NEW Block of the Month Starting January 2016!

We asked several of you on Facebook what you would like to see as a Block of the Month and many of you suggested that we do Backyard Gatherings again.  It is a Block of the Month that Lisa designed back in 2003, and we have not done it since then. SO we have brought it back for you.  We have 2 versions that we will be doing.

Our Light Version which will be on a cream based Flannel from Lisa’s Wool and Needle III line, with our hand dyed wools appliquéd on the Flannel.  The picture you see here does not have the borders or the half square triangles on it yet.  You will find a picture of the completed quilt and several of the blocks located on our website.  I had such a great time redoing these blocks with the new colors that we have available to us to use, I just need to get to stitching them!


Your first month will be $75 which will include a block and all of the background fabrics for this quilt.  Each month after that (13 months) it will only be $15.  We have a great collection of threads available as well for this which will be $60.00.  Our pattern is sold separately as I know several of you probably already have the pattern at home, the pattern will be $35.00 if you need it.

We will also have a Dark Version of this quilt available as well.  The Dark Version is on Lisa’s Black geometric Flannel from her first Wool and Needle line.  The Dark Version will be red (burgundy), green (sage), yellow and brown.  The price will be the same as it is for the Lighter Version, we will be getting that up for you to order as soon as we possible can.  We will also have a thread kit available for this one as well which will be $31.50.  Here is what the original quilt looked like for the Darker Version.


We hope you enjoy these quilts! We love them and that is why we have decided to revisit them!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop 

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