a Juki machine, which is why Larry is our Certified Juki Repair Man .  Sharon is going to be demonstrating on the Juki TL-2010, which is the machine  that we all use here at the Studio and most of us use at home.


Come Join Sharon this Saturday with your questions and to see a demonstration……Sharon will also have some AWESOME news for you as well about the Juki Sewing machine when you come to the demonstration.

See you there!

Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

5 thoughts on “Juki Demonstration

  1. I purchased this machine this past year, and I really like it except for two things that I hope the manufacturer will change. Maybe if they hear it from the gals at Primitive Gatherings they will listen.
    #1 Please put the light on the right hand side of the needle. This is where we are looking (not on the left hand side of the needle).
    #2 Please make a quilters 1/4″ scant foot that isn’t so bulky. Not sure what the compensating foot is for.

    Thanks for letting me put my two cents out there.
    The knee lift is awesome.
    The thread cutter is great.
    It sews wonderful. And fast if you need to.

  2. Am thinking about this machine. Am out of state also. Can this demo be videod? Lisa, what foot do u use for your piecing to achieve scant 1/4 inch? Thx so much.

  3. I am also seriously thinking about buying this machine and wondering if the demo could be taped for us out of state quilters!

  4. It would be great if you could video this and put it on your blog. I bought a Juki from you a couple of years ago, and hardly use it. The automatic threader is either not working, or I’m not doing something right. Also would love it if they could produce a true 1/4 inch foot, not a scant 1/4 inch foot. Thank you!

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