Happy Thanksgiving!

Can you believe that it is already Thanksgiving?  Christmas is right around the corner along with Lisa’s 12 Days of Christmas items that she does every year!  Are you excited for that?  She has some great NEW items and some Oldies but Goodies that we are going to revisit.

Just a few things before you go away for a couple days.  We are closing today at 2pm. CST. and will be closed until Monday November 30. Which means that we will be closed the rest of the week, along with Saturday.

We have about 1/3rd of the orders out from the Primitive Christmas Event, so some of you will see packages arriving soon!  I know it does’t look like it from the picture below….but we do!  Emily and Joanne have been shipping and boxing queens trying to get your orders and your Free Goodies out to you.  This year we are doing the Coupon Books a little differently so make sure that you all read the front page of the Coupon Book.  You do not need to have a Coupon Book Number any more.  I do know that it is still on there, we forgot to remove that….sorry.  But you DO NOT need one when ordering due to the way we are doing the Coupon Book now.


Just so you know what we are dealing with for our orders….it is organized chaos….I PROMISE.  No one else will want to deal with my system, but I know whats going on!

Also, we are going to be having a little Cyber Monday Sale. Watch the Blog and Facebook for all of the Goodies that we will have on Sale.  We have some onies and some great quilts that we that we would like to move out so that we can bring some new ones in at the beginning of the year!  Make sure you check it out!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am on my way Upnorth for a few days of rest and relaxation!!


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5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. thanks for all the hard work – you are amazing elves all year but even more so this time of year. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES.

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