Need a little Gift for your Sewing Friends?

You all know about our Mugs that we are have each year for our Primitive Christmas Event…..well this year we also have some great little Goodie Bags for you to choose from to put into your Mugs to give as gifts.

Give a beautiful Fat 1/8 Bundle and a Mug                                                             Fat 1/8″ Bundle: $11         Mug Sold Separately: $18
You have a friend that is a Woolie?  Give the gift of a Wool Charm and a package of #24 Chenille Needles……..Random Wool Charm pack and Needle set: $15  Mug must be ordered separately: $18
4-MODA Candy precuts would make a great gift for anyone                            4-Random MODA Candy (2×2): $16   Mug must be ordered separately: $18
Wool Starter kit for you Woolie Friends!  Starter kit will include either a #24 or #22 Chenille Needle Card, White Clover Marking Pen, Fray Check and Needle Threader: $15    Mug must be ordered separately: $18

I think these little gifts would be amazing to receive from any of my sewing friends!  You will be their FAVORITE!  Please remember if you would like the Mug to be added to the Goody Bags, you will need to purchase the Mug Separately.   We are having you purchase them separately so that we are able to have a count down on our Mugs to ensure that we have enough for everyone.

Just about 29 hours left before you can place your orders!  We make sure the we link all our Posts that deal with our Primitive Christmas Projects and Goodies as soon as we are able to.

Have a wonderful evening, Jessica

Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

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